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Comment Re:Wish they'd looked into this sooner (Score 1) 77

So if there had been some kind of Parents Advisory Council telling you to turn down the volume of your Megadeth, you'd have listened? Gimme a break, that wouldn't have happened. Meekly obeying authority figures? Shah right. "If it's too loud, you're too old" was the heavy metal motto.

Comment Cherry picking data, you say? (Score 3, Insightful) 574

My, cherry picking data to support a pre-existing conclusion? Where did anyone get that idea? Oh, right the mainstream media uses this tactic all the time.

If we were only as skeptic and hostile towards the MSM as we were towards alternative media and citizen journalists. The MSM is frightened as it has never been frightened before. People are reading the news without their hostile filter and it's a scary new world out there. What's the point of being a journalist if you can't bias reality in the guise of "providing context"? They went to J-school to change the world, not to be some kind of impartial fact recorder, like a baseball umpire calling balls and strikes.

"Media which got everything wrong will now tell you all the things that will happen as a result of the thing they said wouldn't happen."

-- Dave Rubin

Comment Re:I don't think he understands trolling (Score 0) 786

Accidentally? Where do you even get that? It's not accidental. It's a logo of "boy love". From the FBI:

Pedophiles who sexually abuse children as well as those who produce, distribute, and trade child pornography, are using various types of identification logos or symbols to recognize one another and distinguish their sexual preferences.

Seriously, go and read the memo. Accidental? Where do you come up with this shit? I mean, in the absence of other evidence it might be nothing, but when Podesta himself has an artsy, sterile bedroom with children's stuffed animals in it, more investigation is called for. He's childless, by the way. What kind of grown man keeps stuffed animals in his bedroom? Much less a top-level political operative?

That's all anyone wants, an investigation. If there's nothing there, then nobody will find anything. Judge for yourself, that's all everyone has to do. Absolutely DO NOT trust the media when they are telling you to pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

I mean, come on, look who's getting blamed for the incident - the crazy guy, or the people pushing the investigation! Use your brain! If there was nothing there they wouldn't be making such large efforts to suppress it!

Comment Re:I don't think he understands trolling (Score 0, Troll) 786

Besta Pizza's logo was one well-known to the FBI as a pedo symbol. If it wasn't incriminating, then why did they change it when it was exposed? Here's the same symbol on the The Elpida part of the Ratcliffe Foundation's website: all the way at the bottom row, first photo, the wall mural. Archived here for when it gets deleted - and why would it ever get deleted if it's not incriminating? Clearly a pedo symbol, aka "BL" aka "Boy Lover" according to the FBI. The art in Podesta's house is super-creepy and definitely pedo. See that gold one of the man bent over backwards? That's a recreation of a photo that a serial killer took after he beheaded his victim. More importantly, powerful people are telling you not to pay any attention. What should you do when this happens?

The guy is screaming for the investigation to stop. This narrative is being forwarded by the same people who brought you the fake news about the election. Who do you trust? The gatekeepers that we know for a fact are corrupt, or a bunch of independent investigators? It's one thing if the investigation turns up nothing. But it is entirely another to shriek and demand that the investigation stop, and attack the investigators. It was the "crazies from the internet" who took down Michelle Fields and her lies. Nobody is telling you to believe a crazy conspiracy theory. Just read for yourself, make your own decisions, come to your own conclusions. Don't trust the gatekeepers, they don't deserve your trust. We're in a new era of real citizen journalism and the media is scared shitless.

Comment Re:Fake News? (Score 2) 786

It's because leftists made up their own fake news as a false flag attack. Oh, and money. They make good money doing it.

"The whole idea from the start was to build a site that could kind of infiltrate the echo chambers of the alt-right, publish blatantly fictional stories and then be able to publicly denounce those stories and point out the fact that they were fiction," Coler says.

And as the stories spread, Coler makes money from the ads on his websites. He wouldn't give exact figures, but he says stories about other fake news proprietors making between $10,000 and $30,000 a month apply to him.

Comment Re:This creates the expectation of sharing locatio (Score 1) 89

Next comes a GPS fence, an area you're not allowed to leave without triggering an alarm. People will learn just to turn off their phones, so power loss will trigger an alarm too. The benefit of the doubt will be removed and suspicion will be default.

After that comes the phone that can't be turned off. People will learn to leave their phones behind, so after that comes the phone integrated into the body. At that point it won't even be called a phone any more.

Comment Re:20 million is pocket change for FB (Score 1) 58

Wow, a European showing up to point out what's wrong with America. Thanks! Where would we be without you people? If we didn't have your constant sniping and criticism, we'd be lost in a sea of positivity! Thanks again for telling us how we're wrong. It means so much, especially coming from a European.

Comment Re:In other news (Score 0) 78

It's a joke. Laugh. Another nail in the coffin for the humorlessness of the Left - as long as it involves them as the butt of the joke. They're perfectly OK ridiculing the fuck out of everyone else, up to and including the point of cruelty. Most recently Rosie O'Donnell ridiculing Trump's son. How low do you have to go?

Comment Re:Slashdot is officially worse than breitbart now (Score 1) 191

Well, the Left and the Democrats have only themselves to blame. We all know this, right? Voting for Trump was the last, desperate move of ordinary Americans whose backs were up against the wall. Hillary promised open borders, Trans-Pacific Partnership, more free trade, more H1Bs, more exporting of jobs, and everything the heartless globalist political class wanted. They were going to stick it to America and they were going to make it HURT. On November 8th Americans' vision of America was going to die, Painfully.

And why shouldn't they vote for Trump, anyway? Hillary was already a 93%, 98% favorite. At this point, what difference does it make? Go down in flames, with a protest vote. And then he won, go figure.

If you want to know how we ended up like this, please watch this video: "President Trump: How & Why...". It is a must-view for people exactly like you for how the level of political discourse got so low. It's by a leftist, so you know he's telling the truth and has been fact-checked. It's really sad what he's saying and it is all 100% true. Never forget this: Trump is all your fault. If you had just been understanding and wanted to do what was right for Americans, this would never have happened. It's going to be a long eight years and hopefully during that time you will discover compassion for your countrymen, but I doubt it.

Comment Re: Finally, the gloves will come off! (Score 2) 1055

In Alan Turing's time, homosexuality and other gender/sexual "differences" were considered to be a deviant social choice, rather than an innate biological difference. Thus, such behaviors were socially shamed, criminalized, and treated as a mental illness. When the social engineering and therapy did not work to deter such behavior, however, society slowly learned that such individuals were indeed "born that way". Thus, a period of advocacy for tolerance began...and still continues today.

The irony is that we did not seem to fully learn from those lessons. The pendulum has just gone in the other direction. Thus, in our time, being a heterosexual and masculine male is now considered to be a deviant social choice. As a result, we are seeing such heterosexual and masculine behavior increasingly being socially shamed, criminalized, and treated as a mental illness. Much like other gender/sexual orientations, however, such social engineering, punishment, and propaganda are not having a significant effect on male masculine and heterosexual behavior either. The reason being, that such men are indeed "born that way" too.

Comment Re:Yeah, but inciting people to violence (Score 1) 1055

immigrants from terrorists nations are incredibly well vetted.

So, are you living in Bizarro World where an Islamic terrorist didn't just drive a car through a crowd of people, come out slicing, and get drilled between the eyes by an alert policeman? How do you even make statements like this?

Why would any of those voters even need to come out? The media told them it was a lock for Hillary. 93%, 98% chance, so why go and stand in line for 5 hours? Oh, and isn't it racist to call them "terrorist nations"? WTF? Why is it suddenly OK when you use such horrid language, but anyone else says it gets banned?

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