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Comment Re:Free market (Score 1) 166

Free Market, unless you want to buy medicine, then we don't let you. Funny how, in this, like so many other issues, the "conservatives" are against a free market, and the "liberals" are for the free market.

The liberals want to set drug prices in the US, the whole "allow people to buy drugs from foreign nations" is just the whip they're using to pressure the other lawmakers to allow them to set prices to avoid opening the US pharma market.

There are no "Liberals" in Congress (using the original definition of "Liberal" which derived from "Libertarian"). Those that call themselves "liberals" are actually "Progressives" and they exist in both (D) and (R) camps.

George Bernard Shaw was one of the early proponents of Progressivism (now deliberately mislabeled "liberalism").


I highly recommend that all do their own homework and do some digging into the history of the Progressive movement.


Comment Re:Hello women at these companies, (Score 2) 252

I'd rather work for a place that pays well, I'll work there for a few decades and retire.

Too bad that many employers these days don't keep employees that long. Heck at many companies you'd be lucky to make it to the point of qualifying for the health insurance/benefits package. Employee-churn helps to keep the costs of labor down when costs are driven up by government mandate.

The more that government causes labor costs to rise, the more ruthless employers will be forced to become towards the workforce in order to remain competitive, which will cause workers to grow ever-angrier & resentful towards employers. This is a good thing in the eyes of TPTB when TPTB are trying to incite class-warfare among the population as a reason to increase government power, scope, and control so as to maintain order.


Comment Re:Market Rates (Score 1) 151

The poors can get power from bicycle power or beg for power for services.

Nah, they'll simply commit crimes for money to pay for power, steal power directly with unauthorized line taps, and build generators that burn anything (wood, plastic, diesel, old tires, cooking oil, coal, anything available and burnable, basically) and pump out tons of particulates, GHGs, and other pollutants and toxins and thus make the entire situation worse all around.

People will not go without energy and if you try to stop them they'll simply go around, over, or through you to get/make what they feel they need.

Prohibition never works regardless of whether it's alcohol, drugs, guns, or energy.

Interesting fact: The US Government intentionally poisoned liquor during Prohibition and allowed it to be distributed killing between 10,000 and 50,000 people. Then there was Paraquat used on marijuana that poisoned and sickened unknown numbers of people.

The US government does not have the welfare of its' citizens as a high priority.


Comment Re:Mount Tambora (1815 volcano eruption) (Score 1) 677

They've realized that with oil being cheap, the non-oil energy sources margins are too thin, or at a loss. With an USA oil tax at the pipe line, or from imports at oil carrier ship (unless the importing country has already taxed it), would then increase oil prices, and the market would then put more money non-oil energy sources.

Higher fossil-fuel prices will also assist in reducing the numbers of old, sick, and poor (especially the poor) through attrition as the prices for heating and A/C go higher and higher and more and more deaths from heat/cold exposure and starvation (many will have to choose between food and heat/AC). Luckily it won't much affect those that matter...the rich and the politically-connected who can easily afford outrageously high energy costs.

Increasing energy costs have a very real and serious affect on the lives of people, and price increases are extremely regressive as they hurt the poorest first and worst.

Can't we come up with a solution that doesn't involve forcing poor, sick, and elderly people to die of exposure?


Comment Re:Fluffy hit piece (Score 1) 301

Rumor? Yea, call me back in November. They have zero credibility and I doubt they have anything truly earth shaking that's provable.

Not that being true is a prerequisite to do political damage to somebody...I'm sure they will drop something, but it's likely to just be some useless junk they try to spin into the news cycle at the appropriate time. It won't turn out to be anything.

Comment Re:Criminal (Score 1, Insightful) 301

I was not aware they ever did any vetting, and if they did, what their standard of care was

Of course they do vetting... They ask two questions... 1. Is it a good story (not true, just plausible is all that's required)? You can make it up as a total work of fiction, but if SOMEBODY might think it's true you meet this requirement. 2. Will it draw attention to us? It doesn't matter if it's good or bad attention.

Unless your story meets these standards, forget it.... Well, unless you are willing to pay something for it. Websites and press releases cost money you know.

Comment Re:65 million? (Score 1) 130

Just imagine how much we could accomplish with all that welfare money? (3 trillion a year).

Where are your priorities, man!?

Don't you realize that $3T is what keeps the status quo the status quo and contributes heavily to a 90%+ incumbent reelection rate?

Why, I just heard about the new program being proposed by the administration to help quell the recent riots. It's sort of a spin-off from the 'Cash For Clunkers' program.

They believe that access to safe and stylish transportation will both assist in their financial mobility but also in bolstering self esteem.

They've floated a few possible names for a vehicle giveaway program for inner-city "justice-involved" individuals at risk:

"Caddies For Baddies"

"Navigators for Violators"

"Lugs For Thugs"

"Escapes For Rapes"

They briefly considered but abandoned an identical plan with motorcycles for those involved in gun violence they considered calling "Scooters For Shooters".


Comment Re: Using Satellites to Do What Satellites Already (Score 1) 159

Some of the equipment is even capable of ssb, eh? All of the last generation of tube based transceivers from the 70s/80s had the same basic functionality as todays rigs - that certainly includes SSB, AM, CW, digital modes, slow scan TV, and some FM. Even now, most brand new high powered RF amplifiers for hams sold today are still tube based, though solid state amps are getting more popular.

Sorry, was talking to younger people that likely have no clue and think if something uses tubes it's a step above the abacus at best. I've owned walls full of all sorts of old radio gear and used to have a repair shop back when dinosaurs roamed the Earth. Usually had a table at the hamfests upon which such things as E.F. Johnson transmitters/amplifiers, Yaesu FT-series transceivers, Collins Radio gear, Hallicrafters gear, all the old classics, might be found on any particular occasion, but I almost invariably ended up going home with as much or more gear than I brought, heh!


