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Comment Re:Enhanced bluetooth, and legacy standards (Score 1) 82

But having it on a kettle or coffee maker or a rice cooker makes no sense.

On a kettle, no.

I'd love it on a coffee maker because I actually use the delay brew feature. Give me a clock that adjust for DST and a delay brew that I can sync to my schedule and I'd be kinda happy.

DST compensation in itself could, IMHO, justify anything with a clock capability to be IoT capable.

It might be useful on a rice cooker (or anything else that takes a long time) for notifying you when it's done cooking.

Comment Well, duh (Score 1) 116

A good rule of thumb is that if a large telco thinks a major business decision is good idea, it's probably bad for consumers.

There's obvious exceptions to this rule... building out and maintaining telco infrastructure is usually a good idea, but even there you have to scrutinize the fine print or you'll find your copper landlines left degrading while they roll out fibre and wireless.

Comment Re:Supply and Demand - where is the demand? (Score 1) 425

Several million times a year, guns are used to deter or prevent crime. Most of those are merely showing the gun or announcing its presence. Very very few of these make the news, because they are boring. But they work because guns are simple and effective. If all guns were smart guns, they'd bo so unreliable that very few criminals would be deterred by them, and crime would skyrocket.

On, and all your police would be be effectively disarmed too. Unless of course you think police (who commit more crimes off-duty than conceal carriers) are more responsible than "civilians".

Fuck off, slaver who is too stupid to think.

Comment Re: Wikileaks is a toxic organisation. (Score 3, Insightful) 334

... as of October 6th the number of endorsements for Donald Trump among major American newspapers sat at a big fat zero.

That's a bit of a no-brainer, really.

One thing Trump has said (and stuck with) is that he wants to open up libel laws. No news organization anywhere on the political spectrum wants their job to get harder or more expensive.

Comment Re:Is it really a war? (Score 1) 135

But it's a pretty minor league attack against the "internet". Twitter is down? The NYT?

I was just reading a Facebook comment from a friend about a hospital basically shutting down... presumably they had a dependency on something "in the cloud".

Now, I'll certainly grant that said hospital fucked up beyond belief by having that dependency, and I'd hope that heads will roll over it, but the impact seems to go beyond mere entertainment.

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