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Comment Re:Rather late (Score 1) 313

FLAC is for idiots who think they have superhuman hearing.

FLAC is also for users that want to store the original audio without any losses.

You can always encode and compress the audio again to suit your purposes, but you can't go backwards from a lossy format into a lossless one.
Whether this is for permanent future compatibility or because you wish to work with, edit, mix the audio in some way is another story.

But there's no reason to support what is essentially a worldwide standard for losslessly compressed audio, except of course because it doesn't support DRM..

Comment Re:Local government mismanagement (Score 2) 93

How about doing what has been done in the US, and is being done successfully all over the world:

Let the local government own the network.

Either the local government makes their own infrastructure company for maintenance and development of the network itself, or let an established company do it.
The point being of course, that everyone can buy access and then sell services in the network. Whoever runs the network publicly document costs, and charges everyone the same, cost based, non-profit fee.

Meaning you have close to the perfect competitive environment, in a future proof network environment that will benefit the consumer/citizen AND corporations alike, no matter what the current size of the corporation happens to be.

It's proven successful, easy, fast and functional everywhere it's been tried. Why not try it yourselves?

Comment Re:Oy. (Score 1) 358

Religions aren't things you make up to get around laws in order to steal property.

So it's just something you adhere to for protection when you're caught raping children?

Why someone creates a religion or belongs to it in the first place is a complex issue.
I very much doubt their reasons are quite as lofty as we like to imagine though.

Comment Re:FUD article (Score 1) 210

Google doesn't suspend Gmail and Picasa when it disables Google+ profile, only Google+ and unfortunately Google Reader gets suspended. And in case of Dylan - well, just don't put anything resembling child porno in Picasa, and you'd be ok.

I know that this goes beyond TFA, but in the TFA the following article is linked:

Now he certainly got all his google services suspended or removed entirely, all due to an image automatically flagged on picasa. No human oversight, no appeals process or means of proving innocence. He was automatically assumed guilty and data being deleted, services terminated.

That sounds a little bit different from what you're describing.

Comment Re:Kinda walked into that one (Score 3) 210

From the article

"... found out why. A Google bot that automatically scans Picasa for illegal images flagged something Marcheschi had posted as child pornography. .....

The fact that he also broke all traces of the image now kinda makes it suspicious to me. (Not to mention that its prolly copyright infringement too, but that's unrelated).

Clearly the way you got about storing and concealing your child pornography is by creating an on line web album of it on picasa.

Also, I find it very strange indeed that Google can make these claims, highly dangerous claims to make about anyone considering what they can do to your reputation or indeed your life, and then refuse to give you a single reason why they did it. Not even a hint of a reason, just a brick wall.

It's strange how a highly public company that we trust with most of our data can act this way and get away with it, that it in fact can even be legal. There should be some form of due process or consumer right involved her that couldn't legally be signed away with a simple EULA. Free service or no free service, both parties should have certain obligations as long as they're in business. Whether that business be eyeballs for emails or any other form of relationship, especially a commercial one such as this.

Comment Re:Women Were Driven Out (Score 1) 378

So basically what you're saying is that in spite of having a society that almost in every way favors white males, as long as you can still find instances of prejudice against the favored, privileged men, inequalities is not a problem for you?

Comment Active Discouragement (Score 3, Insightful) 151

Basically what this amounts to is actively discouraging anyone in the technology sector, anywhere in the world, to do business in the USA. You're clearly showing that what works and is successful in the rest of the world is an unwanted development in your country. As someone is pointing out, this has reduced, almost eliminated the need for music piracy in a lot of European countries, which apparently isn't something you're interested in either.

On top of that, you're considering not paying the interest on the money you borrowed from the rest of the world. This would of course end people betting on your country as a safe investment. Money flowing into your economy from the rest of the world appears to be something to avoid as well. Reducing the number of people in your country that can actually pay their mortgage or stay employed at all seems to be no cause for concern either.

The only thing I can really see you doing that would cause your status as an ally and first rate investment opportunity to go into decline any faster, would perhaps be to start senseless wars that ran on for decades mainly to keep the price of oil up.

Oh wait...

Comment Re:Don't delete, archive (Score 1) 213

Because whatever's left in my inbox is a task i've yet to do. Ask tasks are done, mails are moved to an archive folder entirely unsorted which can be easily searched, often tagged in one way or the other. But my inbox remains clean and empty when my work is done.

Comment Re:It was a fun game... (Score 2, Insightful) 235

Then check out the current changes on the PTS, which is evolving every day with user feedback. They're gearing up for a very decent revamp of the RvR. Some of your points will be adressed there, some look like the will be in the not so distant future.

It won't be perfect, but it'll be another of a lot of steps in the right direction.

The game was where it should've been at launch about 6 months ago, but it took a year and a half to get there. If you ignore that time and pretend that the game is only about a year old, the game is looking pretty decent. It's still not for everyone and there's a lot of rough edges, but it's certainly worth a second shot if you're at all interested in the PvP aspect of an MMO.

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