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Comment Re:Citation Needed (Score 1) 499

It's always been a thing where a company needs some software package that nobody wants to deal with, the secretaries get it foisted upon them and actually excel at it until someone notices how much the company actually depends on that software and suddenly they hire a guy to take it over at 3 times the salary, pat the secretary on her head and tell her to get them all a coffee.

Comment Re:Citation Needed (Score 1, Flamebait) 499

You must have never met Grace Hopper, who wrote the first compiler, or the women who programmed the ENIACs. Where would Apple be today without Smalltalk, co-developed by Adele Goldburg?

Honestly, in the environment at that time, did you even notice the women as people or did they all just lump into "secretary" in your head? Where they couldn't threaten you.

Comment Re:I don't understand. (Score 3, Interesting) 499

The funny thing is, if you go back 40-50 years, women dominated programming. Because it wasn't seen as a male career path, men didn't bother with it. People forget how many women were at the roots of early computer design and programming.

Now certain male brogrammers act like that history never existed and women have always been uninterested in tech, which is extremely self serving.

Comment Re:I don't understand. (Score 2) 499

Nowhere in the article did they explain how that technical score was determined. Whether it was from academic records or just the impressions of the interviewers.

Regardless, they concluded that the overriding problem was that most women dropped out after 2-3 rejections, whereas men continued interviewing and that skewed their numbers.

Comment Re:Why is it troubling? (Score 5, Interesting) 499

The article goes on to point out that men who's voices were masked as women also had a tendency to do better than unmasked men. The big thing of note, however, was that women were more likely to drop out of the whole process after 2-3 bad interviews, whereas men would keep interviewing. It's not a matter of studying, or skill set, we need to give women the same levels of false confidence that men have in the face of constant rejection.

Comment Re:Remeber the name for the program (Score 1) 565

You have a weird notion of reading comprehension. Or you're just dumb. The 3rd Amendment says the government can't quarter soldiers in your house without the owners permission. It makes no mention of any right to home ownership.

However, the government does have a number of laws ensuring equal access to housing, and provides funds to those who can't afford shelter on their own.. so you're still not disproving my argument.

Comment Re:Remeber the name for the program (Score 1) 565

The government also has a role in ensuring everyone has a free and unrestricted ability to exercise those rights. Such as how they organize and control voting rather than letting corporations restrict voting to whomever has the best credit rating (and wouldn't certain conservatives love that).

The government also forces cable companies to provide public access channels free to the community.

So.. why can't the government force gun makers to provide a free "Liberty" gun to any citizen who wants one?

Comment Re:Remeber the name for the program (Score 1) 565

You also don't need a holy book to pray, and fermentation happens quite naturally.

The closest analogy would be voting, and the government pays for that, establishes standards for the equipment and organizes volunteers to run the service. So.. why does Smith & Wesson get to hold my right to bare arms hostage to their profit margin again?

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