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Classic Games (Games)

Journal Journal: My collection

Man, haven't done anything with my collection in ages.
Think it's time I started selling all those I extras and get me a pinballmachine, it's due time.
Now if I only could decide which one I want (suggestions welcome).

User Journal

Journal Journal: Hmmm

The article comments started to get more interesting to read when I began browsing them with a -5 modifier on "Funny" posts.

Then again, I'd take an insightful comment over a wise crack any day.

User Journal

Journal Journal: Friends, fans, foes and freaks

Noticed today that not only have I fans (the feeling is mutual since they are IRL friends), but also a freak that consider me a foe.
Wonder what comment sparked that one off.
Ah well, can't be loved by everybody. =)

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