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Comment By the Raw Numbers, It May Be Worth a Shot (Score 1) 31

They "think they have a franchise" based on an Emoji Movie. Jesus.

Sounds goofy to me too, but Angry Birds was a smash hit for them (definitely their biggest of the year):

$349.8M The Angry Birds Movie
$239.1M Passengers (2016)
$229.1M Ghostbusters (2016)
$220.0M Inferno
$160.4M The Magnificent Seven (2016)
$140.7M Sausage Party
$119.1M The Shallows
$109.9M The 5th Wave
$46.1M Risen
$25.2M The Brothers Grimsby

It clobbered Ghostbusters (and Passengers) with less than half the budget (maybe worse after you account for marketing). The execs may not understand how horribly Ghostbusters was marketed (by openly trashing the fans), so they may well come to the conclusion (because they do understand profit loud and clear) that silly interweb franchises are way more valuable to them than beloved classic franchises (or original stories).

Submission + - NASA eyes $10 Quintillion asteroid (

kugo2006 writes: NASA announced a plan to research 16 Psyche, an asteroid potentially as large as Mars and primarily composed of Iron and Nickel. The rock is unique in that it has an exposed core, likely a result of a series of collisions, according to Lindy Elkins-Tanton, Psyche's principal investigator. The mission's spacecraft would launch in 2023 and arrive in 2030.

Comment Re: If they're smart... (Score 1) 186

You still don't get it. People don't label Trump and some of his supporters as racists and bigots.

Going by your reasoning, then democrats and people who support them are pedophiles right? After all, there are so many of them that have deep links to people like Epstein. And there's just so many articles on leftwing media sources, sites and so on in the defense of pedophiles, child porn, and so on. See how easy that works? Haven't learned a single fucking thing.

They ARE racists and bigots, it's just a statement of fact, ...

Repeatedly saying that, doesn't make it true. Then again, your definition of "racist and bigots" seems to be anybody who refuses to agree with your political ideology. Which is why the left is right there, screaming no platform. Or attacking, assaulting, or violently assaulting people for having a different point of view. It's why they're organized into groups, it's why those big "left wing" groups keep doing it too. Let's look at that "j20" or whatever it's called and what do we see? Yep, the left has an extremism problem. You know what we call that kiddies? That's right, that would be a fascist ideology.


This mistake was not countering the narrative that white males are oppressed and equality and progressive ideas have gone too far. Fear and resentment are powerful tools.

The mistake was promoting that ideology and view in the first place. The second mistake is people jumping on board to support it. The third was then implementing progressive ideas that openly supported it and claiming it was diverse. You've suddenly discovered that the rest of society really doesn't support any of the bullshit you've been peddling -- rather they simply tolerated it. Then you decided to double down, and people started going "wait, didn't they argue against this." And you gave rise to the beast that'll kill it for you, unless you do it yourself.

You enjoying your self-created extremism yet? You know what the real kicker is? You're now going to experience what it's like to be demonized, just like you've done to conservatives for decades. And it's going to be the moderates lining up to take shots at you.

Comment Re:Da fuq?!! (Score 1) 79

That's exactly what it is. It's not happening in just a few places, if you want to see how bad this gets, look at Vancouver in Canada, or Victoria in Australia. Housing prices are way-way-way above what the average person can afford. In the case in Vancouver something like 60% of them are empty as well. It's so bad, that they instituted a "foreign buyers tax" to try and stop it from happening. It's worked, kind of but not very well. If anything it's simply pushed the problem to other markets. Even here in Southwestern Ontario we see it. People get priced out of Toronto, then they go move to Woodstock, Ingersoll, Aylmer and so on. The same problem starts to happen again, except that those folks in Woodstock, Ingersoll, Aylmer and so on are earning around 1/2 to 1/3 what those people in Toronto earn.

Comment Justifying assasination? (Score 1) 186

Tump with getting elected without the popular vote + stating negative comments towards nearly anyone who didn't fully indorse him (people, corporations and countries) + have a reputation as a a bully and in general everything wrong with America.

So, if he is whacked today before taking office (and Obama appoints the next President, as CNN helpfully advised us will happen), you'll be relieved and think — perhaps even state — the murderer has done all of a us a favor?

Comment Re:Daily dose (Score 1) 61

Yes, specifically the part where it was investigated by multiple people and you rejected their findings because they didn't fit your existing narrative about senior Democrats being paedophiles.

You mean the part where it wasn't investigated by multiple people. Even to the point where a NBC investigative reporter asks the same question "why aren't police investigating this" and it's suddenly scrubbed off their website.

This is your problem every time. You reject things that contradict what you want to believe. If something doesn't support your desired truth, you just google a bit more or find a reddit board that will give you the correct evidence.

