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Comment If we just had special programs (Score 2) 157

which run in an special protected mode of the computer and abstracts the attached HW interfaces so that a program can not control the HS directly but a well defined subset of functions on this HW by calling another program.

Lets call the first program "os kernel" and the second one "device driver", and let's call the mode of the processor "ring 0".

To be clear on it: i would hope that the monitor firmware is somehow signed. OTOH, hacking my monitor still would require to pass the device driver on the computer, so i am not terribly worried, since the 1 Billion monitors do not have a coherent interface to firmware manipulations, and the picture that a pixel "uploads code" is accurate only an very abstract level, since in most monitors these pixels probably are not processed in the memory which can execute code. Those institutions with enough programming capacities to hack these already would have had access (swapping packets at the post) before delivery to circumvent it all.

Comment Every intelligent person (Score 5, Insightful) 517

in Britain should be freaking out about the brexit.

As a convinced European I find it highly amusing that the main "leave" campaign guys are now running away and officially stating that they have no idea what they actually planned (Yeah, we heavily lied in order to get you to approve a plan which we don't have, because it does not make any deeper sense).

I hope that the EU gives them choice between coming back without any special status, joining the Euro and the Schengen zone or remaining in "splendid isolation". In case of the latter: not terrible for the rest of the EU - one competitor is gone, and in 30 years there will be a new developing country with cheap labor.

Comment Trouble with physics (Score 1) 387

Excellent book about the history of moder physics by Lee Smolin.

The problem is that the Mathematical frameworks from the beginning of the last century are still being explored. Many theories sschould actually not be considered theories but rather experiments in equivalence classes of theories.

The fact that popular science jumps on every meta-theory and claims that it explains anything does not help.

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