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Comment Re:Feminist/SJW Echo Chamber Circling The Bowl (Score 1) 140

Ah I see, you're just going to make up stuff because while I'll accept actual facts ...

Funny, there's actual facts in all those little links I posted. Strange that you don't find them to be the "right kind of facts" for you though. Which of course says a hell of a lot about what you'd believe, that being the only facts that fits your ideology and agenda are the type you'd accept.

It'd kinda like that stuff with Gamergate. You'll wholly believe the wikipedia article is accurate, but when proven how each section you quoted is factually inaccurate you ignore it, try to move the goal posts, or simply run away. When shown that the people who claimed "gamergate is harassing them" are shown to be the actual harassers, you ignore it or run away. Perhaps you should just save everyone the trouble and move to a country that still has an operating politburo.

Comment Re:Feminist/SJW Echo Chamber Circling The Bowl (Score 1) 140

Tell you what. You dispute those facts, which have pretty little pictures, and links(either directly or archived links) which prove what's in the articles to start with.

But anyone who's looked at the articles can already tell what'll happen. They disprove your point, you can't offer any proof contrary to what's being said. And you refuse to look at a countering point of view because it would hurt the narrative you've been holding onto for the last two years. That social justice and many of them that claim they're "part of that movement" are just plain terrible people who are only in it to make themselves feel good. And in the very worst cases, they do everything that they accuse those they're attacking of doing.

Comment A few obvious corrections (Score 1) 45

First, DES is 56 bit (near enough 60). Triple DES as per first mode (the authorised standard) is 168 bits. The article fails to distinguish, implying the authors are just a little bit naff. 3DES seems to be quite safe, as long as not used in DES emulation mode. And who the hell emulates a mode that was broken in the 80s?

Second, Blowfish was replaced by TwoFish, ThreeFish and Speck. Skein, an entrant to the DES3 challenge, makes use of ThreeFish.

Third, the Wikipedia page states it has been known for a long time that weak keys are bad. This particular attack, though, is a birthday attack. You can find all the ciphers vulnerable or free that you should be using. Anything not on the list is something you are solely responsible for.


In other words, this information is about as useful as telling up that Model T Fords weren't good at cornering at highway speeds. Below are some links, I can't be buggered to HTML-ify them.


I do not trust most encryption software these days, but that's because programmers these days are sloppy and arrogant.

Comment Re:Feminist/SJW Echo Chamber Circling The Bowl (Score 1) 140

No he didn't fake a tweet. Rather he tweeted something he believed to be true from another twitter user who had faked it. That guardian article, like usual is full of factual inaccuracies.

There's a fundamental difference between the two, but I'm glad that you like always ignore the rest. After all, can't let that narrative you've clung onto for two years be disproven in your mind. And those people you've been defending really were and are just plain shitty people who were unworthy of your white-knighting and were engaging in the exact thing that they claimed gamergate did. Never mind 2 years on, that there continues to be no proof of anyone in gamergate having done anything. But it continues to come out that the "non-existent anti-ggers" as you've put it in the past, really were out there doing it. Fun reminder: In that heatst article, Ian is one of the people in those logs and had a change of heart after realizing he had become that which he claimed he was fighting against.

Comment Re:Feminist/SJW Echo Chamber Circling The Bowl (Score 1) 140

Dude, you never did reply to my other post a few weeks ago that disproved all your other bullshit. Then again, kathleen cross(Quinnae) is in those logs...you know, Sarkeesian's right-hand at the time. But it's always so good when you trot out the "I don't like the facts, they show the side I have a vested interest in doing bad shit!"

Comment Re:Feminist/SJW Echo Chamber Circling The Bowl (Score 4, Informative) 140

No one is stopping you from spewing whatever inane stupidy passes for incitement commentary among your crowd. You'll be just as free to make an idiot of yourself on Twitter once these changes are in effect.

Really? You should pay more attention, because that's exactly what's happening. This is just one case of many, where there is one set of rules for one group of people and another for the "right kind of people."

Keep in mind that Milo never did that, but Leslie Jones sure did. So have several other people who were verified including a rapper, reporter, and a EiC of a magazine ...all of whom sic'd their followers on other people for engaging in wrong think. There's also another case of a person threatening a reporter with rape...for weeks(wish I could remember her name but it escapes me atm). Those are just off the top of my head. You know what the difference between them and Milo is? Milo doesn't carry the same political ideology as them. That reporter? She's a conservative. But in both cases when there are actual threats against them? Twitter has done nothing.

