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Comment Re:As a fan, I hate to say this (Score 1) 265

I know exactly what you mean. I bought the 1st movie, Benders Big Score, sight unseen, because I enjoyed the TV shows so much. Bender's Big Score was, in my opinion, not that great, so I didn't buy the 2nd movie, "Beast with a Billion Backs." I watched a borrowed copy. I was so disappointed with the 2nd movie; I will most likely watch the 3rd via Netflix.

I noticed that they just stretched everything out just a little bit. In the TV show the dialogue was fast and snappy. They had a lot to say and not a lot of time. So it came at you fast and hard. In the movie's they had plenty of time (Too much time) and everything was stretched out a little. Even the opening song had a few extra bars. It felt as though they had 60 minutes of material and 90 minutes of time.

Maybe like the Simpsons, Futurama has seen better days. God, I hope not.

Comment A log time ago in a job far, far away... (Score 1) 703

Quite a few years ago, I was working for a government agency in a temporary position. I was doing computer support for a transition team on a financial systems project. The projcect ran out of money long before the project was done and there were rumors of layoffs.

I made a list of the people who could take a joke and had a little fun. I set up all of their desktops to reboot in 15 minutes with the following popup message:

"As you know, our project has come to a close. We appreciate all the many years of service you have given this organization. Please collect all your personal belongings in a box and wait for security to escort you out of the building. Have a nice day."

I then made a cardboard sign that said "Will troubleshoot for food" and put it on the wall behind my desk.

Everyone involved seemed to have a good laugh.

Comment Re:I actually use this service ... (Score 1) 190

Obviously you are not looking at all aspects of ownership. The users of this service don't have to deal with the costs of obtaining and storing the media that the movie is on. I just got rid of over 50 DVDs of movies I had only watched once or twice. In retrospect, I would rather have kept the money I paid for these movies and rented them.

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