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Comment a few sanity savers (Score 1) 606

how about offline maps?

with the nightmare costs of data, its so expensive to use the GPS, that there is no real point in having it in the first place.

and yes I am aware of the app for jail broken phones which does this. just would be nice not to have to jail break


next, what about some way to actually get the contents of the notes off the iPhone

I did not believe even apple would add something this dumb. whats the point of having the notes function if you can do nothing with it. who wants to take notes, only to have them inaccessible outside the iPhone.

on the same subject, why not allow notes to be emailed?


next, what about actually being able to read pdf and other files outside of mail?

without having to pay more $$$ for a third party app for this sort of thing, or using a free one, which is so limited as to be useless


why not let us use the iphone as a portable storage device? just like the (non touch) ipods do? and all without the need to jail break

yes the space is limited, but still nice to have the choice


finally, how about letting us compose SMS/Email in landscape mode?

this makes zero sense, why have something which can rotate when functions like mail and sms do not support it.

whats the problem apple? makes too much sense?

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