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Comment Trouble with physics (Score 1) 387

Excellent book about the history of moder physics by Lee Smolin.

The problem is that the Mathematical frameworks from the beginning of the last century are still being explored. Many theories sschould actually not be considered theories but rather experiments in equivalence classes of theories.

The fact that popular science jumps on every meta-theory and claims that it explains anything does not help.

Comment Re:A route to world peace? (Score 1) 138

They dont have the means. It took many thousands of man-years of highly educated mathematicians to build the capabilities of the western services.

It seems that the NSA subverted the crypto infrastructure for several decades now, and penetrated systems on many levels. Heck, the only way that i would be moderately sure that nothing really bad is hidden somewhere in the system would involve Z80s or MOS 6502.

In comparison to what the NSA does the "cyber-attacks" which most terroristic groups are capable of are like a man with a wooden stick against an aircraft carrier with it's fleet.

Comment Switch? (Score 5, Interesting) 331

I dont switch. I start to use programming languages when is see it fit and stop to use them when I see it fit. It is not a 'Everything in one language' thing. Depending on the project, languages switch positions.

1987-1990: Basic
1988-today: Assembler
1989-1993: Pascal
1990-today: C/C++
1995-2010: perl
1996-today: octave/matlab
1999-2005: Autolisp
2000-today: Java
2002-today: Python
1995-today: bash
2007-2011: tcl/tk

Comment My suggestion: (Score 1) 1144

(i know this wont prevent shootings, but it will make them much less lethal):

Weapons with enough firepower to kill humans should have a loading mechanism which requires opening and closing a number (e.g. 10) of screws manually and a 4-6 bullets maximum in one cartridge. (The idea actually comes from a safety mechanism for electrical circuits in coal mines).

For self-defense 4-6bullets are enough. For hunting, the long reloading time does not matter. On the shooting range, reloading can happen as a service/automated.

Exceptions should be allowed only for the military and the police.

Comment Re:FrAgile (Score 1) 145

As somebody who worked in agile projects:

The good side:
* If the customer had no f*****n idea what they wanted, at least they could not act like they had and the failure was due to the dev team.

The bad side:
* Instead of taking complicated issues seriously, settling to a well-defined and engineered solution, writing hundred times a variant of "hello world" was the preferred way of presenting user stories to the customer because then "we have something to show in the end of the sprint". This was going so far that the developers had to hide work on the underlying code infrastructure from the product owner.

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