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Journal Journal: Trade Commission releases directory source

GCN is reporting that the International Trade Commission is releasing the source that once powered the Federal White Pages, "a phone directory of federal employees located at" The code was offered at a meeting of CALUG, a Columbia, MD based linux users group. From the article, "the code can be run from the Tomcat software, which generates a Web page and evokes a server-side Java program to do a lookup on the OpenLDAP database." It's nice to see the US government getting into the act of releasing source. Too bad there is no mention of the license it's released under.

And yet another rejected story..

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Journal Journal: Enter the Matrix

This game isn't even out at the stores yet, but if you act now, you can find it on Usenet in!

That's right! It's the pirates putting the media giants out of business!

If I was playing this game right now, I would have to say it kicks ass..

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Journal Journal: Ummm.. yea..

Hopefully no one will ask me to move down to the basement.

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