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Comment Re:You don't know what a free market is, do you? (Score 1) 371

Nobody who actually wants to run a company would ever settle for a system without patents, copyrights or some form of IP protection, for the simple fact that it's much much cheaper to duplicate than to innovate.

Now charities, government funded universities, they could thrive in your imaginary totally free market where there are no patents and all ideals are open.

Comment Re:you mean capitalism works? (Score 5, Insightful) 371

Just because this is the only system you know, don't assume it's the only system that works. Before the 80's when boomers became determined to bleed every possible drop of profit out of the economy, hospitals were run by charities and the worlds most famous doctors worked at university teaching hospitals. Even today the majority of medical breakthroughs happen in universities with government grant money, not pharmaceutical giants.

There is credible evidence that in the unregulated free market once a company achieves market dominance all innovation becomes simple incremental upgrades as research money is transferred to investors. Just look at Apple for a perfect example.

For the people who keep saying regulations keep competition low... yeah, most people are perfectly happy with regulations that require companies to actually prove their devices work, they're well funded and their investors aren't gangsters.. so horrible that the people who invented Shake Weights might not be able to bring us their amazing magnet powered pacemakers I'm sure they were working on.

Comment Re:"Why you shouldn't trust Geek Squad" (Score 5, Insightful) 389

"Illegally searched his computer, get paid to find illegal material and HEY SURPRISE I FOUND ILLEGAL MATERIAL WHAT ARE THE ODDS? Lie to a judge to obtain a search warrant, etc. etc."

There's a reason we demand a certain level of ethics from our law enforcement professionals, mainly so that the cases they put together have even a slim chance of making it through a trial without being tossed out by even a barely competent judge. Did this guy have child porn on his computer? Who knows, the Geek Squad guys have so completely muddled the issue to line their own pockets with the FBI's help we'll never find out.

I often wonder if you "by any means" types would be so cavalier about situations like this if it were you under the FBI's lens.

Comment Re:We have locked up our IP so fans will buy even (Score 1) 105

Nintendo can't rely on Mario to save their asses every time they release a crap console. If they'd called this the GameBoy Pro or something, its specs would be pretty decent. As a living room game console, however, it's pathetic.

As for your graphics comparison, you know what looks like absolute crap every single time on a 1080P TV bigger than 20 inches? Anything Nintendo produces. Now hook it up to a 4K TV and really appreciate the suck.

Nintendo needs to grow up and let their hardware and IP grow up too.

Comment Re:Meal breaks (Score 3, Insightful) 255

It doesn't matter what's on the books, does Washington ENFORCE meal breaks? Apparently California didn't, thus this lawsuit and somewhere a middle manager who made a nice bonus for several years for forward thinking.

It's like, every Wal-Mart employee knows they have paid time off. It's in their paperwork, it's the law in most areas. Yet they also "know" that if they take a minute of it they'll be told their services are no longer needed. They also better show up for those 4 hour "management meetings" off the clock where they do a suspicious amount of shelf stocking.

Comment Re:Fuck Twitter appeasement (Score 5, Insightful) 470

These things, IMO, have resulted in the alt-right.

You lack historical depth. The "alt-right" has always been here, they just used to be the norm. It's only by standing up and demanding that they be recognized, that they exist and have the same rights that the so called special interest groups have managed to push society into no longer accepting the "alt-right" viewpoint as normal. Of course, they're only "special interest groups" in that they stand up to the bigots who would pretend they don't exist. When your entire philosophy rests on treating everyone who thinks differently from yourself as a sub-human with no right to exist, being stood up to does seem extraordinary.

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