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Comment Re:Lets see if I understand this. (Score 1) 566

Re: #2, "They asked him to contact them with questions"

There is an amazingly pervasive and broadly accepted attitude growing in the world today. It goes something like this:

A: Powers-that-be (PTB) create policy X.
B: Payee of PTB interprets a violation of policy X.
C: Payee takes action believed to be justified by policy X, not realizing (or caring) that it violates rights.
D: Victim raises objection.
E: Payee explains policy X to victim.
F: Victim accepts abuse simply because policy X exists, is written, or just because it is claimed.

Although it is necessary for society to create and follow rules, following blindly and without push-back always causes much more grief down the road.

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." -- Edmund Burke

"Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty." -- Wendell Phillips

Comment Re:Plays for Sure! (Score 1) 361

In related news, Toyota announces a new service, Toy-Ownership!

Here's how it works. Instead of the outdated, risky practice of taking the keys home where they can be lost or stolen, the dealer takes care of the keys for you! Imagine the convenience! Since many consumers steal things, and to eliminate the risk of your brand new vehicle being stolen, we will simply sell all new vehicles this way. Should you need to start the vehicle again after you get home, simply call the dealer, and after verifying that you are who you say you are via our new Protection Integrity Telephone Assistance (PITA), we will remotely start the car for you.

No more bulky pockets, no more whistling for your key-chain, join the new Toy-Ownership program today!

Comment Surprising charts (Score 1) 961

With the help of the Standard Template Library (thank you vector and string!), I am 4 to 6 times more productive in C++ than in C. How is it that C is more "popular" than C++?

Perhaps this study isn't showing what they think it is. As long as we can't count lines of production code directly, such a conclusion will be somewhat suspicious.


Submission + - Digital 'Fair Use' Bill Introduced In Congress

d3ac0n writes: "From the Washington Post: gital_fair_use_bill_introduc.html

Today, Reps. Rich Boucher (D-Va.) and John Dolittle (R-Calif.) introduced what they call the "Freedom and Innovation Revitalizing U.S. Entrepreneurship" (or FAIR USE) Act they say will make it easier for digital media consumers to use the content they buy.
A refreshing bipartisan effort to return Fair Use to it's rightful place as the law of the land. (for media content, anyway)"

Submission + - First graphene transistor

An anonymous reader writes: UK researchers are announcing the first ever workable transistor made of graphene — that's one layer of carbon atoms. It's thinner and smaller than a silicon transistor can ever be, and it works at room temperature. When silicon electronics are dead, this is what's going to take over. There's slight controversy as they decided to announce their results via a review article, rather than wait for their (submitted) peer review paper to come out.

This has been covered in Nature (nice explanation of how it works): -10.html

and in Chemistry World (account of controversy/who else has claimed it, + some more about graphene): ry/28020703.asp

and in New Scientist: ml
It's funny.  Laugh.

Journal Journal: Al "Green" Gores Shocking Electric Bill 1

Some interested person called the Nashville (TN) Electrical Service and under the Freedom of Information Act asked for the Academy Award Winning Ex-VP's energy bill. Apparently the publicly dull persona has quite the party life going at home. His usage last year? 221,000 kWh, that's a $30,000 bill, more than 20 times the national average. Last August alone he used 22,619 kWh, more than you or me (even with those massive 1000W PS' ru

Submission + - RIAA Prepares to Sue 400 College Students

An anonymous reader writes: The RIAA sent out "pre-litigation settlement notices" to 400 network users at 13 U.S. universities today, continuing a PR blitz that began last week with a much-publicized list of the 25 most notified universities for copyright infringement. Once again, Ohio University tops the list, with one out of every eight notifications. From the press release: "The RIAA will request that universities forward those letters to the appropriate network user. Under this new approach, a student (or other network user) can settle the record company claims against him or her at a discounted rate before a lawsuit is ever filed."

Submission + - The Green Grid helps IT to save money and power

squishylimbs writes: A new industry group called The Green Grid is made up of Intel, AMD, and other big tech firms, and it's trying to make the data center more efficient. Why? Because they claim that current servers are wasting almost 35 percent of their power through power conversion alone.

From the article: "Electricity is being wasted at an alarming rate by most current servers. A typical 2U server with dual processors runs on a 450W power supply. Of that, 35 percent (160W) is lost just in the power conversion process inside the machine. This doesn't just cost money for a bit of wasted power; it also costs money for the additional cooling required to keep the datacenter at a constant temperature, and it limits the total number of servers that can be installed in a datacenter due to power constraints."

Submission + - MPAA Fires Back at AACS Decryption Utility

RulerOf writes: The AACS Decryption utility released this past December known as BackupHDDVD originally authored by Muslix64 of the Doom9 forums has received its first official DMCA Takedown Notice. It has been widely speculated that the utility itself was not an infringing piece of software due to the fact that it is merely "a textbook implementation of AACS," written with the help of documents publicly available at the AACS LA's website, and that the AACS Volume Unique Keys that the end user isn't supposed to have access to are in fact the infringing content, but it appears that such is not the case. From the thread:

" must input keys and then it will decrypt the encrypted content. If this is the case, than according to the language of the DMCA it does sound like it is infringing. Section 1201(a) says that it is an infringement to "circumvent a technological measure." The phrase, "circumvent a technological measure" is defined as "descramb(ling) a scrambled work or decrypt(ing) an encrypted work, ... without the authority of the copyright owner." If BackupHDDVD does in fact decrypt encrypted content than per the DMCA it needs a license to do that.

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