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Comment Re:Best attempted on Earth first! (Score 1) 204

Someone else mentioned "autonomous" mining equipment and I asked for a link, but got none so far. I suppose the existing equipment does what you say (drill if you tell it where to) but is far from autonomous and needs to be maintained by humans. Well I'm no expert but it does seem far fetched on Mars

Comment Re:Elon Muisk is an intellectual midget and a frau (Score 1) 204

So what are the technical hurdles that would need to be overcome for there to be actual mining with robots? Doing some quick googling I see that Komatsu and CAT and a few others offer fully autonomous mining solutions. Are those just bullshit and don't work as advertised?

Link to these full solutions please? On Komatsu website I only find autonomous components.

Otherwise: maintenance, sheer mass to get to Mars?

Comment Re:Best attempted on Earth first! (Score 1) 204

Hint: Replace the words "mining robot" with "mining RPV".

Realistically, we're not talking autonomous mining robot, we're talking remote controlled mining equipment. Sort of like what we use on Earth, but with a longer delay between command and response.(...)

Hint: The delay is completely impractical

Comment Re:The old world finally realizes (Score 5, Interesting) 157

There's little reason for it except that the hotel industry has greased enough palms to get a law passed in their favour.

Housing shortage is one good reason, safety is another. Plus it's a nuisance for the neighbours to have short stay guests partying all night and making a fucking pigsty of the building.

Most of these laws are on the books to make a city a nicer place to live. Sites like AirBnB and Uber are not about sharing but about selfish parasitic behaviour. I hope cities across the world will follow New York's example on this one.

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