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Comment Re:Can Slashdot stop post IBM advertisements? (Score 1) 61

Meanwhile, in the real world, most systems are not CPU bound but IO bound.

Seriously. According to IBM's literature, entry-level pSeries systems do 96GBps per socket. I don't know of any Intel-based systems that can even touch that, in the price range they're talking about.

I wonder if their process synchronization/IPC is faster, too.

Comment Re:massive parallel processing=limited application (Score 1) 114

With a multiuser, multitasking OS you can have 25 different unrelated processes running on something with 25 cores.

In practice, most jobs running on a computer have some relation to each other, and the more jobs you have - and this CPU clearly expects to be able to run a lot of jobs - the more likely that will be. (Where I work, we actually have an application that gets slower when you add more cores.) Like most CPUs with high core counts, this one looks like it'll be great at compute-intensive tasks, but as soon as you try to do I/O, it'll slow to a crawl. Given the number of terabytes people are trying to process these days, I'm thinking this CPU's applications are limited

Comment Re:Funny humanity (Score 1) 105

The whole Dark Matter thing was based on the presumption that there is NO WAY that WE can't see it.

Not at all. The whole dark matter thing was based on the presumption that there is mass that we can't see and this matter that we can't see was called "dark matter".

Others may have read more into it, but the name itself betrays the real, original intent behind describing this matter that we can't see or identify.

Comment Re:It is better to not be all things (Score 1) 93

A browser cell phone doesn't need to be a calculator, a word processor, a typing instructor, a device manager, etc.

A browser/cell phone/Desktop Environment/etc doesn't need to be anything but what people want it to be. I want my cell phone to be a calculator, word processor, typing instructor, etc. And I'm perfectly happy with my browser extensions that share screens and do other stuff that is useful.

People don't buy minimalism, they buy features.

Comment Re:And hello problems (Score 5, Insightful) 274

Snaps help solve that - your program can be made into a snap with the versions of libraries it needs, while the rest of your system marches forward

That sounds a lot like the "winsxs" folder, which is currently eating up 25% of the total space on my Windows machine, for no good reason. Having the same "feature" on Linux really doesn't thrill me.

Comment Re:Oh hell no (Score 2) 216

Describing them as "death traps" is hardly fair. In truth, they are approximately as safe as driving a car. A certificated aircraft flying in VFR conditions has a death rate per hour of flight a little less than twice the death rate per hour of driving a car, and a death rate per mile of flight slightly better a car. This makes sense; they go significantly faster than a car.

And that compares a fleet of aircraft with an average age of 30 years or more, to cars with an average age of perhaps 5 years. And even on newer aircraft, very little has been changed in the last 30 years except perhaps instrumentation.

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