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Comment Oh noes! (Score 1) 276

A piece of rare meta poised to revolutionize modern technology and take humans into deep space has been lost in a laboratory mishap.

What kind of rare meta was it? Meta internet memes? Slashdot Meta-moderation? I just hope it wasn't the meta of leaving comments on Slashdot about the poor editing of content on Slashdot, or this post might disappear in a puff of logic!

Comment Dupe! (Score 1) 178

See also this slashdot article from 2015 about the exact same technology:

Apparently the reason it's in the news is that LiquiGlide (a company Prof. Varanasi co-founded, though it's not mentioned in the newer article) just went through (or is in the middle of?) a new round of venture funding.

So they had working technology for sale two years ago but now they want it to be news again, because marketing.

Comment Do you even math? (Score 1) 93

20,000 additional steps equates to an extra 2000 steps for you? How long are your legs that your stride length is 10 feet?

They said "from a common sense 30,000 foot perspective". Feet, not steps.

I said "10,000 steps a day was hard enough!" Steps, not feet.

The average stride length is about 2.2 feet for women and 2.5 feet for men.

The recommended 10,000 steps would then equal 22,000 feet for women or 25,000 feet for men (on average.)

Taking the difference between those numbers and the 30,000 feet means a difference of 8000 or 5000 feet.

5000 extra feet for the men divided by 2.5 feet per step would be 2000 additional steps.

8000 feet for the women divided by 2.2 feet per step would be 3,636 additional steps.

Arguably i should have rounded up to 2000-4000 steps instead of down to 2000-3000 steps, but aside from that my math checks out. Yours is... suspect.

Comment Re:They get you off your ass (Score 3, Funny) 93

But, from a common sense 30,000 foot perspective, if there is even the slightest effect among the majority of these apps of embarrassing you into getting off your ass a little more often, isn't that likely to be a net health positive?

Damn it! 10,000 steps a day was hard enough! Now you're saying 30,000 feet is the common sense amount? That's an extra 2000-3000 steps per day!

Comment Re:Maybe he just wanted to shoot them in cold bloo (Score 1) 187

To elaborate a bit, it's obvious that Africa isn't in great shape right now. But it should also be acknowledged that things _are_ improving, at least at the moment.

Extreme poverty is on the decline, though work is ongoing (poverty statistics, poverty report) and it seems like Africa is overall starting to move into Stage 3 of population growth (In a Nutshell - Overpopulation)

So colonialism fucked the place up, things are _generally_ getting better since then, but it's still going to take awhile (and more hard work.)

Comment Re:It's good to be reminded (Score 4, Informative) 187

They're DEMANDING that "Major English Poets" not be taught at all - by the university English Literature department - because they're white Europeans.

Are you unaware that "Major English Poets" is the name of a series of classes? And that those classes are a requirement for all students? (Citation)

So they're not demanding the removal of all major English poets as crybaby snowflakes like you seem to think, they just seem to want that series of classes replaced with something more diverse. Something which could include Shakespeare but _also_ non-Europeans. (Or maybe they'd be okay with just eliminating "Major English Poets" as a singular requirement and allowing students to pick from a diverse set of literature classes to fulfill their requirement instead.)

Comment That name (Score 1) 129

"it's clear that the Fuchsia is the actual name of the operating system"

I have no problems with the color itself, but i don't want to have to either spell or pronounce "Fuchsia" on a regular basis when talking about my phone or looking up stuff about it on the internet. Also Fuchsia seems like a horrible idea for a mascot.

Either this is a really poor choice, or somebody (possibly me) is misunderstanding what is meant by "actual name of the operating system." (If it's just a code name during development and the _real_ actual name will end up being something else that's fine.)

Comment I'm a boring gamer geek (Score 1) 268

I pretty much listen to all gaming podcasts. My first and favorite, way back in 2006ish, was "Endgame Radio" (looks like even the archives are gone now.) It was an interesting combination of video game news and discussion alternated with an eclectic mix of techno, goth/industrial, and video game soundtrack music.

When the schedule for that got erratic i started listening to the various 1UP and GameSpot podcasts. When those were killed off/died off for various reasons i picked up Rebel FM and Weekend Confirmed. I then picked up RPGFan's "Random Encounter", the somewhat short-lived GamePro "Roleplayer's Realm", and the very short-lived "A Life Well Wasted".

I kept trying to get into the Joystiq podcast (when that was around) and Giant Bombcast, but they kept falling out of rotation because i just didn't have enough time to listen to everything.

There were numerous other little podcasts i tried out for awhile but either the podcast or my interest in it didn't survive in the long run. (The one non-gaming podcast in that category was the now defunct "ReadMoreSciFi")

Now days when i have the time (which hasn't been often for the last year or two) i listen to 5by5 DLC, Rebel FM, RPGFan, and the occasional Giant Bombcast (assuming none of those have been cancelled in the couple months since i last checked =P)

I tried looking for a FF14 podcast for awhile, but it's difficult since i got a late start on that game and i'm _still_ not up to date. I also spent a little while a couple years back trying to find a decent anime podcast or a second decent SF/F book podcast but didn't have any luck at the time. Perhaps if podcasts are really experiencing an explosion in popularity i ought to try looking again. (Not that i have time to keep up to date even with just my "current" podcasts.)

Comment Great idea! (Score 3, Insightful) 318

As soon as you can guarantee Basic Income and health coverage for everyone i'd be happy to let a robot take my day job while i go do more interesting stuff instead! However until that happens robots taking over all the jobs would be a disaster.

(I don't care one way or the other if the healthcare is single payer or not, as long as i'm guaranteed coverage at an affordable price, regardless of preexisting conditions.)

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