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Comment Re: Actually (Score 1) 241

You didn't quite get the point I think. C is used for anything in industry, you'll be having a hard time finding a serious embedded programmer using JS for example. Inherently C allows cost effective implementation where JS doesn't stand a chance. But most of this type of use cases will never show up on github. As pointed out by others the dialects for PLCs and LabVIEW would rank pretty high if this was a true representation as well. VHDL and Verilog would also rank readonably high, but these are all use cases which are difficult to monitor. So yeah it is funny working in industry if you see these lists knowing they're heavily skewed towards hobbyists. IEEE did a fairly decent attempt though.

Comment Re:Not the point (Score 1) 209

This is why I still drag around my 2.6 kg ThinkPad on a daily basis, even after buying one of those ultra portables over half a year ago. In theory they sound fine, but the keyboard is too small to work on for any extended period of time, and the computing power is still quite limited since the battery life sucks so badly if you actually use it anyway. They also lack any sort of display connector typically, or it goes through the single USB port (and no hubs support this USB -> HDMI bullshit as far as I know) or god forbid WiDi which not a single projector seems to support. In the meanwhile my ThinkPad will run CAD software on battery for 4 hours and has an actual graphics card instead of a crappy on-board thing that chokes up on HD videos. enough ports for almost anything. And sure sometimes a piece of plastic breaks off the case, but at least it doesn't bend or twist constantly.

Comment Re:If an ISP can't "build for that" (Score 1) 180

Not really, bittorent can run high latency so you can bundle and compress packets over busy links if you must. Stop thinking circuit style network about package switched networks. It's mostly a matter of strategic investments at the right points of the links, these investments aren't necessarily expensive. But companies like AT&T their actual product is asking their users to bend over while they run away with the money, not provide good connectivity. It's funny how this issue doesn't arise in countries where the local equivalent of the FCC wasn't chained and shackled by lobby groups.

Comment Re:If an ISP can't "build for that" (Score 1) 180

Oh and on QoS, your argument is bullshit, all it does is increase latency if implemented correctly. No one notices a few extra milliseconds loading webpages or getting mail. Speed is maintained but realtime applications are given priority treatment (aka guaranteed delivery within a reasonable delay), as traffic isn't constant you can still get through more than enough data in most cases.

Comment Re:If an ISP can't "build for that" (Score 1) 180

Yes there is, it's about DSL lines. Each subscriber has a unique twisted pair copper line to the PBX. The interference between the lines near the PBX is less of an issue these days because the cards (PBX end) got very good at canceling it out. From there on its fibre (or god forbid: microwave) for whatever network topology you use. Both are trivial to extend the capacity of, it's simply a matter of will. Or did we forget about that time a large US ISP refused to extend capacity claiming cost concerns, which proceeded in them getting laughed at in public by Level3? All they needed was an interface card of a few grand and a fibre patch cable of ten bucks. And this would have solved all netflix related congestion on their network. Before you continue your lame PR campaign for AT&T realise most of us do know network topology and what the congestion points are.

Comment Re:If an ISP can't "build for that" (Score 1) 180

We both know this isn't due to lack of finances, but rather decades of mismanagement and lobying to permit such situations. The cost of the required hardware is quite minimal in the case of AT&T, it's only the will to do it that's missing. In the end its mostly the PBX end that needs upgrading if their excuse is valid, so it's not some insurmountable task. And caps don't solve this, if your network capacity is limited you lower speeds and use QoS based policies. (e.g. voip gets priority over your cat pictures.)

Comment Re:ISPs should meter only when congested (Score 1) 180

Learn the difference between peak load and subscribers times promised bandwith please. Aiming for sustained peak load simply means you statistically predict how much actual load you'll get for x customers at the busiest moments and you build for that +5% or +10% based on your datasource. This isn't exactly rockey science, every self respecting engineer can do these calculations. It simply requires you continuously monitor your network status and do preventative upgrades. You know there is even management software for ISPs that'll detect bottlenecks?

Comment Re:Alternatives? (Score 2) 249

Nah you're related to them. Or you're a butt hurt app developer, either works. You fail to grasp the difference between scooping up a dog's "business" and asking if you can throw it in the trash can or doing the same and then burying the trash can with a dump truck of shit. ES File Explorer isn't so great that it gets the right to be so abusive to their users WITHOUT WARNING. Especially the latter is completely unacceptable.

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