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Comment Re:Who do they think is going to buy their product (Score 1) 520

Mod parent up. This is the limiting case we're heading for. Not everyone can design robots, or fix them, or be trained to, and we really don't have any smart ways of paying people who can't to just sit around and stay out of trouble, and even if we did...that money would come from...those same corps and people still creating value. They don't win in the long run without a complete re-think of how things are done. And this is from a card-carrying super-capitalist.

Comment Same credibility as a **IA-paid report (Score 3, Insightful) 136

Really, this should be obvious. Outfit that sells stuff pays for a report that says they're being ripped off - likely inflated numbers - as a background to get legislation to tax DVR owners or whatever other skim they can easy-street or litigate from. "Look, we lose x-zillion bucks from every recorder". Sound familiar? Remember the "tax" on blank CD's and so forth, since "they can only be used to pirate"? This is how the big boys operate, we should have learned long ago.

Comment Re:Bipolar transistors (Score 1) 74

Mips or flops/watt, and easy-cheap manufacture. I did some work in the real bipolar world, from discrete to ECL to - IIL (integrated injection logic, a TRW thing)....it was "hot stuff". Easier to make complimentary cmos such that you can make an inverter with just two transistors tieing the gates together - gotta drive both high and low some way. Enhancement mode CMOS is a lot easier to do that with.

Comment Re: I was born with the microprocessor (Score 2) 74

Could but usually doesn't. As the hardware was more costly and slower, and labor relatively cheaper, mainframes ran in some sense "better" code with far less bloat and frillage. An A was just an A (ascii or baudot or ebcdic) - not a picture of a letter in some font taking many times the bits to store and draw for just one example. Audio or video which were (And still are) largely irreducible to small bits/second were right out for real time use.
Mainframes had "acceleration" hardware to compensate. Line printers took a few bits and did the drawing parts (as did plotters for other uses).
Now phones and modern PCs use accelerators for crypto, audio and video codecs, and for sure, don't bit bang the screen pixels.
This leaves enough CPU, admittedly faster now - to handle crap interpreted scripts, HTML rendering...a long list of silly stuff.
And no matter how much faster CPUs get - or in a possibly more important measure now, mips/watt - rather than code efficiently and use a low power cpu, we just accept shorter battery life, as the periodic table for some reason isn't driven my Moore's law - no new more electropositive or negative elements are to be found, period. (I see what I did there). No matter how much, we still waste enough to want more for the same results.
I'm enjoying my lawn. Having started with a PDP-8s, and today just working with all of the might of intel, down to arm (pi-3) and esp-8266 and teensies, this is a new world. But you still get more out of things if you write good code than most others would.

Comment Weird times (Score 1) 524

As somebody who actually uses ESC in the way it was defined on most GUIs from the 1990-2010, namely "stop this input without commiting the change", I find that sad.

However I came to recognize that the current UI designers seems to like "forwards" and "backwards" pre-defined sequences of things to endure by the user. And so they killed the meanding of the ESC Key in the same way as they already started to make UIs which do not use system/framework element just to look a little better (supposedly) and drop the meaning of the PGUP and PGDOWN key.


Comment Re:Forbid flatrates on DSL lines (Score 1) 351

Thats the good thing: I did not state that i would define malicious traffic. Then the use has to decide. He/She pays for everything. It's like a car - the gas station does not care if your car uses to much gas due to you driving fast, the car having a problem due to bad service, or the manufacturer lying to you. They bill you for what you use, and it is in your interest to make the best use of it.

If gas would be "free" (a flatrate), people would probably leave the car running 24/7 so that they don't have to wait a few minutes until the AC has cooled it down. They also would not care if that would be the solution proposed by the manufacturer.

Comment Re:Forbid flatrates on DSL lines (Score 1) 351

The Problem with VW is: They claimed something, whic hthe customers cared about, and they lied about it. As a matter of fact they actually advertised with being environmentally friendly. If the customers did not care about the enviroment it would be a different story.

On which IoT product have seen explicit traceable claims about Security standards on the package or in the advertisements? Have you seen somebody saying: Oh, this setup procedure is safer because I understand i have to type the number on both devices to pair, so i am happily doing that? Or was it more like: "Can you believe I had to press the button for 20 seconds to set it up, worsk so much better if the app just finds everything automatically, and it's cheaper, too"

I hope you get the difference.

Comment Forbid flatrates on DSL lines (Score 1) 351

As long as data transfer on DSL lines seems to be "free" to the user, the user will not care very much about the possibility that his device is used in a DDOS attack. I believe even the prospect of a minor additional charge (e.g. $10 per year) by malicious traffic for the end user would do much good for the willingness of the user to accept inconveniences which make the IoT devices more secure against arbitrary access.

Comment Not ignore. (Score 2) 361

Good Journalism always means:
* look at the source available to you
* decide which facts you can show by these
* decide which of these facts are of public interest
* summarize these facts
* decide which of your original sources you want to show along with the facts

Comment supporting is not the same as making open source? (Score 1) 117

Is Linux "supporting" crappy compiled linux kernels or just "enabling" them?

My experience that there are crappy vendor clones of linux of (i.e. terribly hardware specific, marginally documented, buggy, not maintained), but i have never seen the crap they do being "supported" in the way that it would have made it's way into the mainline (yes, that is what "supporting" means).

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