Disagree all you want, but when you cross into harassment then GTFO. No one is under any obligation to stand there while you abuse them.

Sure thing. Let me know when they actually start going after the actual harassers okay? You know people like Zoe Quinn, Kathleen Cross, Randy Harper, Izzy Galvez, Chris Kluwe and so on. You know, the people who claim that they're against harassment...right out there...harassing people, doxing people, and so on.

Comment Can we just get rid of it? (Score 3, Interesting) 75

The only bias I see is that for some reason, Facebook seems to think I'm in any way interested in celebrity gossip, because that's about all that ever shows up in the "Trending" section for me.

I'm interested in science and technology, but every "trending" topic I seem to see is something about what Britney Spears ate for breakfast, or whose dress Catelyn Jenner wore to the mall, or some other equally banal and useless piece of "news" about some celebrity that I don't give a crap about.

I'm not even exaggerating. My current "trending" topics include:

  • - What's coming up on Netflix next month (US Netflix, that is. I'm Canadian and watch Canadian Netflix, and we don't get the same new movies the US does, so it's even more useless)
  • - "Go topless day"
  • - Some sort of conspiracy theory about Herman Cain and Epi Pens
  • - Some nonsense about whether or not some pastor endorsed Donald Trump or not
  • - Something about some guy I've never heard of who got roasted by Twitter due to his hairstyle
  • - Five reasons to see some movie I've never heard of
  • - The 77th anniversary of The Wizard of Oz
  • - Something about Britney Spears doing karaoke

As you can see, my "trending" doesn't have a Liberal or Conservative slant -- it just has a inanely stupid slant.

"Trending" is the least useful part of Facebook, and personally I wish they'd just get rid of it altogether.


Comment I'm quite ignorant of the KKK (Score 1) 2

All I know about them is they hate blacks, Jews, and Catholics (presumably all non-protestants, but as I said, I'm ignorant). What views do they have that aren't hateful? I'm curious.

As to BLM, the entire reason that movement HAD to happen was because there really ARE people who think black lives DON'T matter, including black gangsters and bigoted whites. You have some citation for BLMers advocating hatred or violence?

Like the late humorist Will Rogers said in the 1930s, "all I know is what I read in the papers" and I have a LOT more newspapers available than he did, thanks to the internet.

Comment Re:No, but... (Score 0, Troll) 302

I'd moderate you down for posting something so stupid, but what the hell...I'll reply in stead. Conservatives already know that despite the myths that they don't. Religious conservatives on the other hand? That ranges from yes they agree that it does, to nope not at all, to varying religious reasons that they're against it.

But while we're trotting out the bullshit, how about we toss this one in the ring. It would be nice if liberals would admit that GMO crops could help the world, or Margaret Sanger was a devout racist who believed that birth control was the perfect way to fix the "negro problem." I'm sure someone will come out with but but but, yeah. Go read up on the "negro project" and then look at the history and background of both people. There wasn't an altruistic motive, they believe that negros were subhuman and the best way to fix it was to stop them from reproducing. Enjoy that eugenics ideology there guys.

Submission + - BleachBit stifles investigation of Hillary Clinton

ahziem writes: The IT team for presidential candidate Hillary Clinton used the open source cleaning software BleachBit to wipe systems "so even God couldn’t read them," according to South Carolina Rep. Trey Gowdy on Fox News. His comments on the "drastic cyber-measure" were in response to the question of whether emails on her private Microsoft Exchange Server were simply about "yoga and wedding plans."

Perhaps Clinton's team used an open source application because, unlike proprietary applications, it can be audited, like for backdoors. In response to the Edward Snowden leaks in 2013, privacy expert Bruce Schneier advised, "Closed-source software is easier for the NSA to backdoor than open-source software," in an article in which he stated he also uses BleachBit. Ironically, Schneier was writing to a non-governmental audience.

Comment Re:Stop it with the SJW crap!!! (Score 1) 679

Nice attempt at a goal post move. The issue is not GW but AGW and the the linked concepts of carbon caps and carbon taxes.

As to facts... its a big complex issue with many sub-subjects.

Do you want to go anywhere in particular?

Because if you want me to sperg on the issue, I can do it... and you're going to make an appeal to authority, I'm going to laugh at it, and then we're going to part with both of us throwing insults.

That's what happens.

So can you promise not to make an appeal to authority? Because if you can't make that promise... then I can promise how this is going to end.

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