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Comment Re:IO scheduler != CPU scheduler (Score 1) 472

Ingo, I am so glad you posted here!

I wanted to say I've been using the -tip tree for over a year, with great success for my desktop, and my laptop.
Many of the problems listed here? They never seem to occur with -tip kernels. It's my hope that it gets more exposure.

I know some of the patches have made it back into the mainline kernel, any idea when they all will be merged?

Also one thing I've noticed, but it seems not to be part of the discussion is the choice of files systems, I was under the impression that scheduling was abstracted away from the file systems?

More so in the non-tip kernels, I've seen major differences in behavior between ones I've tested, usually with XFS performing best for IO, and BFS having wildly different behaviors depending on the workload, and ext3 just kinda sucking in general, but consistently sucking.


Submission + - Microsoft MVP: Vista Sucks!

WED Fan writes: "You know things are bad for an OS when a Microsoft MVP proclaims to the world that Vista sucks. Mirroring my own experiences, this MVP can't get his development environment working, his old apps have stopped working, and the common way of upgrading, over XP, fails horribly.

Disclaimer: You can check my previous comments, I basically love MS, but Vista is BAAAD."
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Journal SPAM: He's The Worst Ever

By Eric Foner
Sunday, December 3, 2006; B01

Ever since 1948, when Harvard professor Arthur Schlesinger Sr. asked 55 historians to rank U.S. presidents on a scale from "great" to "failure," such polls have been a favorite pastime for those of us who study the American past.

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