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Comment Re:Whew! (Score 0) 211

You say that, and yet, despite historically great conditions the French still rose up and killed the aristocracy.

So what you're saying is that you have absolutely no understanding of history. Which is fine. But so long as you stay in that mode, consider keeping your nonsense zipped. You're just embarrassing yourself.

Comment Bandwidth consumption; no root; nonexistent patch (Score 1) 156

Are those other people unpatched too?

For one thing, patches are ineffective against a bandwidth consumption attack. For another, I'm told a lot of these attacks target Internet-exposed devices other than PCs, such as modem-routers and older smartphones. An ISP subscriber might not have authority to make and apply updates to the modem-router that the subscriber is leasing from the ISP, and the ISP might have neglected to do so. Or an update might not exist at all.

what happens when the attacker takes advantage of a vulnerability that is introduced by an update?

Is this nearly as common as an update removing a vulnerability?

Comment Would you prefer an interpreted crypto library? (Score 2) 151

And how is that different than simply #including a crypto library, which has the added bonus that you can pick any number of crypto libraries.

I can see three ways to proceed:

A built-in crypto library
This runs at full speed and is available by default to the shared hosting customer.
An add-on crypto library compiled to native code and distributed as a PHP extension
This runs at full speed but requires the shared hosting customer to convince the hosting provider to install it.
An add-on crypto library written in pure PHP
This is available by default to the shared hosting customer but can run unacceptably slowly due to interpreter overhead.

Comment Defamation of title (Score 1) 102

If I made my livelihood on selling sheet music for my own songs, a handful of incorrect takedown notices that bumped me off Google would be devastating to my business

Likewise for a handful of incorrect notices of claimed infringement sent to your ISP. You can sue the bastards for defamation of title unless the claim is that your own song is substantially similar to one of their own.

Comment Which FOSS paint program has adjustment layers? (Score 1) 156

Start now by using the same Free and Open Source Software on Windows as you will be using under Linux (to the extent that it is available on Windows).

And often it isn't.

Case in point: What free paint program for Windows or X11/Linux has a feature comparable to "adjustment layers" in Photoshop? An adjustment layer is a copy of the layers below it with some filter automatically run on it, which updates automatically whenever a layer below it changes. I couldn't find any way to make an adjustment layer in GIMP 2.8.16, which ships with Xubuntu 16.04 LTS.

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