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Comment Re:Fancy Titles for Crap Jobs (Score 1) 322

Give a person a fancy title and they will work for peanuts.

No, build your plant in a county surrounded by other counties that all have no other realistic job options and people will flock to you, even at minimum wage with no benefits working 7 days a week. It's how Toyota & Honda build cheep cars in their southern factories after all.

Comment Re:So. 50,000 more H1-B visas need to be issued (Score 1) 322

1. Part of Trump's immigration plan is an overhaul of the H1-B system.

Trump can plan all he wants, it's what Congress will let him do that matters as has already been demonstrated by Republican leadership saying "Yeah, we're not building a wall.".

2. These are not really "tech" jobs but manufacturing jobs for our average, 100 IQ workers. We need jobs for these people, and the usual liberal canard of "education" has been a failure because you can't cram a 100 IQ auto worker through engineering school and have him come out as a 125 IQ engineer. We need simple jobs for simple folk.

Most of the "liberal" worker reeducation projects have had their funding gutted by "conservatives" who didn't want to spend the money on poor folk. Worker reeducation and strong unions have kept Germany an industrial powerhouse despite pressures to outsource. But that involves commitment and funding from government, which won't happen here as most "conservatives" think you're poor because you chose to be or God is punishing you.

3. Nothing will make you people happy anyway. I hope Trump comes out and says "people should breathe air" so all the lefties will suffocate themselves.

Well, aren't you a bitter little munchkin. Some of us like to observe facts and make decisions based on them rather than go by feelings and faith. Thanks, though, for showing us the face of yet another triggered over sensitive snowflake alt-righter.

Comment Re:A new golden age (Score 1) 322

Finally with an entrepeneur taking the reins we may be staring down a new golden age for America... withtout all the BS and fake numbers spewed by the recent federal government regimes. Unemployment at less than 5%? Puh-leeze. I guess maybe if you count crap work and part time jobs with no benefits. Trump is going to take the world by the balls and basically start squeezing and say "stop fucking us over OR ELSE. Now would you like to talk?"

You have no idea what kind of "jobs" this will even end up being. Foxconn is already shipping jobs out of China to Africa and automating more of their plants because Chinese workers cost too much, so don't expect these token jobs to be making more than minimum wage. They could even go the Wal-Mart route and make them part time with the government (tax payers) picking up the rest through welfare.

Comment Re:Many true statements, just like 1816, 1916, 196 (Score 1) 468

And 200 years ago, not everyone had the ability, skill, or desire to move to the city and just jump into manufacturing. 50 years ago not everyone had the ability, skill, or desire to just jump into operating the new electronic machines.

Skill? Most manufacturing jobs were deliberately reduced to easily repeatable steps that an average below high school educated person could accomplish. Just the sort of jobs to fit hordes of ill educated farmhands. Hardly the same as expecting someone to jump from a repetitive GED level job into college level computer engineering skill.

That's quite the point. When people no longer had to pick the cotton (making raw cotton less expensive), they could instead work making things with the cotton, a higher paying job. When the looms were automated (making textile products less expensive), people moved again to higher paying jobs. As the factories were automated, even less skilled people moved into office jobs - data entry, secretaries, customer service, etc. As secretarial, data entry, etc. was automated (making data-centered tasks less expensive), the entire information economy was created.

"Some" people moved up. The majority have shifted into whatever part-time McJob they can find to try to make ends meet.

Comment Re:He's right. (and has been for hundreds of years (Score 4, Insightful) 468

You neglect that a) not everyone has the ability, skill or desire to just jump into programming b) programming can be automated too and c) the US government woefully neglects any attempts at job retraining, unlike European countries, mostly because every effort we've done towards job retraining since Carter was president has been cheap bandaid attempts rather than bottom up serious efforts.

You also gloss over that all of the farmers who were cast aside by automation were absorbed into the very factories we are now discussing being automated into non-existence. Also, simultaneously, millions of people employed in the trucking and taxi industry, including Uber, are facing the extinction of their jobs as automated cars take off. No, there will not be a rise in jobs servicing these cars either, as it's just as easy to develop an automated garage the cars just drive themselves into for service.

