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Comment Re: Pretty sure I read this story last decade. (Score 1) 354

which is why I want to see America tax all goods/service based on the location of the worst sub-part and do it with emissions / $ GDP.
By putting a slowly increasing tax on the parts from bad emitters, while rewarding nations like Sweden who is VERY LOW emissions / $GDP, we get nations to either clean up, or for businesses to quit getting parts from those nations that pollute heavily.
This also has the advantage of getting nations to quit manipulating their money against the $.

Comment Why do this? (Score 4, Informative) 89

Ugh. Is it as good as If I want to do real work, I use Gimp or Photoshop. If its minor / quick, I use That's been my go-to for years. I really, really don't think that they should be doing a 3D app until they get 2D right. Looking at the demo video, this latest iteration reminds me of TuxPaint!

Comment Re: Not unusual for the luxury car market (Score 1) 136

What ppl are missing is what will happen with M3. There will not be a single human on the main production line. Sub parts are designed to made by other robots, mixes, or just pure human labor. With this approach, the sub parts should be thoroughly vetted, and final product is expected to not have issues that they have today. In addition, I'm told that m3 line in Fremont will do up to 1.5m / year and that is without the building expansion.

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