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Comment Re:Broken Windows Policing (Score 1) 191

It's a common tactic, possibly well-meaning, possibly to deflect criticism of actual racism.

The old literacy test for voting laws weren't generally racist as written. But they were certainly racist as implemented.

Today's racism is (or was, until Trump) more subtle. But it's certainly there, and while individual cops may not be racists, the police taken as a whole in this country certainly are.

Comment Re:Broken Windows Policing (Score 2, Informative) 191

You're talking about the old "broken windows" theory.

It's been discredited, of course. It doesn't actually accomplish anything other than locking up poor people, and it's been used in a very disproportionally racist manner.

When you do a comparison of crime rates in cities that used it and cities that didn't, both have seen a decrease in crime. Probably the most likely reason has been the removal of lead from gasoline, significantly reducing the degree of low-level lead poisoning.

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