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Comment Re:... Profit (Score 1) 528

I absolutely see your point, but it almost sounds like you'd be OK with letting the other 92% off with no consequences, just in case. (Not saying you said that at all, just that it could be inferred.) I have very mixed feelings about laws and false convictions, because it's *very* hard to know where to draw the line. Obviously, I'm against false convictions, but the debate arises at some point because we can't accept that every offense can't be absolutely factually verified, so we can't be sure what does and doesn't merit ruining the accused's life... but we also can't just decide that any offense that could be falsified gets a free pass. There's no one all-purpose, ironclad answer.

Comment Re:Intent is the key word... (Score 1) 528

Unless the photos in question have been uploaded to a site specifically and explicitly existing for the purpose of revenge-shaming your ex. There are plenty of cases that would be very hard to nail down, but there are also a fair amount where it would be pretty hard to wiggle out of admitting that you were doing exactly what the URL says.

Submission + - Mike Gravel: "I would legalize marijuana."

had3l writes: In an interview on C-SPAN, democratic candidate Mike Gravel stated that he would change the drug policy and legalize marijuana: "Marijuana is a simple one, we legalize it, and you should be able to buy it at a liquor store, just like you buy alcohol". Other candidates have stood up against the present "War on Drugs", but he is the first one to mention legalization.
Sun Microsystems

Submission + - "Open Office made me switch to Mac"

Gary writes: Australian software developer news site Builder AU are reporting on National ICT Australia's Professor Gernot Heiser blunt words for the OpenOffice community at OpenCeBIT this week — "If you want to be successful in open source it can't just be a 'me too' product. Anything that's not the best technology will not work ... enterprise is willing to pay for the best. OpenOffice is not the best ..." Has the community been resting on their laurels?

Submission + - Illegal Hex Code in Indelible Tattoo Ink

SPQR_Julian writes: "So... how do you DMCA a tattoo off of a person?" Body Modification E-magazine(BME) is fairly well the premier authority and source of information for modified people. So when the owner Shannon Larratt put out the call to see if anyone had (or would get) the HD-DVD code tattooed on their skin, it was only a matter of time before someone did. Now the question is, what will the MPAA do in response?

Submission + - Windows Uptime Maximum 3 Months

An anonymous reader writes: Ever see the Windows vs Linux uptime graphs? I think NetCraft has some really good ones comparing Apache and IIS web-servers. Well they're the most inaccurate measurement of uptime available to mankind and should be completely ignored when comparing uptime propensity of a particular operation system. The reason? Microsoft forces you to reboot your server after applying security updates. So if we say Microsoft releases a critical update 4 times a year, we can conclude that the average uptime of a Microsoft server is 3 months. Pretty quick and easy math. No graphs needed here. What do you think should be a proper measurement of uptime? Is Microsoft guilty of falsely advertising their products as reliable? Could that be grounds for misrepresentation?
The Media

Submission + - Article on $2000 mercury cleanup now on Snopes

Dilaceratus writes: On Monday Slashdot ran a thread on an article by Steven Milloy (that ran in the Financial Times and Fox News) claiming that it was going to cost $2000 for a Maine woman to clean up the mercury from a broken compact fluorescent light bulb. In what must be a record (even for FOX News) this story has made it to the Urban Legends site, since Milloy (and the WorldNetDaily article he lifted the story from) entirely misrepresented both the costs and the dangers of cleaning up a broken fluorescent.

Submission + - Joost Signs on New Partners, Opens Up Invites

rm69990 writes: The new Joost internet television service, formerly known as the Venice Project, announced a handful of new content distribution agreements. In addition to previously-announced content deals with CBS and Viacom, Joost will also carry programming from CNN and other Turner Broadcasting System properties. Current beta users will also be able to invite anyone to sign up with Joost in advance of the service moving out of its beta phase later this month, as opposed to the old system where invites were sparse, much like the very early days of Gmail.

Submission + - Equifax refuses to activate fraud alert

wonko writes: "I recently lost my wallet. There's a good chance it was stolen. Inside the wallet were my driver license, several credit cards and my social security card, which was there because I was starting a new job the next morning. I filed a fraud alert, but Equifax refused to activate the alert, which comes very close to violating the Fair Credit Reporting Act and leaves me open to identity theft.

I'm in a unique situation. Equifax claims they won't activate the fraud alert until I send them proof of my identity and current address; however, since I just moved, the address they have on record is my old address, and I can't prove I live there because I don't live there anymore. I also can't send them a copy of my social security card or driver license because I haven't received the replacements yet.

Have other Slashdotters had similar experiences with any of the big credit reporting agencies? What advice do you have that might help me convince Equifax to activate the fraud alert so I'm not wide open to identity theft?"

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