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Submission + - KDE 4.1 released -- will it be enough?

CoolHnd30 writes: "KDE has announced the release of KDE 4.1. Will it be enough to satisfy all those naysayers of the 4.0 release? While there are many new features and bugfixes in the new release, many features are still missing from the 3.5.x series. Can KDE maintain it's userbase until all features are implemented six months or a year from now even?"

Submission + - Claim is made for cheap solar at last

CoolHnd30 writes: " This CNN article states that several companies have developed a new thin film solar panel technology that "could produce electricity for about the national average of 10.4 cents a kilowatt hour." These thin film panels could be built into shingles.

The article states that their may be some concern with the durability of the thin film panels as compared to traditional solar panes. However, the CEO of one of the companies developing them claims that they've solved those issues."

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