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Comment Re:It Doesn't Work That Way (Score 1) 260

Moore to the point, Moore's law was an observation of a natural trend. This is the opposite, typical of so much legislation.

Moore's law is like having a speedometer needle showing the speed, or a thermometer showing the temperature. Legislation which tries to change society pretends changing the observation will change reality: move the needle to slow down or speed up; move the pointer to raise or lower the temperature. In reality, you need an entirely different device to do that.

"So let it be written, so let it be done" sounds good in movies, but it don't do squat in real life except muck things up.

Comment Re:So far the phone mfg with a public problem.. (Score 1) 51

It would help their narrative if they make it sound like all the competitors are ready to fail at any moment.

Yeah, instead it's just giving competitors an opportunity to fire back with a "well, it's nice that Samsung is finally taking battery testing as seriously as we've been all along..."

Immediately after making a massive fuck up in a particular field isn't really the time to publicly tout your expertise in that field. It takes a bit of time to demonstrate that you've actually learned from your mistake and haven't repeated it.

Comment Re: Such Charity (Score 1) 77

Yes, you will be happy to know that bathrooms in space are 100% unisex. However you might need to bring along an adapter to achieve hermetic seal with any non-standard equipment that you might have. Remember that a space bathroom needs to suck your stuff off or it will float around the cabin in tiny droplets.

On that subject, please don't try the pull out method if you get busy with a crewmate.

Comment Re:In 18 years, a college degree will cost $0 (Score 1) 374

That's a nice point of view for the wealthy. For someone who is not making much money and needs training for a better job, the question is not "Does VR work", it's "How VR can be made to work the best it possibly can". There is no need for a PhD to teach college freshmen. In fact, they pretty much make graduate TAs do the work. And there are highly educated people in developing countries who will be happy to earn what for them is good money providing one on one online help when needed.

Of course eventually there is a need for hands on work on real objects and certification. But we can pare that down where those who mastered virtual training travel to a specialized center for a week per semester while saving money by living at home for the rest of the time.

Comment In 18 years, a college degree will cost $0 (Score 1) 374

A few skills, such as software engineering, can be already acquired 100% online. In two decades, VR will make majority of high education possible to acquire without human labor, or with help of professors from parts of the world with low cost of living. At this point, we will probably just fund the remaining costs like we do for K-12 schools.

Oh sure, ultra rich will keep their private colleges with dorms, football teams and fraternities. These things will just be understood to have nothing to do with education.

Comment Re:Quick question (Score 1) 77

If you actually read the essay, the proposed alternatives to Democracy are not monarchy or aristocracy. It's moving into new niches which are free from centralized government control, such as cyberspace, outer space or seasteading.

On the other hand, you have been drinking some cool aid. It's a straightforward fact that the more areas of your life are subject to democratic control, the less free you are to follow your individual wishes. Of course, this is sometimes necessary, and a better alternative than a King or Queen making the call. But we should be striving to minimize the number of things people are forced to do with a gun to their head, no matter who is the gunman.

Comment Re:Alternative headline... (Score 1) 266

Eh, you might be surprised.

I might be, yeah. Not too many people have fond feelings about airlines, and I'm sure even the most stay-at-home politician has had some poor experiences.

But seeing what's happening right now, I'm inclined to treat any pro-consumer legislation actually passing in the USA as a complete fluke.

Comment Re:Switched to PulseAudio today - here's my story (Score 1) 322

Bottom line, I guess: PulseAudio in 2017 _just effin' works_. Save yourself some time, skip the whining and bitching, get with the times and install it already.

Yeah, we did, because users apparently need Firefox to play sound.

Now we need to figure out why some of our systems are bogging down or completely freezing.

I'm not saying you're entirely wrong, but you might have reversed the words "effin' works"...

Comment Dude, I have pirated a copy of a book I wrote. (Score 1) 153

I have pirated a book that I wrote (Amazon won't let you buy it twice, and I couldn't get it to download without buying... I could have made a new account, but a quick google search turned up a pirated copy.

I have bought an ebook on my phone because I accidentally left the physical book at home and I wanted to read it, for many of my favorite books I have bought a physical copy to loan out and an ebook copy to read on my kindle.

Basically I love books and don't consider my causal nonchalant piracy to be immoral or a threat to the industry, it isn't like if I suddenly stopped pirating I would be spending any more or less on books. that line item in my budget will probably always be "the rest."

- a "wealthy" (by this article's standards) guy in his late 30s.

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