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Comment lolwut (Score 1) 729


You can just buy ready made gaming pc's off the shelf. You don't have to build done yourself. That's what enthusiasts do! Like car enthusiasts who tinker under the hood all the time, and get aftermarket mods installed. That's what pc gamers do.

End consumers can just buy a ready made pc, install steam and off they go...

Comment Re:Two days? (Score 2) 168

Nintendo had NOTHING to do with this, it was created by Niantic. Nintendo still doesn't want to release games outside of its own crappy consoles.

Pokemon Go only exists because of Niantic's previous game, Ingress, which has been out for 3 years now. Everything in Pokemon Go from the location of all pokestops and gyms to the way the game functions and tracks you as you move throughout the world and your travel speed was done in Ingress 3 years prior.

Comment Re:The article, and the headline, are bullshit. (Score 1) 142


I moved from Australia to New Zealand for 5 years and now to San Francisco in the US. I love travel and working different places in the world and see no reason to need to live within close proximity of my family.

Seeing them once every year or two is plenty enough. Skype and Facebook exists for a reason. :)

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