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Comment Re:Wrong title (Score 1) 296

That 'soy DNA' could easily have come from the umami taste additive they use and the sample just had a particularly large amount in it. They didn't specify their sample sizes, could have just been a swab of the exterior of the meat.

They can make all the comparisons they want, if they refuse to publish their methodology then they know they done screwed up.

Fact is they wrote a poorly researched click-bait article and they're gonna have to pay.

Comment Re:Wrong title (Score 1) 296

It doesn't matter. Regardless of what so called filler used, you can tell from the different texture when it's that high a proportion. The CBC "study" is worth less than toilet paper.

For one, they had the test done at a wildlife center, not a food laboratory. Second, plant and animal cells are different sizes and contain different amounts of DNA, CBC won't release their methodology for determining percentages from their samples.

Somebody's about to get a legal footlong over a judge's desk.

Comment Re:TRS-80 (Score 1) 857

TRS-80 CoCo here. Plus I had the tape cassette drive, those weird joystick controllers and a dot matrix printer. I had to work for that tape cassette, retyping in all the programs by hand got old.

Honestly though, I had more fun playing with their BASIC than just about any other programming language.

Comment Re:News for nerds huh? (Score 1) 399

In fairness, borrowing more to spend, ie floating credit, does more to get the economy moving than saving that money. The government's goal was to spur the economy, and it worked.

Too much saving can have serious effects on your economy, which means less job growth and high unemployment. Although I do believe most Americans simply can't afford to save.

Comment Re:News for nerds huh? (Score 1) 399

Congrats! Most people see being salaried as being more secure within the company, but you're absolutely right it just means they get to work you for more hours with less compensation. Unless you're getting stock or some other kind of compensation not available to the hourly workers that overtime pay wouldn't match.

Comment Re:Lack of vacation is the big problem (Score 1) 262

Most workers have been brainwashed that their benefits are on paper only. Sure you've got 4 weeks of vacation, but if you actually use them your team lead will start noting that you're falling behind the team, not meeting performance reviews, oh we're having a round of layoffs and Bill over here invented a new form of physics that let him work quadruple time, sorry not sorry the door is over there help yourself out.

Comment Re:Public domain? (Score 1) 209

Well, it's complicated. Some of the annotations are things like trade secrets and such from contractors contributing to and being referenced by construction bills and are very much copyrightable.

I suppose the state could setup a fund and provide copies of the annotated laws for free to citizens of the state and pay the copyright holders out of the fund. Depending on demand that might not be too workable.

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