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Submission + - Marissa Mayer On Turning Around Yahoo (

An anonymous reader writes: For the 20th anniversary of Yahoo, Marissa Mayer discusses how she's trying to reinvent the company. In a wide-ranging interview, Mayer shares her vision for fixing the company’s past mistakes, including a major investment in mobile and a new ad platform. Yet she’s been dogged by critics who see her as an imperious micromanager, who criticize her $1.1 billion purchase of Tumblr, and who fault her for moving too slowly. The company’s executives explain that the business could only return to health after she first halted Yahoo’s brain drain and went big on mobile. As one Yahoo employee summarized Mayer’s thinking: "“First people, then apps."

Submission + - NASA Trailer To Be Shown Before Star Trek: Into Darkness (

Soulskill writes: Tired of seeing ads for cars and soda before the films you watch at the theater? Well, a successful crowdfunding campaign at IndieGogo will see a trimmed down version of NASA's 'We Are Explorers' video aired before showings of the upcoming Star Trek: Into Darkness in theaters all over the country. "Most people recognize space as a key expression of our character. They know our space programs as a globally recognized brand of ingenuity. The recently landed Mars Curiosity Rover was the latest reminder that space systems are the crown jewels of our scientific and technical prowess. Less known is the indispensable value space systems bring to our everyday lives. Space provides irreplaceable capabilities for defense, public health, finance, medicine, energy, agriculture, transportation, development and countless other fields. Investments in space programs are precisely about improving and protecting life on Earth. ... By funding this campaign, we can remind students and the general public that our nation's space agency is working hard on the next era of exploration." The campaign's funding goal was reached in just six days — their stretch goal will increase the number of theaters for the clip from 59 screens to 750. The movie comes out on May 17th.

Comment Re:Integrate the LaLeche League! (Score 1) 376

Heh, it's been a while since I've cited that. I had to look it back up. Unfortunately, I can only find an article discussing the study in the limited time I have right now:

And, also, I must correct myself: 20+ points away from norm is 2:1. 70+ points away from norm is still 30:1

Comment Re:Why is this a problem? (Score 1) 376

Since, at least where I'm from, women are still the discriminated group,

1) Please enumerate any government-granted rights which men enjoy that do not apply to women in equal or greater measure.
2) Please enumerate any government-imposed responsibilities which women endure that do not apply to men in equal or greater measure.

Now please reverse those questions.

Which gender is being discriminated against? Small hint: it's not women.

You're going to claim that the discrimination which is important is social? Women make up 52-54% of the population. If women are, in fact, "equal" then social discrimination will end as soon as women want it to end.

Are you going to claim that women are disadvantaged in money or spending power? Women make 80% of spending decisions (I can cite this if you actually care).

I want to give the same rights to women that men already have.

Equal rights without equal responsibilities or privilege is NOT equality.

A) Men had greater rights.
B) Women had less responsibilities.
C) Women had greater privilege.

Feminism wants to correct A and ignore B and C... again proving Feminism is not a movement for equality.

The only real question remaining is if Feminism is a lie or a hate movement.

Comment Re:Why is this a problem? (Score 1) 376

I think it's quite appropriate that you cited the President of Harvard.

Did you read past the title? Apparently not.

So a racist misogynistic asshole says women are dumber then men,

No, but nice try to make his comment what you need it to be so you can actually debate it.

What he said was: [paraphrased]"There are more smart men than women (and more dumb men than women.) When we look at people who are skilled at math enough to apply to our math-heavy science college, there will be more men than women in the group."

While you'll of course find a segment of the population agreeing with you,

The entire scientific community agrees with me. SAT scores agree with me. Nature agrees with me. Reality agrees with me.

See, mother nature was a smart cookie. She decided that it wasn't wise to waste reproductive capacity on environmental testing.

Comment Re:Integrate the LaLeche League! (Score 1) 376

However, since the standard deviation is about 14 points, k8to would say that the difference in gender distributions is not significant in predicting an individual's IQ

Actually, there is a difference in standard deviation depending on gender as well. Men have larger standard deviations than women in just about every physiological trait. IQs 20+ points away from norm (120 and above or 80 and below) are 6:1 male:female. IQs 70+ points away from norm have a gender ratio of 30:1. So, yes, to say that one gender is "superior" to another, even in IQ would be incorrect. However, to say that the superior people are much more likely one gender (male) is truth no matter how politically incorrect it is.

So you are correct that knowing one's gender is insignificant about predicting their IQ, but knowing one's IQ can help significantly in predicting their gender.

Comment Re:Why is this a problem? (Score 1) 376

Unless you're in a niche market, such as modeling women's clothing, or lifting heavy cargo/equiment, where the ratio will swing dramatically, but not completely eliminating the opposite gender, then your ratios should hit about 50/50.

Actually, no. This false belief is one of the biggest problems in today's society. The truth of the matter is that men are more diverse than women, even if the averages are the same. What that means is that you'll only see 50/50 gender split if the job is something that 50% of the population could qualify for. As soon as you have a job/role/whatever that less than 50% of the population could do, you will see more men than women who are capable of doing said job.

For example:
Have a job that requires nothing other than a 50th percentile math ability? You'll see 50/50.
Have a job that requires nothing other than a 95th percentile math ability? You'll see 64/36 in favor of males.
Have a job that requires nothing other than a 99th percentile math ability? You'll see 71/29 in favor of males.

It's really that simple. A job that requires skills that only one out of a hundred people have, and you're already seeing a massive gender disparity on who is even capable of doing the job.


IT Worker's Revenge Lands Her In Jail 347

aesoteric writes "A 30-year-old IT worker at a Florida-based health centre was this week sentenced to 19 months in a US federal prison for hacking, and then locking, her former employer's IT systems. Four days after being fired from the Suncoast Community Health Centers' for insubordination, Patricia Marie Fowler exacter her revenge by hacking the centre's systems, deleting files, changing passwords, removing access to infrastructure systems, and tampering with pay and accrued leave rates of staff."

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