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Comment supporting is not the same as making open source? (Score 1) 117

Is Linux "supporting" crappy compiled linux kernels or just "enabling" them?

My experience that there are crappy vendor clones of linux of (i.e. terribly hardware specific, marginally documented, buggy, not maintained), but i have never seen the crap they do being "supported" in the way that it would have made it's way into the mainline (yes, that is what "supporting" means).

Comment Re:The blame can be shared (Score 1) 680

While as a scientist i know that climate change will be observable and is clearly cause by humans, I agree with your point.

In the media there is a representation of climate science which very often exaggerates, adds own interpretations and creates unjustified causal relations between observation and hypothesis.

I for my part would always like to consider the "null hypothesis" which means that if there is a big storm (or two in a row) i should ask how unlikely this would have been to observe it without climate change? If its not unlikely then I should stop thinking about it and wait until there were enough storms until statistics (and not my gut) tells me that this is unlikely.

Comment Let me get it straigt... (Score 1) 428

Year in, year out you tell me how much taxis are overpriced (which they need to be for overcommiting and having a fixed price), and after ruining Taxi companies while singing hymns to the free market about demand and supply, you complain that rates go up when the demand peaks?

It's not like Uber said "we will make money from these bombs" it's more like "demand goes up, since people like to get away from bombs and price goes up".

Comment If we just had special programs (Score 2) 157

which run in an special protected mode of the computer and abstracts the attached HW interfaces so that a program can not control the HS directly but a well defined subset of functions on this HW by calling another program.

Lets call the first program "os kernel" and the second one "device driver", and let's call the mode of the processor "ring 0".

To be clear on it: i would hope that the monitor firmware is somehow signed. OTOH, hacking my monitor still would require to pass the device driver on the computer, so i am not terribly worried, since the 1 Billion monitors do not have a coherent interface to firmware manipulations, and the picture that a pixel "uploads code" is accurate only an very abstract level, since in most monitors these pixels probably are not processed in the memory which can execute code. Those institutions with enough programming capacities to hack these already would have had access (swapping packets at the post) before delivery to circumvent it all.

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