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Comment Re:It's sooo easy! (Score 3, Insightful) 126

Nobody has to hack YOU, they hack the website you log into and download all their passwords then just keep trying those password/username combinations on other websites until they crack another one over and over again. You individually aren't worth much other than a shim to try to break into the next web server. Your accounts could be shared all over Russian hacking circles and you'd never know until the website you use reports a break in that might include your login.

Smug people are just victims who don't know it yet.

Comment Re:Comparision with competition (Score 1) 353

Fact: nVidia writes their own blob and adapts it to the Linux kernel rather than open source their drivers.
Fact: nVidia fixes bugs but does not optimize this blob for Linux, it's the same blob Windows users get.
Fact: You are a pedant.
Fact: The number of installed Linux users using nVidia cards is insignificant in comparison to Windows users.
Fact: Windows users get ads, Linux users don't.
Fact: You are incapable of debating your point so you debate endless minor nit picks instead.
Fact: You can't prove that Linux has any mechanism in it to defeat ads being included during software install. So shut it, this thread is done.

Comment Re:Comparision with competition (Score 1) 353

I use OSX Linux, and Windows. It would be kinda weird to get butthurt over numbers.

Yet you burst out saying that I was "touting" Windows popularity over Linux etc etc. when I only made a relative comparison and no claims of better or worse. I stated a numerical fact. You brought the baggage.

And just out of curiousity, exactly what is the degree of difficulty in writing the code to serve up ads that makes it prohibitive to do this in Linux? You made the claim, you do the explain. If your logic held true, there wouldn't be a driver written for Linux at all - no driver period.

Difficulty isn't the issue per se, it's the investment of development time to write an installer that displays ads vs the expected return for said ads. Are we talking a fortune? No, but it's not something they've chosen to do, so far, either. The point is that it isn't impossible just because it's Linux.

Comment Re:Comparision with competition (Score 0) 353

You're the one getting butt hurt over numbers. Numerically, the Linux/nVidia install base isn't big enough to justify writing a custom installer with ads. You don't like ads, so why is that a bad thing? I didn't say it was a bad thing, I didn't say it was a good thing, it just is.

I did advise the person I responded to that they shouldn't feel special like somehow Linux is anti-advertisement, or that every program *has* to use their distro's installer, which they were being very smug about. There is nothing in Open Source that says a project can't use ads to pay for development.

Comment Re: Editors, you stripped the original title (Score 1) 642

1) The moon is a perfect platform. Stable, predictable orbit to calculate targeting from, lots of raw material. Fairly low gravity well means easier to launch from. Inversely Earth's greater gravity well makes quick retaliation difficult and easily targeted.

2) You just need a mass driver long enough and an incline to get the launch object to orbit. You can build a shorter driver and slingshot your kinetic warhead to get extra speed or a longer driver and shorter time to target. Who cares if it takes 10 minutes or 3 days, depending on what you're aiming at. Bridges, dams, buildings and such aren't going anywhere.

3) A guidance system is trivial if you've gone to the trouble of building a moon base & launch system. So is a heat shield. We already build them into spacecraft so it's not like it's something never done before.

A car bomb can only be so big, and cities already have radiation detectors so nuclear isn't likely.

Comment Re:Editors, you stripped the original title (Score 1) 642

A launched bit of mass from the Moon doesn't have to be exactly big to accomplish a lot of damage. Plus they can be much more strategic than a virus or chemicals. Hell, 5 ton package hitting a dam or a fault line in the right spot could do serious destruction. Just need a mass driver to launch it, some heat shielding and a targeting system. It's not exactly high tech, just takes someone to build it.

Comment Subsistance?? (Score 4, Informative) 242

Nowhere in the article does it mention how many of these villagers were on the constant edge of starvation prior to having access to a more varied diet. It does mention they do shorter foraging routes than they did 25 years ago, but doesn't mention how that would reasonably mean they would starve without outside sources of food. Oh, and then there's the nugget that they are BETTER at digesting carbs and sugars than Europeans, which leads them to eat significantly more..

This article is full of lies and half truths subby!

Comment Re:O RLY? (Score 1) 65

This is a very narrow and shortsighted outlook. No one person or company can innovate infinitely. Take, for instance, the novel Dracula.. one author could never have done all the adaptations, revamps, plays, movies, games, etc. that has grown over that one concept, and Stoker didn't even invent vampires, he borrowed them from folk lore.

America's founders knew that ideas and innovations belonged to the public not locked up behind laws, that's why we have limited copyrights, so that eventually works will go into the public domain to spark new ideas.

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