This coming from the person who holds on to the belief that gamergate is a harassment group, refuses to believe that the people he supported were the actual harassers. That nobody can tie a single GG supporter to an actual case of harassment type of stuff that you refuse to believe. That even the most ardent feminist "safety" groups who've looked are unable to find any proof. Oh the irony of that entire quote.

Comment Re: If they're smart... (Score 4, Interesting) 186

Because his supports have an IQ of a retarded ferret?

You'd think that after ~15-17 years of identity politics, labeling people as "racists, nazis, retards, bigots, sexists, etc, etc, etc" that the left would learn something. Seems to be a NOPE on that one. And it's only cost them in the US ~1200 seats of power. It's only cost them brexit. It's likely going to cost them Germany and France too. And with the shit that Trudeau and leftists are now pulling in Canada? I wouldn't be surprised if we see the death of the Liberal Party within the next 5 years. And I'll bet that instead of being introspective, people on the left are gonna double down. Just like the democrats in the US are, just like political parties, and media are in the US and Europe.

Just a FYI: The left are overrun with extremists. Whether it be people who claim they're anti-racists being racists, claiming to be anti-bigots, while engaging in bigotry. Engaging in general shitty behavior that enables a literal cultural desert because "cultural appropriation." Engaging in sexist or anti-sexual liberation ideologies. It doesn't matter. You are, where the right was ~25 years ago, when you were out there screaming about the "crazy religious right-wing nuts." Get rid of the crazies, dump the identity politics. In short: Get your shit in order.

Comment Re:Da fuq?!! (Score 3, Interesting) 79

Isn't Snapchat valued at ~25 billion?

Yep. And people don't think this dotcom bubble is going to burst anytime soon either. Then you've got stuff like Uber valued at ~68B, and blowing through 2-7B/quarter in losses. Think on that one, at 68B, they have a higher market valuation then the big-3(GM, Ford, Chrysler) automakers. And they manufacture physical products, own their own credit financing divisions.

My guess? We'll see that pop around the time that Canada's housing bubble pops. And anyone who thinks Canada isn't due for a massive housing price correction doesn't realize just how bad it is here. Here's a good kicker too, in Vancouver one of the really overly priced markets. The provincial government sets property taxes based on the "possible future valuation" of your property. There's people in industrial areas, who are going to see their property taxes go from $160k to over $1m this year and are looking to get the hell out.

Comment Re:Daily dose (Score 2) 61

Just like those same areas were under 2km of ice 7k years ago. The reality is in Alberta, most of their water isn't from glaciers, it's from the winter snow pack, and lakes built from said spring melts. The real problem with the forests in Western Canada(especially BC), isn't the cold. It's that large sections that have been cut are suffering from "yearly monoculture" planting. Which leads to less resistance to the damned bugs in the first place. Round that out with decades of thinking that no-burn policies aren't any good? Well we've got a hell of a problem now don't we. And when the thing goes up, not only does it have decades of crap on the forest floor. It's got trees that will go up like hay.

Comment Re:Daily dose (Score 1) 61

You fell for that one and many other bits of fake news hook, line and sinker, and I'm afraid it's happened again.

You mean except the part where I said there's an assload of circumstance evidence that should be looked at? Very falling for it. I still stand behind that too. You know why? One, because having been a crown witness(that's a witness for the state) in court cases(at count 13) before there's a lot of similarities between what I've seen in both. Second because of all those lovely politicians, entertainers, elites and so on that have been either caught or "found out" over it(like all those politicians you've got in the UK, and entertainers, and police covering it up) not forgetting your massive problem with child-sex grooming gangs there. You know, like Bill Clinton's 20 odd trips to Pedophile Island on Epstein's private jet. Along with all those other Washington insiders.

If Scotland actually cared, they'd use coal and use the latest scrubbing technology. Instead they're going with energy sources which like in the UK will drive electricity costs through the roof. You don't hear it hitting the "big news" anymore, but old people freezing to death in your home country because they can't afford electricity still happens quite often. They could even buy the coal from Canada if they wanted, we've got so much of it just sitting in the ground it's stupid. Hell there's parts of Canada that have so much NG that they could supply the US at current levels for nearly 100 years.

Oh, and just remember: When you try and push a "debunking video", and that person's idea of "discussion" is to not allow any? You know exactly how much faith they put into their view point. And Dan Olsen there got a visit from the RCMP for trying to find child porn to claim GG was pro-pedo, he's simply lucky he didn't get charged and got a warning instead. The definition of "child porn" in Canada is fundamentally different then in the US.

Comment Re:Daily dose (Score 1) 61

Which part of Canada is going to suffer even if temperatures rise a few degrees?

