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Comment Militarily vulnerable (Score 1) 169

One thing to remember is that if a global event happened taking out much of the planet's electronics happened, even though our military is hardened against EMP, not EVERYTHING is the military is. I'm sure the Pentagon has wargamed this out, but if you are another power looking to take advantage of the chaos that would be the time to do it.

Comment Re:Commodore engineers (Score 3, Informative) 290

Irving Gould and Mehdi Ali can both rot in h*ll as far as I am concerned. I will NEVER forget those names. They took a company that had a successful product and great engineers and squeezed it for every last penny purposely skimping on re-investment and new products for the express purpose of greed.

Comment solutions? (Score 1) 221

My issue is not with the science that reports human activity is warming the planet, it's with the POLITICS surrounding it, and discussions about what should be done. From what I've read, all of the current initiatives, regulation, etc will not do squat to change the situation in anything under 200 years and even then it's marginal at best. The only real solutions seem to imply (or say rather directly) that world GDP would need to be rolled back significantly. I simply don't see that happening. With all that in mind, it seems like politicians/corporations are using climate change as means to consolidate power. In general. I'm against concentrating power in government or corporations. It never seems to work out well in the long term when that happens. I may be naive, but it seems to me the way to save the planet is to develop space and other worlds so that people can leave and take the stress off of the planet. I'm pretty sure we can do that in under 200 years.

Comment They will weasel their way and drag their feet (Score 1) 149

Just look at the cable card debacle. They purposely underfunded and under engineered support for third party devices with their cable cards. What do you think will happen with this? I guarantee you there will be "delays" and it will be a bear getting anybody to help you if your app on Roku for comcast does not work right. Call me cynical, but do you think they will WILLINGLY give up that cable box revenue stream? Even after they are forced to do so I'd bet they will "roll" the loss of those cable boxes right back into your cable bill. Maybe not all at first, a buck here, a buck there and 5 years later everybody is paying an additional $20 bucks a month. It will be called "Internet HD TV access charge".

Comment What about selective fertilization? (Score 1) 367

Editing DNA is just too creepy for many people to consider it. BUT..... Selectively choosing sperm and egg for specific properties from a large pool created by the parents (like what was done in Gattaca) is something I could see done. People would simply see it as taking the randomness out and picking the best characteristics from what they (the parents) contribute.

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