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Submission + - Tesla's Model 3 Hype May Be Hiding Problems

Daetrin writes: Every time a story about Elon Musk comes up on Slashdot there are those that complain that there is too much hype about him and his companies. That "hype" has been in full swing with the Model 3 announcement, but the Daily Beast has put forth a case that such skepticism is entirely justified and that the $115 million of Model 3 preorders is actually a sign of problems to come for Tesla and Musk. "It won't hit the road for two years, it won't be as cheap as promised, and it will be plagued with problems. Worst of all, the firm may run out of money before the car takes the road." Are the problems real? Or is this anti-hype just a cynical attempt to ride the coattails of the hype?

Submission + - Nintendo Announces Smartphone Publishing Deal, New Hardware

Daetrin writes: At a press conference yesterday in Japan Nintendo announced a stock-exchange deal with DeNA, which will give Nintendo a 10% interest in the company. DeNA is the owner of Mobage, a mobile gaming platform, and through them Nintendo will be releasing games on Android and iOS devices. It was emphasized that these games would be new games made specifically for the platform rather than ports of existing games.

Nintendo also announced that they are working on new gaming hardware with the codename "NX", which will feature an "entirely new concept." Nintendo did not state if it would be a console, a handheld, some kind of hybrid, or something completely different. Iwata, Nintendo's CEO, did state that the new hardware is unrelated to the collaboration with DeNA and the announcement was intended to emphasize that Nintendo is not abandoning it's core business of dedicated devices.

Engadget has a write-up detailing Nintendo's (non-)history with mobile gaming.

Submission + - T-Mobile Merging With MetroPCS (

Daetrin writes: Last year T-Mobile tried to merge with AT&T but the deal was blocked by the FCC. Now T-Mobile and MetroPCS have agreed to merge in a $1.5 billion deal. There doesn't seem to be much concern that the FCC will disagree with this deal, perhaps because the two companies combined will have a user base of 42.5 million, which will still be smaller than the #3 player Sprint Nextel's 56.4 million. Because the two companies have similar spectrum holdings T-Mobile claims the merger will allow them to offer better coverage. They also say they will continue to offer a range of both on and off-contract plans.

Submission + - Stardock Games Now On Steam

Daetrin writes: Seven months ago the sale of Impulse to GameStop was announced. Today Sins of a Solar Empire has been released on Steam with more Stardock games on the way. The games will also be coming to other digital distribution channels as well. Until now Stardock had kept quiet about any legal conditions attached to the sale of Impulse, so this is great news to those interested in Stardock's games but who aren't too fond of GameStop.
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Submission + - Talk Like a Pirate Day Music ( 2

Daetrin writes: [Note to editors: Yes, i'm submitting this a day early, just to make sure you have time to see it.] Today is Talk Like a Pirate Day, and some people like to Sing Like a Pirate as well! You may already be aware of the Talk Like a Pirate music page which has a selection of songs including the official anthem by Tom Smith. More recently the Celtic musician Marc Gunn, under the pseudonym "Captain Black Jack Murphy" has produced an album of pirate music titled "Pogue Mahone Means Kiss My Arse!" and made free copies available. He encourages everyone to support piracy by copying the album and sharing it with their friends. Of course if you like what you hear you should donate at that page or buy some of his other music. This is how many Slashdotters say music ought to be done, so how well will it work in practice? (Beware though, these are (mostly) real sea shanties and drinking songs performed acoustically. If you prefer heavily produced music from the modern labels this is not for you! Also, a couple of the songs are definitely NSFW.)

Submission + - Nintendo slashes profit forecast and 3DS price (

Daetrin writes: Nintendo has announced a large loss for the first quarter of the year and lowered its annual profit forecast. In the three months prior to June 30th Nintendo lost 25.5 billion yen ($328 million) and the forecast is being reduced about 80%, from 110 billion yen ($1.4 billion) to 20 billion yen ($257 million.) Nintendo is blaming poor sales of the 3DS and is responding by announcing a price cut from $250 to $170 on August 12. In order to mollify early adopters of the system Nintendo also announced that anyone who has logged into the Nintendo eShop before the price cut will receive 10 free NES games and 10 free GBA games. The GBA games won't be available until later in the year, but Nintendo claims they will be exclusive to the "3DS Ambassadors" and will not be available for purchase on the store in the future.

Submission + - Asus Transformer Now Supports Game Controllers (

Daetrin writes: E3 may not have started yet but there's already video game news from over the weekend. Asus has just released an update to add native support for game controllers to the Eee Pad Transformer, and it supports PS3 as well as 360 controllers. Engadget has a video showing the controllers in action. This is great news for fans of emulation on Android, even if you get emulators from an alternate source now.

Submission + - GameStop buys Impulse from Stradock (

Daetrin writes: It was announced thursday that Stardock has sold Impulse, the digital game store, to GameStop. And no, it wasn't an early April Fools' joke. Stardock founder Brad Wardell gave an interview to Joystiq talking about the sale and the reasons behind it. GameStop also announced their acquisition of SpawnLabs, a game streaming company. It seems that GameStop is looking to challenge Steam, or at least avoid being cut out of the digital distribution business entirely.

Submission + - Google Debuts Dataing Site (

Daetrin writes: Have you seen the Google Romance page yet? Particularly the tour? I'm not going to bother writing up a real summary since i'm not creative enough to come up the the right Tweaks, but i'm sure you could find some fun ways to use them while talking about Google's attempt to help us find love/contextualize romance/sell ads :)

Submission + - Google's Gingerbread Man Has Arrived

Daetrin writes: Last weekend Google received the next statue in the sweets-themed series that commemorates the major updates of the Android OS. In the past this has meant that the release of the next SDK was right around the corner. However this time there's some doubt as to what the version number will actually be. Many sites (including Slashdot) have assumed that "Gingerbread" was synonymous with "3.0", but now there's some evidence that everyone may have jumped the gun and the next version will actually be 2.3.

Submission + - OCRemix no longer accepting new songs

Daetrin writes: The video game music remix site, Overclocked Remix has just announced the "OverClocked ReMixanator," which allows you to choose from among the most commonly remixed songs and apply your own preferred settings to have it produce a custom remix that is perfect for you! Unfortunately this means that human contributions are no longer necessary, and from this point on song submissions are no longer being accepted and all album projects have been canceled.
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Submission + - Dragon Quest 9 announced for DS

Daetrin writes: Square-Enix has just held a press conference announcing the development of Dragon Quest 9: Defender of the Stars. The continuation of one of the most popular and influential series in Japan was no surprise, but in the past Dragon Quest has always been released on the most popular console of the day so many were surprised when it was revealed that the newest iteration will be on Nintendo's DS rather than the PS2 or a "next generation" console. Level 5 will be handling the actual development one again but there will be some big changes to the formula. The new game will be an action RPG instead of turn-based and up to four players will be able to play at once.

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