Comment Re: What is it that you say? (Score 2) 445

I think you mean, "Uber and the like are free to compete, but we're going to hamstring them so the antiquated taxi companies can still compete, because they're an extraordinarily powerful political special interest group."

Rather, at some point citizens wanted taxi services to be well regulated, but they can longer afford the cost of regulation given competition that isn't held to the same standard.

No, people only wanted the minimum amount of effective regulations of minimum standards of safety and quality with some assurance of honest fare systems. Although very heavily regulated, taxi services have only marginally improved in the last several decades in regards to unfair/deceptive/dishonest fare structures/practices and little else.

As has been pointed out repeatedly most taxis are disgusting, smelly, rattletraps that...if they show up at all...are likely in big cities to have surly and rude drivers that may even in some cases refuse you a ride if you have a guide/companion dog or you're carrying alcohol.

The system of laws and regulations which you insist that Uber, Lyft, etc comply with have almost totally failed to solve the majority of the problems for which they were created. That's why they exist in the first place. If the current system had not failed, Uber and their like would not and could not exist regardless of if it were legal or not. There would simply not be enough demand (both drivers and riders) to make such a system viable.

Yes, Uber, Lyft, and other similar entities are a response to demand for a better system, and that's because the current system of regulations, laws, and controls have failed. Attempting to simultaneously publicly vilify and force the same system that has already failed and continues to fail on those attempting to relieve the transportation stress caused by that failed system is not a solution. It's simply screaming "Sit down and shut up!" to maintain the corrupt and broken status quo.


Comment Re:Security Cameras (Score 2) 67

That used to be true but now it's not. There's plenty of 1080p digital security hardware now. If you have enough of them even crappy old cameras are useful. They show who got into a vehicle, then some witness fingers the vehicle, etc. But now it's not unusual for a really good face shot to come from someone's security cam.

You're right in that it's not as universally true as it once was particularly with newer businesses and big-box stores etc, but among older sole proprietorships and Chapter 'S' corporations which still make up the majority of businesses and employers in the US it's still true to a great extent.

If they upgrade video security equipment it's usually because the old hardware stopped working due to age and the better stuff was what was readily available at a discount to replace it and/or the new insurance plan has stipulations regarding security systems covering minimum acceptable video quality capability (and plans and regulations vary widely from carrier to carrier and State to State, even town to town and county to county).

It's not necessarily because they're cheap or don't care, it's more a matter of being more concerned with meeting next pay-period's payroll/taxes and similar immediate and pressing business-life/death concerns that small businesses regularly face day-in and day-out.


Comment Re:Perfect Alibi (Score -1, Offtopic) 67

HRC intentionally kept State e-mails on her private server. Those e-mails are "born classified". There's your intent.

Thank you.

As someone who has worked for companies performing classified and higher projects under government contract, the excuses put out there by the shills are simply ludicrous and totally ignore decades of well-established laws and procedures regarding handling sensitive government information. Even the janitors at such facilities are briefed well enough to know what Hillary did was criminal in the extreme under multiple laws and official handling procedures.

It's obvious and blatant. If it were anyone else they'd be serving hard time. I'd feel the same about any politician of any party in a similar position who did the same things and we can talk about them too and likely largely agree, but this is here and now.

There is no more Rule of Law only Rule of Men...men (and women) who have wealth, power, connections, and hold themselves immune from the literally countless laws and regulations the masses are expected to comply with and pay a price for violating when they do not under threat of the use of deadly force with ignorance of any of the countless laws being no excuse.

That's literally countless reasons the government would use deadly force if it found it necessary to enforce compliance and/or to affect an arrest for violation if it so chose to do so, and the list grows at frightening speed. Those facts alone should frighten the hell out of any sane US citizen who was not already aware.


(My personal feelings regarding Hillary? From the looks I'd say the "Bug's" "Hillary-suit" is about done-in but it looks like she already has Will Smith flashy-thingied.)

Comment Perfect Alibi (Score 1, Funny) 67

I don't know why bank robbers and other criminals don't simply claim they were on the way to the Clinton Foundation with a bag full of foreign lobbyist's checks when they tripped and fell into a bank robbery without any intent to actually rob a bank.

I'm sure Director Comey will understand. They may even get an Ambassadorship out of the deal from Hilly!


Comment Re:Security Cameras (Score 1) 67

I read to the point where it they said photos are involved. Instantly I knew this plan would not solve anything. The major reason security cameras are totally useless, everyone knows that. Have you ever seen a security camera that took non blotchy video? Few if any security camera exists that takes clear enough video to be usable in identifying suspects.

Your mistake is in assuming that 'security cameras' are meant to take usable video. They are not. They are meant to lower insurance rates and convey a false sense of security to the general public.

None of that requires good video quality.


Comment Re:NOT "enough to power a car" (Score 4, Funny) 189

In what world is 300 litres (presumed at STP) per day of natural gas enough to power a car? Even in something rather efficient like a Honda Civic, that's still only enough for about 5 km per day, or ~2000 km per year.

[300 L/d of methane] * [0.0364 MJ/L of methane] / [34.2 MJ/L of gasoline] = [0.319 L/d of gasoline equivalent]
[0.319 L/d of gasoline] / [6 L / 100 km (fuel economy of a modern compact sedan)] = [5.32 km/d]

One wonders if they may have been better off instituting a new measurement of the relative GHG output of cars vs cows in 'cows per mile'.

I even have a spiffy abbreviation for this metric that's sure to be a hit among programmers: CP/M!


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