None really. But the cost of carbon taxes to keep you warm in the winter? That hits home very quickly. When your electricity prices if you're heating with that go from $0.085kWh to $0.18kWh? This is true in appt. buildings/condos and such in big cites. In many cases you can't change the thermostat if you're renting. In some cases even if you buy in with a condo because the board controls what you can use. When NG prices go up by 50% in a single year? When oil prices spike jump by $0.18/L in two months? Those all make a huge difference. That's what people are seeing in Ontario, and Alberta. Not so much in Saskatchewan or Manitoba. Both provinces which haven't followed carbon tax plans. Lot of people forget that Canada is a place of extreme temperature swings. Though it hit -42C in Alberta this winter and through most of the prairies. The coldest in the most southern part of the province so far has been -22C.

Comment Count me as one of the few 3D fans. (Score 1) 356

Count me in as one of 3D TV's few fans.

We bought our current TV a few years back (2012 or 2013 IIRC). We weren't specifically aiming to get a 3D (or even Smart) TV, however we lucked into a Cyber Monday deal that had a Sony KDL-46EX720 TV with a Sony 3D BluRay player for $750 (CDN) -- only one of three being offered in all of Western Canada. We scooped it up -- and for the most part it has been an excellent TV.

A year or so later we were able to pickup two pairs of 3D glasses while in the US (where they were half the price we could buy them in Canada for). I dove into as much 3D content as I could. Sony had at the time a great Internet "channel" in its Internet Video section which features all 3D videos, most of which were of UNESCO World Heritage sites. They were short, but those were great to watch. I'd watch 3D YouTube as well from time to time, and of course I own a bunch of 3D BluRay movies.

Unfortunately, first they shut down their 3D online channel, and then they decided not to update the set when YouTube changed its API (as I had predicted when we bought the TV, the "Smart" features wouldn't last all that long. As I said, I wasn't looking for a Smart TV. We don't use the Smart features at all anymore in favour of using our PS4 or Apple TV instead). There was never any regular 3D TV content available here in Western Canada (i.e.: no 3D broadcasts on cable or antenna), so the choice was between short Internet clips, or full blown movies.

I unfortunately missed the PS3 era; 3D doesn't work over PS Now, and there have been only a handful of 3D TV enabled games on the PS4. That was one area where 3D TV would have really shined; I regret never having had the opportunity to play ICO and Shadow of the Colossus in 3D.

My wife never got into the 3D viewing, so I'm the only one in the house who ever uses it. About the only time I get to use it is when I'm home alone, or after everyone else has gone to bed. Still, I did get Star Wars VII on 3D BluRay when it was released back in November, and have been enjoying watching it again in glorious 3D. I'll probably still buy our movies in 3D BluRay packs while I can (the 3D packs generally also come with the 2D BluRay, a 2D DVD, and a digital download copy, so they can be a really good deal), and will probably have to keep our current TV somewhere in the house for as long as it continues to function to watch them. Ultimately what did 3D TV in was the lack of content (particularly TV shows in the 30 mins - 1 hr range), the cost of the glasses (the TVs should have come with two pairs each, and not sold them as $100 each add-ons!), and general apathy towards wearing the glasses. Oh well -- it was fun while it lasted.


Comment Re:240hz (Score 1) 356

Except if I understand correctly the shutters are driven by the television itself. My version uses an external device to drive the shutters. The point is that there is little that needs to be done to make a 3d capable extened system with televisions that are still on sale.

I think the big problem would be properly synchronizing the shutter control to the screen. 240Hz is roughly only about 4ms per frame. Modern digital TVs impart a small delay between when a frame and received and when it shows up on screen. The box you propose would have to emit the signal to keep the glasses synchronized in time, however there is no guarantee that the glasses would then be in sync with the TV. You'd need either some sort of configuration system whereby the user could control the synchronization delay (which would be somewhat of a pain for end-users to setup), or you'd have to do something truly ingenious like somehow encode the sync signal into the frames themselves (current active shutter TVs generally use an IR out to sync the glasses to the screen).

I'm not saying it would be impossible, but there would be technical challenges that don't really exist when you're doing frame sync int he same physical unit that is handling the display as active 3D TVs currently function.


Comment Re:Uh, can I apply now? (Score 1) 307

Here I thought I was supposed to work hard and let my results get me places.

Nah. Now you can just game the system. The left pushed "diversity hires" really hard, so now all you have to do is claim to be "gender fluid" or state you're Trans. Maybe be male today, female tomorrow and it's all good. Just like that guy in Australia. Maybe toss in some "trans-racial" claims like you're native and see? It's so easy to do it. And if they refuse to hire you, just start screaming they're racist/sexist/bigoted or whichever and state you're being discriminated against. At this point? I fully support fucking with the entire thing and crashing it.

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