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Comment Re: So 60 Minutes... (Score 1) 153

Which is why I'm happy with the SCOTUS pick we got from Trump... Imagine, a judge that thinks he's bound to rule based on what the law says and not on how he feels about it... Judges like him will end this kind of political prosecution....

Let's just hope he isn't another Roberts.

I have great hope that the era of Planned Murderhood is over. The Left appears to be sticking with the same playbook with PP that they used during the elections that sunk Killary and with CAGW/global warming/climate change scam, so chances are excellent that they will once again shoot themselves in the foot.

  "Never interfere with your enemy when he is making a mistake." - Napolean


Comment Re:They are not government employees (Score 1) 153

Congratulations. You got your wish. Planned Parenthood is NOT publicly funded right now.

It only is reimbursed by Medicaid for (non-abortion) services as would be any other health care provider serves Medicaid patients.

Isn't accepting Medicaid dollars pretty much the same as being government funded, at least in part?

Comment Re: So 60 Minutes... (Score 0) 153

Oh yea, that's Leftist's view.. No, I didn't get the memo, I'm not on the proper distribution list.

Which is why I'm happy with the SCOTUS pick we got from Trump... Imagine, a judge that thinks he's bound to rule based on what the law says and not on how he feels about it... Judges like him will end this kind of political prosecution....

Comment Re:So 60 Minutes... (Score 1) 153

Bringing charges? Sure.. Making them stick? That will take a judge and jury... Not all charges end up in convictions. Somehow I get the impression these guys will not get convicted, though it will cost them a lot of money to defend themselves, money that will likely be donated..

In the mean time, they will drag this through the press, giving PP a repeated black eye.... I'm guessing they will say "Mission Accomplished!" when this is all done.

Comment Re: So 60 Minutes... (Score -1, Troll) 153

(On the exception to 2-party consent to recording)

And reporters

IF that is true, they are going to walk free....

You appear to be confused.

People exposing illegal actions by PP/Democrats are criminal terrorists, not reporters/journalists.

Reporters/journalists attack those who oppose PP/Democrats.

Didn't you get the memo?


Comment Re:Double standard (Score 1) 153

On you PS ---- All of the video recorded was made available for anyone to view and I've heard from folks I trust who have taken the time to watch multiple hours of this that the edited versions are NOT unfairly edited to obscure or manipulate the context of what's happening. I make no specific claim beyond that is sure seems that PP is trying to spin out of the PR damage with their "it was deceptively edited" claim, and they would be highly motivated to lie about this if the edited versions videos where accurate. Is PP lying? I think it's likely, but I have no proof to offer of that. Your mileage may vary.

Comment Re:Republicans.... (the right) (Score 3, Informative) 153

The complete sets of video is posted for all to see... You can go see for your self if PP is telling the truth if you have enough time to watch it all.

I've not see the videos, edited or not, so I don't know, but I've heard from many people I trust that the edited versions are not unfairly edited or pieced together to make PP look bad. Your mileage may vary, but I suggest anybody wishing to make authoritative claims like this not take either side's word for it but go watch the hours of video yourself.

Comment Re:So 60 Minutes... (Score 4, Interesting) 153

I'd like to point out that not everyone charged is convicted either.. But I'd like to also ask the following:

What is a journalist? If there is an exception for being a journalist, then they are going to get off because they where acting like journalists doing an investigative report on PP, which they released to the public and it became news. Sure seems like a good basis for the "We are journalists" claim to come.

Comment Re:Tradeoffs (Score 1) 495

I am in no way a populist, I am an anti-nationalist and I would prefer to see the people of the entire world doing better, so why would I be an enemy of the West? I am not UKIP, not Donald Trump, not Marine Le Pen and not Vladimir Putin.

As a libertarian, anarcho-capitalist I do not believe in building ever bigger governments though, so the smaller the better. This is a win for individual freedom, that's what it is.

Comment Re:Machines replacing bank tellers? (Score 1) 275

The mob wants to steal, that much is clear. When you are talking about 'resisting' what exactly is it you imagine people must resist? Their inability to steal from people who are better at protecting their assets today than ever before.

What exactly are the expectations? That you will come out with stones and you will get somebody to throw you a bone? That you can put together a system to steal on your behalf because you can throw stones?

I think the productive population on this planet needs to mobilise and make sure this never happens again that a mob with stones should be able to steal anything at all. Automation is the answer.

Comment Re:Two problems (Score 1) 267

Second, the US Constitution prohibits Congress from passing ex post facto laws (Article I, Section 9: "No Bill of Attainder or ex post facto Law shall be passed.") and States from passing ex post facto laws (Article I, Section 10: "No State shall [...] pass any Bill of Attainder, ex post facto Law [...]).

The US Constitution!?!?

THAT old rag!?!?

Since when has the US Federal Government given more than lip-service to anything in it when it impeded their political/ideological agendas?

There's everything from NSA domestic surveillance to 'asset forfeiture' laws. The government always finds a work-around for Constitutional limits to their authority.

There is no more Rule of Law in the US, only Rule of Men (corrupt, power-hungry men).


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