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Journal music2myear's Journal: Al "Green" Gores Shocking Electric Bill 1

Some interested person called the Nashville (TN) Electrical Service and under the Freedom of Information Act asked for the Academy Award Winning Ex-VP's energy bill. Apparently the publicly dull persona has quite the party life going at home. His usage last year? 221,000 kWh, that's a $30,000 bill, more than 20 times the national average. Last August alone he used 22,619 kWh, more than you or me (even with those massive 1000W PS' running our PC) use in a whole year. Comment I posted on my co-bloggers article (full disclosure: he writes on my blog) regarding this whole energy and rich and famous thing:

And what about all those Hummers, Limos, and other over-sized energy-sucking vehicles the rich and famous and *popular* people use to drive to the over-lit, over-spent Academy Awards ceremony. I'd begin thinking they actually take their own cause seriously when they have a completely "green" Academy Awards held outside, during the day so it'll be bright, eating fruits and vegetables, and showing the highlights on an old B&W 13 TV. Until then they obviously don't take their own pet cause seriously, so why should I?

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Al "Green" Gores Shocking Electric Bill

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