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Comment start with blackburn and Flake (Score 3, Informative) 185

This is the rep that is pushing this; Marsha Blackburn.
And here is the Senator pushing this;

Anybody who is represented by these ppl should let them know that the internet is waiting to know all about them AND THEIR FAMILY, including kids and grandkids.

Comment Add SSN and it is a deal (Score 2) 185

Seriously, we need to get the address, family info , and SSN as well.
That will make these GOP rethink what they are doing.

And if at all possible, lets find out what businesses these GOP own and interact with. It could an interesting source of money for them.

Comment Re: Or... (Score 2) 395

I don't see this at all. RT has high scores on some pretty obscure, niche movies; they seem to like arty, symbolic, deep, foreign, etc.. It seems to me that if you have broad cross section, anodyne, bland movie, it will get 60 or 70%. The reviewers will say 'meh' to it, and you'll think 'It will be fine'. It takes a pretty bad movie to get a low score. However, it takes a pretty good movie to get a high score. Mass-market stuff gets a medium score. It seems (to me) to do its job really well.

Comment Re: Poor business (Score 2) 395

The guy said: "I’ve seen some great movies with really abysmal Rotten Tomatoes scores,” I'll ask you since I can't ask him. Like what? What low scoring movies (and we're talking below 30% on RT) did you actually like?

Rotten Tomatoes is an aggregator, and so it is very limited. You have to look at the individual reviews to figure out why the reviewer didn't like the movie. That said, if a movie is sitting at 27%, there is a really good reason. There is something wrong with a movie that is less than 50%. Maybe you will like it, but there is a flaw in there somewhere that caused most people that review movies to not like it.

My movie watching time is severely limited. My book reading, exercising, hobby and other time are severely limited. So, I have to decide pretty severely what I'm going to watch. Are there movies with a 30% rating that I might like? Maybe. But, why on earth would I bother going to see it, when there are movies with 70, 80, 90% ratings to go see?

Comment Re:Lots of valuable information... (Score 1) 403

What are the terms of service of the VPN service? I know that an ISP has onerous terms and I really don't have much of a choice. If the VPN wants my business, they will have to have decent terms, and that means that if they sell the data then I can sue them. You can shop around for a VPN that 1. has been in business for a while and 2. has a document that states they won't sell your data. Done.

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