You can pretend all you like that new jobs will just pop out of the woodwork for these people but you're delusional. It's taken us 9 years to get back to the job growth we had before the last recession, our economy is not nearly robust enough to absorb the kind of jobless numbers we'll be seeing as automation really gets going.

Comment Re:Great and long overdue! (Score 4, Funny) 126

I wonder what negative slant the Obama haters will come up with for this one?



These "programmers" were just punching holes in paper. My kids can do that!!! What did they do that was so great huh??? Adding 1's and 0's? Guess what, it's 1 you elitist snobs, now where's my medal???

Thank GOD we prayed on it and JESUS TRUMP is going to make AMERICA GREAT AGAIN by putting women back where they belong. Everything was better when women wore sexy skirts and brought you drinks at work then stood around waiting for you to grab them by the p***y. Now they're just GODLESS hairy legged ABORTION machines, carrying dead fetuses up in their vaginas and trying to be equal to MEN. They're all HARLOTS and GOD will strike them down like they deserve. NASTY WOMAN!!! THROW HER IN JAIL!!!

Comment Re:It's not silly. (Score 1) 540

And yet, costs for most manufactured goods are the lowest they have ever been right now when adjusting for inflation. Send. Elizabeth Warren has a nice talk on the subject:

Cars are better and cheaper
Clothes are more varied, better, and cheaper
Food is more plentiful, better, and cheaper
Entertainment is more plentiful and accessible
Computer technology has improved in capability exponentially while decreasing in cost.

Only three budget items are more costly now than they were in the 1970s: Housing, Education, and Health Care. All three of them are immune from normal market forces due to regulatory capture/government interference.

Cars are not cheaper. The price of a car has held fairly steady for decades and is starting to edge upwards.

Clothes are certainly more varried, and more cheaply made to the point that most people throw out clothes after a couple of washes rather than holding onto them for years, selling to second hand shops or passing them down to their kids.

Food is plentiful and cheap, and also reprocessed to death with tons of chemical additives, flavorings to replace what was lost in processing and cheap corn syrup. Food is demonstrably not 'better'.

I would argue that health care is better, but it definitely isn't cheaper, although once vastly complex procedures are now out patient surgery so it's probably moot. Pharmaceuticals, however, are definitely more costly than ever.

Comment Re:Click bait much? (Score 1) 171

1) Google is not a monopoly. If you even understood what monopoly means you'd realize this just looking at your computer where the desktop uses Bing or Cortana and you can download at least 4 browsers that use different search engines by default. They're not even a monopoly on phones because Apple.

2) It doesn't matter if scalping is "self evidently" wrong. It's against the laws of numerous states (IANAL but likely all 50).

Comment Re:I completely agree (Score 1) 805

In the real world these efforts are a multi-faceted problem, and one side can't be blamed if the scam artists you derp herders keep electing continually screw you over. I'd tell you to read a history book but they contain things like facts and Trumpies get triggered by those and start screaming persecution.

Comment Re:"Civic Society" not a very impressive euphemism (Score 1) 805

Yes, shame and insult and "other" us some more. As President-elect Clinton can confirm, that's a surefire way to get people to come over to your side.

You and your ilk have "othered" yourselves just fine over the last 8 years. From cries of "He's a muslim terrorist!" to "Where's his birth certificate!?!?!" to "Michelle is really a man and they kidnapped those kids!!" or "Obama's a tyrant and he's gonna steal our guns!!!", you've demonstrated that you are not in possession of an ability to assess reality like the rest of us. You've reviled and denigrated and spat on a man who won the popular AND electoral vote twice, and now you cry that we progressives are the ones tearing the nation apart. That WE need to get over it and accept your President.

Your conspiracy theories and loose interpretation of the truth have had Hillary investigated time and time and time again and they still verify she broke no laws, committed no treason but do you reconcile? Do you come over to our side? No, you double f**king down and scream "Throw her in jail!!!" for whatever fake story you choose to believe this time.

You spout ignorant racist misogynist propaganda for the better part of a decade and then cry out in shock that we took you literally. "Oh, we didn't REALLLY mean those words, it's just retoric! Believe what we mean, not what we say!"

F**k you and everyone like you.

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