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Comment Re:Yet we can't build houses... (Score 4, Insightful) 152

You seem to have confused real estate with buildings. I don't think many folks would be surprised to hear that desirable real estate would continue to increase in value.

There are plenty of reasonably priced brand new homes in places you don't want to live. Telecommute or find an employer that doesn't insist on being located where a million folks want to be but there is only room for half that many.

Or wait a few years - the bubble will burst and start to blow up again.

Comment Yes. Computers aren't magic. (Score 1) 515

When I was a child, there were no computers. At least not that regular folks saw. Then in middle school there were Apple II's. And they were pretty simple and anyone (with access) could poke at 'em and make 'em do stuff. Simple stuff, but enough to get the idea.

Now everything is a computer. And most of 'em are magical black boxes. They are not approachable.

I spoke to a telemarketer a couple of years ago. When I told the young man (I'm guessing late teens) that I was a programmer, he asked "do you know any good codes?" Like making computers do things is a magical incantation. Like on TV.

So I'm in favor of very basic programming as a class. Probably not in elementary - probably middle school. Just like basic science classes. Because this is the information age - people should know how that works - at least BASICally :-)

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