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Comment Re:I don't think we are giving anything up. (Score 2) 554

I agree. I think with any system, Windows, Mac, or Linux, the OS should be out the way to let me use 16 Gb for my raster/vector art, word processing, and/or movie editing software. If it looks pretty, even better. Although Windows 8.x and 10 look too damn flat for me. You need all that to run Firefox anyway.


Submission + - Interactive Tool Visualizes Tolkien's Works (

dsjodin writes: Last year, LotrProject brought us extraordinary statistics on the population of Middle-Earth. Now, they have released an interactive tool for analysis of the Silmarillion, the Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings. With keyword frequency search, character mentions, sentiment analysis and network diagrams of character interactions it is a beautiful set of data visualizations and fascinating for fans and non-fans alike. The site can for example be used to find out that bacon is mentioned seven times in the Hobbit while only two times throughout the entire the Lord of the Rings.

Submission + - Are Plastic-Bag Bans Really Killing People?

theodp writes: A paper by Wharton’s Jonathan Klick and Joshua Wright suggested that San Francisco’s eco-friendly ban on plastic bags might actually be killing people. Klick and Wright found that food-borne illnesses in San Francisco increased 46% after the bag ban went into effect in 2007, with no such uptick in neighboring counties. Most likely, the authors concluded, this was due to the fact that people were putting their food into dirty reusable bags and not washing them afterward. But Tomas Aragon, an epidemiologist at UC Berkeley and health officer for the city of San Francisco, begs to differ, arguing that in order to establish a link between the bag ban and illnesses, the authors would have to show that the same people who are using reusable bags are also the ones getting sick. Aragon offers an alternative hypothesis for the recent rise in deaths related to intestinal infections, noting that a large portion of the cases in San Francisco involve C. difficile enterocolitis, a disease that’s often coded as food-borne illness in hospitals which has become more common in lots of places since 2005, all around the U.S., Canada, and Europe (for yet-unexplained reasons). 'The increase in San Francisco,' he suggests, 'probably reflects this international increase.'

Comment The First Rule (Score 1) 789

The first rule of the "'I've Got To Disappear' Plan" is you do not talk about the "'I've Got To Disappear' Plan"
The second rule of the "'I've Got To Disappear' Plan" is you do not talk about the "'I've Got To Disappear' Plan"
The third rule of the "'I've Got To Disappear' Plan" is if someone says "stop" or goes limp, taps out, the "'I've Got To Disappear' Plan" is over.
The fourth rule of the "'I've Got To Disappear' Plan" is only two guys to a "'I've Got To Disappear' Plan"
The fifth rule of the "'I've Got To Disappear' Plan" is only one "'I've Got To Disappear' Plan" at a time
The sixth rule of the "'I've Got To Disappear' Plan" is no shirt, no shoes
The seventh rule of the "'I've Got To Disappear' Plan" is "'I've Got To Disappear' Plans" will go on as long as they have to
The eighth rule of the "'I've Got To Disappear' Plan" is if this is your first "'I've Got To Disappear' Plan" you HAVE to disappear

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