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Comment Re:Tool (Score 1) 121

Put him under the rubble there and then let's have a frank discussion about it. Provided he finds a way to communicate, that is.

I am a security expert. Yes, opening your wifi carries a risk. But people are fucking DYING there, open up that damn wifi, whatever "risk" you might face when opening your wifi access point is insignificant when compared to even the most minimal chance to save a life!

Comment Re:Unacceptable! (Score 1) 121

Not only that, but why dig out those people? If there was money in digging out people the market would by now provide a solution for it, not to mention that they have every opportunity to dig them out themselves, if we keep distributing handouts people will only get dependent on outside help, but that's exactly what the nanny-state wants!

Comment Re:Lets... (Score 1) 231

No, but it would make me think if I have a flatfoot every other day, and there are people, who claim they're from the manufacturer, constantly remodeling my car without asking me first, hell, without even TELLING me what they're doing there.

Plus having a guy following me in a van who keeps taking notes where I go and checks constantly who is driving with me would give me the creeps.

Comment Re:Is this going to make media sales soar? (Score 2) 75

That doesn't even matter. What matters is the shareholder value. Allow me to explain.

What's the value of a company? Well, mostly its assets. What's the assets of a company that has no real assets but only virtual ones, i.e. "IP"? That depends on how much they control that IP and its distribution. If the distribution of the IP is possible without them getting compensated for it, the essential value is zero.

No, not in reality. In the heads of investors. Reality doesn't enter that equation.

So you won't buy anything, neither will I and most likely the crap not being available on a torrent cannot even be measured let alone noticed by looking at the sales. That doesn't matter, though. What matters is that their IP retains its perceived value and thus the shareholder value stays up.

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