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Submission + - In defense of Awk 1

An anonymous reader writes: Sure, awk doesn't have a great name. But it is a great language. Awk is geared toward text processing and report generation, yet well-designed features of awk allow for serious programming. And, unlike some languages, awk's syntax is familiar, and borrows some of the best parts of languages like C, python, and bash.

Submission + - "Future Browser Feature Wish List" Voting (

Coach Wei writes: "Community voting results and a summary report have been published from OpenAjax Alliance's recent "community wishlist for future browsers" effort. When the voting closed on July 13th, 222 people participated in this open community initiative, with 143 people voted, 55 feature requests being written up, and contribution from many industry leaders. The voting indentified and prioritized 37 features. The top 10 are related to vector graphics, security, performance, layout, rich text editing, Comet, audio and video. Among all the feature requests, 2D Drawing/Vector Graphics is clearly the most desired feature by the community. It received most votes (110 people voted for it), and highest total score (over 10% higher than the second feature request). Looks like that it is time for all browsers, in particular, IE, to seriously consider supporting standards-based vector graphics..."

Submission + - Floating cities on Venus (

Geoffrey.landis writes: "Some of you may have heard me talk about colonizing Venus... Well, for those who haven't, the site Universe Today ran a story about floating cities on Venus. It's a reasonable alternative for space colonies — after all, the atmosphere of Venus (at about 50 km) is the most Earthlike environment in the solar system (other than Earth, of course)."

Submission + - Asserting our Right to Privacy (

arturov writes: "With the Democratic Party's recent failure to block the FISA Amendments Act fresh in my mind, I have been debating with friends on how to best protect our 4th amendment right to privacy. Many remain convinced that Senator Barack Obama, should he be elected president, and newly-elected Democratic leadership would reverse the current warrantless surveillance practices. If history is to serve as a guide, it seems clear that they would not. I am convinced that contacting our legislators and voting for Democrats are two of the least effective means of protecting our rights. Indeed, the most effective way of protecting our rights is by asserting them. Beyond voting and sending letters, we as Americans have the responsibility of actively protecting our rights, rather than depending on the ineptitude and conflicted interests of our elected officials. Thankfully, we have powerful tools that make this possible. This is why I promote not only opportunistic encryption, but also what I call gratuitous encryption. This means the ubiquitous advocacy and use of GnuPG, SSH, SSL, VPNs, Tor, full disk encryption, and any other such tools that we have at our disposal. Email privacy should be the main thrust of this effort. I believe that we in the technical community have a responsibility and moral obligation to inform others and equip them with these tools."

Submission + - I've reached my societal gag threshold

An anonymous reader writes: Sharing a glass of wine with my wife of 28+ years last Sunday and railing about the current state of the Union, from the TSA to Plamegate to Gitmo to Iraq to Osama to the fundamental incompetence at all levels of government that seems so pervasive in our society.

She in her singular ability to cut through to the heart of the matter says to me ....If it's that important to you then *DO* something about it or quit your bitc*ing.

Therein lays the rub. How can I and like minded individuals actually make any difference. So as a long time reader of /. I thought I'd put the question to you. What I'm looking for are concrete, reasonable, rational and most of all legal actions that can effect change. Take for example, getting your name off the No Fly list or mandating habeas corpus for all crimes or being just responsible for the actions that you cause.

Where do you start.

Feed Wired: Install Django and Build Your First App (

Django, meet Webmonkey. Webmonkey, meet Django. Django brings a web framework that allows you to easily and quickly build a professional-looking website. Webmonkey brings the tutorials to show you how to build your first one. Now that everyone is acquainted, let's build a blog and blog this party.


Submission + - Millions of dollars stolen through Citibank ATMs

UnknowingFool writes: "A number of Calinfornia 7-11 stores had their Citibank ATMs hacked and this allowed criminals to steal the PINs of Citibank customers. It is believed that the thieves have stolen millions of dollars but the exact nature of the breach has not been disclosed. The criminals were able to access Citibank's network somehow through the ATMs which run a version of Windows."

Submission + - New map IDs the core of the human brain

gerald626 writes: From the website "An international team of researchers has created the first complete high-resolution map of how millions of neural fibers in the human cerebral cortex — the outer layer of the brain responsible for higher level thinking — connect and communicate. Their groundbreaking work identified a single network core, or hub, that may be key to the workings of both hemispheres of the brain."

So basically our brain is a network connected to a hub. I wonder if I can get an upgrade to a GigE switch?

Submission + - Tesla pulls plug on New Mexico electric car plant

space_hippy writes: New Mexico just couldn't compete with CA when it came to tax cuts and other incentives for the electric car company. New Mexico had offered an estimated 7 million US dollars in tax breaks for the company to open their sedan plant in Albuquerque. California recently countered with tax incentives worth more than 9 million US dollars.

The Telsa Blog posting can be found here:

A little more detail of the deal offered by California can be found here:

The announcement from Governor Schwarzenegger's office here:

Personally I don't care for this decision, New Mexico really could use the industry.
Classic Games (Games)

Submission + - Inside the World's Largest Arcade (

TPIRman writes: "Outside a sleepy New Hampshire tourist trap sits Funspot, the world's largest arcade (according to Guinness). Funspot's stubborn refusal to get rid of its aging 1980s games eventually paid dividends as players' tastes swung toward nostalgia. Today, it is _the_ place for classic gaming. Geek Out New York visits Funspot and tells the story of "the accidental mecca" from the perspective of someone who knew it during leaner times."

Feed Science Daily: First Images Of Solar System's Invisible Frontier (

An instrument aboard NASA's STEREO spacecraft unexpectedly detected particles from the edge of the solar system last year, allowing UC Berkeley scientists to map for the first time the energized particles in the region where the hot solar wind slams into the cold interstellar medium. The region, at about 100 AU, is invisible to other telescopes, but can be mapped by detecting energetic neutral atoms, largely hydrogen.

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