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Comment Still the dark ages of music apps. (Score 1) 70

Milk was ok, but it used Slack as its back end. Milk was the bridge of radio playing that Spotify/Google needs. Pandora would be the closet to it. Even SirrusXM's streaming app is very close to Milk, and includes nice advanced tuning features. (popular vs ecliptic)

So we have a mix of music service that really are mashup or good in certain areas, discovery (slack/pandora), playlists (google/spotify), buying (amazon/google/itunes), podcasts (stitch/itunes/spotify is trying add this), tracking songs (

Slack was first to offer off network caching which was great, but when spotify offered this, I dumped slack and went Spotify full time. I dropped Pandora for slack also due to better mobile offering.

So now, I'm down to Spotify, (paid), and amazon for buying my music. Google gave me Google Music for free because I bought Youtube Red (no commercials), Amazon gave me free Amazon music with Prime, but its interface is horrible, even for buying. Google music design is horrid.

Spotify runs well on my linux laptop, android phone, and windows PC, lists are synced. Now if they could add DFX into the app for linux/android, I'd be in paradise, the fidelity option is a good start.

Still feels like the dark ages. I had a co-worker try to start a multi app suite with all the different features including identification (like shazam/musicID), but it was too early in the market during the days of rhapsody.

Wouldnt say we are even close to being perfect in the music realm. There is so much good music on Spotify, but it needs an translations for non-english band names and music. Also really needs better ways to find non-american music. Theres so much out there, and they keep us in a tiny walled garden.

Oh, and spotify allows you to follow distribution labels, which is AWESOME if you follow great producers. But that could be way easier to use.

Comment Re:What's there to celebrate? (Score 1) 106

I was actually OK with the opening music - grew on me. What I could not STAND was taking something new and unique and hammering it (badly) into the same format as TOS.

No! Let's not explore how we could have explored space with technology just a little more advanced than what we have - where's the fun in that?? Let's give 'em Phasers and Transporter technology too, as well as a first generation warp drive. Remember the 'testing the missles' sequence during the maiden voyage? C'mon.

Let's make 'em technologically equivalent with everyone around them too - yeah, that will make for better stores! [Hint - it really doesn't]

I'm ticked off that they basically removed 300 years (!) of development between Enterprise and TOS. Really? Every spacefaring race has their collective thumbs up their asses for 3 centuries?

That was when I stopped watching. Heard about the 'temporal cold war' second hand - and was even more disgusted.

Could have been great. Sad really.

Comment Re:Landlords (Score 1) 260

"If you rent an apartment or condo, there may be a subletting prohibition. In that case it would be illegal for you to sublet as the man in the example has listed."

Um.... No. AFAIK it would not be *illegal* - it would be a breach of your contract with the landlord. Illegal means criminal, contract breach is civil and between the two parties only.

Comment Re:there's a major problem... but how does that he (Score 1) 393

First off, thank you for serving in the police - I like the answer you give for why you joined. It is sad you felt the need to post AC, but on this thread I can certainly understand it.

Second, serious question - like someone posed higher up in the thread, you, I, and two of your fellow police officers are alone in a room. One of the other two just pulls his weapon and shoots me in the head. The question, and I'd like an honest answer: Do you cover for him?

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