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Comment Re:It IS hipsterism (if that's a word) (Score 2) 564

how about this? I also lived through the tape era, buying high end TDK and Maxell. Tapes died because something better came along. Are you REALLY going to tell me it's CHEAPER unit for unit for you to take the TIME to make a tape than burn a CD? And this whole argument about the "warmness" of tapes is goofy. The "tape experience" I remember consisted of hiss you couldn't get rid of no matter how much noise reduction you used, low dynamic range that couldn't be increased without using something like dbx encodings, tapes that broke, tapes that de-magnetized, tapes that JAMMED. Sorry, tapes are NOT cheaper, better than current digital mediums.

Comment CAPS!!!! (Score 1) 209

First of all, the price of Internet (at least at my home) vs Internet + TV is purposely priced by comcast and others so that you really don't save THAT much money. Secondly, what about data caps? Are you really going to police your 2 teenagers and your significant other to watch their data usage?

Comment If all you care about is hardware.... (Score 1) 228

Then there is lots of hardware out there you could argue is better than Apple (expandability, performance, etc). But.... OS X is still in my humble opinion better than Windows (even 10). Anybody who says they are dumping the Mac for a Windows system solely because of hardware evidently does not give much weight to OS X.

Comment Nice...let's see it power something useful (Score 1) 156

A youtube demo is nice.. But what would REALLY be useful is to demo something that is used every day powered by diamond batteries. In that way it becomes something actually real to the average person. People have become SO jaded by researchers releasing papers and youtube videos only to find out it was a submarine attempt at getting more funding.

Comment Re:k.i.s.s. (Score 1) 143

One thing (it seems to me) is that the U.S. Navy has not had to engage in ship to ship warfare in a LONG time. Granted in the modern era that will probably be a pretty fast thing with missiles, but the other services have at least had to deal with close combat situations that stress what you have (say...a rifle on the battlefield). If it fails, you die. When was the last time a combat vessel failed for the navy in combat conditions that caused a catastrophic loss of life? It's been a while. My guess is this ship if it ever got in combat conditions would quickly fail do to reliability. It would not be long before the Navy would have to pull them from the battlefield.

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