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Comment Re:Missed opportunity (Score 1) 188

Google missed an opportunity here. They should have programmed it to respond with something like "something almost but not completely unlike a hamburger" or gone with kickback money from McD's and said something like "a pale imitation of McDonald's quarter pounder" or even "hamburger royale".

Google was just quoting Wikipedia and it was swiftly edited:

Comment Re:Unity (Score 1) 104

That's fine, but it's different to "can't do it" and not different to what I described for Mint from the beginning.

Supported or not, upgrades are not always problem free even in systems that offer a supported path like Ubuntu, which is why Mint and Elementary don't in the first place.

Whenever you upgrade you should know what you are doing, but thanks to the dependency system it would be immediately obvious whether all dependencies are fulfilled, and you should get at prompt for each changed configuration file - regardless of whether upgrades are officially supported or not.

Comment Re:Unity (Score 1) 104

Thanks, but this is the same as I said about Mint: "even though they offered no GUI app for upgrading you could always do it with apt-get full-upgrade and at worst some manual dpkg usage just like any Debian-based system".

And in the mean time I also googled and confirmed that it can be done the same as any Debian system: change the distribution in sources list; apt-get update; apt-get full-upgrade. The danger is just that if they do not test it, the dependencies may be a bit bumpy. This is what dpkg is for. You will want a second machine nearby for the worst case.

Comment Its like printing free money (Score 4, Interesting) 364

While looking at debt of college, ignores the reason for the high costs. Colleges have been raising tuition prices because they know you will qualify for the loan and the loan will be repaid. There is a reason the borrowing has sky rocketed up to 1.3 trillion dollars, colleges are making buckets of money.

An example of alternatives, WGU Governors college was created to provide degrees for working people at a real affordable cost. Most people can buy a 40K car on a 6 year loan, but a 400k school loan, thats stupidly expensive.

The running joke is colleges are now just hedge funds with a college attached. And the money isn't used to lower tuition.

Selling free college is a scam the universities want, they think they will get paid at the same high price, just moving the cost to the government. (aka us the tax payers....)

I didn't even mention the money the sports teams are making also.

Comment And to think if I believed CNN (Score 1) 444

If I trust CNN, I'd believe we elected Hitler as President who rapes women, is a Russian spy, is ready to Nuke Russia, is a Chinese spy, is going to have his company build the wall to make money off it, allowed wall street to take over the white house, pepe is a racist frog, the alt-right took over the USA, every other news agencies other than CNN is #FakeNews, Breitbart is ran by Jewish nazi's, Milo is a white supremacist (And a gay jew who likes black men), Trumps wife was a high end call girl, Trump personally put black families on the street in NY, Trump was the downfall of Atlantic City, Trump was never rich and got all his money from his dad, Trump is an idiot and never graduated school (Warton is overrated, right?!), Trump will deport all Mexicans, Trump will never do anything for minorities and never touch a black issue (Like fund black colleges!), Ban all muslims from the US, Says Bigly not Big League, Filled stadiums of white men who are natzi's across the US, Is a secret KKK member, Grabs women by the pussy as they walk down the hallway.

Sure glad CNN is there to tell me the truth. Would hate to hear otherwise.

Comment Re:Why the focus on communication tech? (Score 1) 360

Masood supposedly sent a message just before the attack. It's hard to imagine how it could be anything other than some emotional venting. "Goodbye" "Alahu Akbar" "Now you'll take me seriously"....

The politicians imagine that he could be sending a final message to his "controller" or some other jihadist. But that seems pretty unlikely. He was almost certainly self-radicalised and acting on impulse.

And if he had, even having a copy of it would be undoubtedly a dead end -- the jihadis can read the newspapers, they know GCHQ and NSA are bugging everything everywhere. Osama gave up using the phone or email and had couriers carrying messages by hand. ISIS obviously has a bunch of tech guys for the web presence. Modern cryptography is not hard to understand and easy to implement.

The thing to take away from this attack is that in the UK, it's very hard to buy a gun and this loser used his car and a knife, killed four. If he'd liven in Birmingham Alabama instead of Birmingham, Midlands, he'd have been able to gear up at his friendly neighbourhood gun store and scored like the Orlando nutter who killed 49 people.

Comment Re:Never had a globe? (Score 1) 321

Yeah but they are choosing a far worse projection. That is the issue please don't tell me you're friends with sonic

The Gall-Peters may not be the best choice, and Peters's own campaigning may have been annoying at the time, but it absolutely isn't worse than a Mercator, which is a really, really poor choice.

What about sonic???

Comment Re:Never had a globe? (Score 1) 321

You can preserve angles. Technically this is called a conformal projection, with the Mercator Projection being the best known example, though to depict the poles usually stereographic projection is used. Besides chartering the right course, the advantage is that outlines and shapes (at least locally) looks right.

You can instead opt to preserve area (instead of angles). But it is a mathematical fact that you cannot do both.

Correct, but as in a Mercator the shapes only locally look right, it is a poor choice for a world map when we are interested in political and geographical aspects.

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