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Comment Re: Less politics (Score 1) 106

You're basically talking "outside the norm" Steve Jobs is one of those. Can you name the CEO of AMD? FYI they're female. How about for GM? The last two GM CEO's? Last 3? Yeah, thought not(FYI out of those last 3, one was also female and was responsible for nearly bankrupting them). That's why a CEO isn't the public face of a company, and why companies promote their brand as the face of the company.

Comment Re: Less politics (Score 1) 106

... So, there's Eich representing the Mozilla brand on exactly the issue they already know he has a problem with. He doesn't get a chance to represent the foundation again, as they know they have a problem.

Thanks for proving my point. He supported Mozilla's corporate culture, and was forced out for a private opinion. In other words, Mozilla acted in a shitty way, and you support going after people who do things privately and on their own time if they don't align with your views.

Comment Re: Those who something, something (Score 3) 358

That's hardly unique to Islam. Christians in the US seem to want to force their values on everyone else too.

Considering I can drive to the US faster then you, you're doing a great job of showing how little you understand Christians in the US. You're also going to have a very hard time finding any "large group" of Christians who support pushing their values on people.

But, let's look at your side of the pond shall we? What was it most recently, 4:10 want Sharia Law in the UK. 80% believe that same-sex marriage shouldn't be allowed, and 90% believe that homosexuality should be punishable by death. Then there's the 35% or so who believe that terrorism against the west is okay. And what was it? 45% said that the UK deserved the 7/7 bombings. Something along those lines, oh and that's from muslims who weren't immigrants but were born and raised in the UK. Looks to me like you've actually got some serious problems there. Just like France, Germany, Sweden, Netherlands do. And somehow you

Comment Re: Bad Headline (Score 0) 358

Yes yes, we get it. Hillary lost, you're triggered as all hell. And you continue to fail to understand why she lost. So instead of being introspective, you've decided to double down. If you think "conservatives are destroying the US" you're doing a great job of showing you have no idea of what you're talking about, except deliciously eating all that propaganda.

I'll wait for the "up next" segment, where you claim a cartoon frog is a white nationalist hate symbol(some fine fake news there -- fyi it was a troll, but the media still reports it as fact). It was a tide of white people who elected Trump, and Trump is also Hitler.

Comment Re: Less politics (Score 1) 106

When the CEO takes a political position that alienates a significant fraction of employees, that's bad for business.

Except in his case he didn't take a political position on something. He took a person position. Unless you have actual proof, statements, his words that show this as something else. Then all you have at the end of the day is Mozilla forcing someone out because "reasons they don't like." Which is really no different then the witch hunts for wrong think.

Comment Re:Stop using cars at all. (Score 1) 177

Alright, so you live in a rural area. Even if you have to drive, you can drive a hybrid that gets >50 mpg. And that's actually better for you too, since it means you buy a lot less gas for your long commute. So you do that, right?

Hell, I live ~1.5hrs of the US border, and roughly the same from Toronto. Here's the funny thing, we had gasoline engine cars in the 90's that would easily get 50mpg, those mpg ratings dropped through the floor when they started adding ethanol to the fuel. The reality is, even where I live. Which is within range of cities with 300k, 600k, and 4m within a reasonable distance, you're still likely going driving long distances if you need medical care especially specialist care. That's not even touching on the job situations, and how messed up everything is because of high housing prices. There's half a dozen new people in my neighborhood who drive every day to Toronto because they couldn't afford it with all the taxes/fees/etc. But even spending $150/week in gas it's cheaper to drive.

Comment Censorship on the march (Score 2) 76

when is brittain planning to copy this one?

Well, Twitter is already doing it, in America too — an early bird, so to speak. But, hey, they are a private company, so we have no need to worry, right?

Well, the new generation of citizens is being accustomed to censoring selves and others in colleges — including professors — so, in 10-20 years, you'll have it world-wide, US and other elements of the British empire included.

Comment Re:Meanwhile the REAL hate... (Score 1) 1034

A dumbass Ukrainian immigrant tells a German what to do.

If you, from a nation beaten to a pulp not too long ago by an alliance including Americans (and Ukrainians), feel comfortable not only to participate in American political discourse, but call participants names and offer other "advice", why should an odd Ukrainian hold back from treating you likewise on occasion?

My grandpa was telling yours what to do in 1943, why should not I continue?

Why couldn't a Ukrainian be pointing out your stupidity and susceptibility to propaganda? Or indeed, proneness to strange perversions? (German porn is rather famous among connoisseurs!)

Seriously, this comment of yours is so typical of German society, it is funny in a way... See, in America immigrants become Americans within years. Oh, some people preserve their heritage — Ukrainian, Irish, German even — but we are American. In Pittsburgh you can buy "pierogis" on the street, but the city is as American as baseball... In Germany — and you are the latest confirmation — an immigrant remains an outsider for life. Some times even his German-born children aren't considered "fully" German.

And I'm not just talking about laws on naturalization — which are much harsher in Germany too — but acceptance by society. So, maybe, it is you, who should not be doing too much talking on matters of other countries — be it Ukraine or the United States.

Comment Re: Less politics (Score 0) 106

No. You're simply not recognizing that our actions can be free speech as well. When we do our very best to cut off all associations with a person, and to deplore their speech and actions, that is our free speech.

No I recognize it, but feel free to do that all you want. But if you find a person having an opinion that doesn't fit with yours because of the definition of "marriage" you're likely very thin skinned, especially if you want to cut off associations with a person over it.

Comment Re: Less politics (Score 1) 106

Let's put this as simply as possible: When the public face of your company actively supports a hate group, it reflects poorly on your organization. ... Of course, they did NOT force Eich out, he resigned on his own.

So Fogle was a spokesman, but Eich's wan't. Neither were supporting a hate group. The first was engaging in illegal behavior, the second had opinions that you don't like. Good job on the authoritarianism, you opening reeducation camps for wrong think next?

Really? You should go read up on that a bit more, he was forced out. And it cost mozilla a chunk of the marketshare because of their actions, which still hasn't rebounded. Oh you're right, this isn't complicated. It's far more difficult to defend speech when it's speech you disagree with, and you don't appear to have the want or desire to.

Comment Re: Less politics (Score 1) 106

He was paid spokesperson. Usually this goes to a celebrity, they tried an "everyman" who followed their plan for weight loss. Too bad he had a yen for kids.

And he was engaging in illegal behavior. Eich's on the other hand wasn't. You're going pretty gun-ho for the whole "if it doesn't reflect my views, they need to be punished" authoritarianism.

Yes, public spokespersons have to represent the brand. That's their only job.

Sure, and in the case of Eich's he wasn't the public spokesman for that brand, it wasn't even his job. So how does that translate again? Right it doesn't.

Comment Re:No you won't. (Score 1) 313

Far too simplistic. And your point doesn't seem to be correct based on the article itself. The obesity epidemic didn't start in the USA until the 90's, and there were far more factors then just "fat and sugar." The 90's also had the "children should say in side" actors spouting off all the time, coupled with the "stranger danger" garbage painted by the media. The lack of actual exercise and all that has more to do with this.

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