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Comment Re:No they won't. (Score 5, Insightful) 235

If you can make it so difficult to acquire, legally, that the average person doesn't want to be involved due to the regulatory burden, congratulations, you have just restricted and/or removed the right to access that item.

Even more troubling is that you can get judges all day long that will happily violate their sworn oaths and ignore that "shall not be infringed" "recommendation" in the US Constitution and rule these "backdoor ban" tactics do not infringe by some unfathomable "logic" they pull straight out of their collective ass.

Anti-gun extremists may celebrate, but they'd better bend over because the same tactics used to go around and/or reinterpret the 2nd Amendment can and surely will be used against the others, some of which you might actually value.

First they came for the gun owners, but I owned no guns...

You know how it ends.


Comment Re:recap (Score 1) 61

I don't think Anonymous went about things the right way but they appear to be right about the problem with BCH. A BCH psychiatrist (usually the bottom of the med school barrel) invoked invasive legal provisions to kidnap a child with a medical condition diagnosed and treated by internal medicine doctors at another Boston hospital. The kid became a multiple cash stream and an injured experimental subject of BCH, as well as hostage. Both Mass and Conn became complicit in the kidnap.

After a year, BCH essentially proved the other drs right by almost killing the kid. The parents and kid were damaged far more than $300,000. The kid's health then had to be restored as best as possible by the parents' previous drs... By a jury, the actual damages would be over a million.

The real issues here involve the state "antiabuse" powers against competent and caring parents, corporate greed and persistent misbehavior (BCH), involuntary experimental subjects, medical corruption, and gunpoint medicine. BCH got off lightly, the favored historical response to kidnapping and torture is death.

How dare you bring reason and context to an 'Anonymous-bashing' party!

I agree, Anonymous should have come up with a better response, but from my assessment of the facts available, BCH knowingly acted criminally and negligently in the Pelletier case and likely in a number of others as well, and both MA and CT governments criminally colluded with BCH in abusing the child and wrongly abridging the parent's rights.

Go read up on the Justine Pelletier case. It's any parents' worst nightmare. Authority out of control.

When the powers that are supposed to protect innocent life turn to harming it, don't be surprised when groups of individuals come together to protect that life.


Comment Re:Freedom Not Allowed ! (Score 2) 151

Why don't you get your condo association to ban short term rentals? Or, get them to assess fines on the condo owner if there are neighbor complaints about noise when there's a short term renter occupying the space? Why does the government have to get involved when you have a governing body that is much closer to the problem and challenges of your building rather than a "one size fits all" solution.

Simple, because that doesn't blanket-suppress AirBnB type competition to the established players in the whole city/county/State. If AirBnB/Uber type businesses joined forces maybe they could swing more money and lobbyists than the established players in places like NYC/NYS, and then you can bet there would start being laws passed restricting hotels/motels and costing them money and business and opening the market to AirBnB type businesses.

It's all about the Benjamins to politicians and regulators, doubly-so in NY. They could not care less about your safety, comfort, or well-being unless it benefits them in some way.

The only reason AirBnB (and Uber/Lyft, etc) type businesses are growing is that government and the established players are forcing prices high enough above what the market would otherwise set that more and more people see the risks as worth it. If hotel/motel and other similar temporary accommodation businesses dropped prices and offered better quality/value, most AirBnB type activity would die on the vine. Same with Uber/Lyft vs cab companies.


Comment Re: Phone (Score 2) 235

The public is ignorant of the content of your emails. If you feel so strongly that the public should know everything, why don't you go ahead and post your username and password here so everyone can take a look. You don't want the public to be ignorant, after all.

I'm not someone seeking to become the leader of one of the most powerful nations on Earth and who is also heavily embroiled in corruption investigations. If I were the one running for POTUS I would offer up my email archives, particularly when there has been so much government/political corruption revealed.

Would you be equally outraged if it were Trump's emails revealed instead of Clinton's?


Comment Re:Leave the douchebag alone (Score 2) 235

And "international criminals" like Assange also do not need to be here if they are charged with something like distributing classified information. If there is evidence, then charge him with a crime. If there's not, leave him alone.

The 2 things that stick out to me is how they can charge an Australian citizen living abroad with violating a domestic US law, and how is it that the US based NYT was not guilty of the same basic charges in the Pentagon Papers leak publication as the ones they level at Assange.


Comment Re: Phone (Score 4, Insightful) 235

However this man is not a hero, he is a criminal trading in stolen goods - goods he stole from every American. We need to keep that in mind.

"Trading in stolen goods" eh?

Since when has theft of public ignorance been a crime?

Oh yeah, ever since we've had criminal politicians who've relied on public ignorance to avoid prosecution, that's when.


Comment Re:But . . . (Score 1) 424

Treason has a very specific definition under the US Constitution. But you're obviously not concerned with that little detail, are you?

The US government and it's politicians and bureaucrats violate the crap out of the US Constitution 500 times before breakfast and are not at all concerned with that little detail.

Why should anyone else concern themselves with that little detail? Why even bother with trials? Other gangs...Crips, Bloods, MS13, Latin Kings, etc etc don't.

At this point with the US government having abandoned nearly all pretense it is bound by the agreement between it and the people which gave it legitimacy, those gangs have the same single claim to being legitimate as the US government and which determines how large an area they control and how much control they have within their 'turf'. That is the amount of deadly force each can bring to bear on their enemies and not much else.


Comment Re:I use linux because (Score 1) 260

Instead I do everything Windowsy inside a VM on top of Linux.

So instead of maintaining one operating sytem you maintain 2.

Not necessarily.

Some VMs simply update with the rest of the host OS software applications and the win version & SP environment variables are a selectable variable within the VM application. The various virtual OS flavors in this type of VM typically do not update themselves independently.


Comment Re:Clintons Evil Knows No Bounds (Score 1) 409

The interesting thing is that this is truly a Kang v. Kodos election. Sure one is less bad than the other, but they're both terrible by historical standards. This is the election where a minor party would have a chance and yet...here we are.

The wrong lizard might get in if we voted other than (R) or (D).

Sad that the US's crowning achievement is to copy a side-gag from a sci-fi/comedy novel, even knowing beforehand it's a failed strategy as that's the joke.

People have lost so much trust in their fellow citizens (rightly or wrongly) that they don't believe it is possible for enough people to make good choices for anyone other than an (R) or (D) candidate to have any chance.


Comment Re:Hmm... (Score 1) 356

Your signature places the blame on US liberals, instead of spreading it across both parties.

No, you simply fail to differentiate between ideologies and political parties like so many tend to do, whether from ideological/political bias or just plain intellectual laziness and apathy. There are Liberal/Progressive Republicans and there are also Constitutional-Conservative Democrats (although admittedly there are very few of the latter left).

You know, if you were going to critique chess strategies one would hope you would take the time & trouble to at least learn the basics of the game beforehand.


Comment Re:Hmm... (Score 1) 356

Let's say a a reporter learns ahead of time that a guy is going to beat the crap out of his ex-wife. Are you saying it's okay for the reporter to go along and video the woman being beaten?

Because that's exactly what happened here. Goodman knew ahead of time when and where the "protesters" were going to hit. So she went along and videoed it.

They are not equivalent.

One is a straightforward case of premeditated domestic assault and battery where there is no gray area. The entire thing from beginning to end is illegal.

The other is a protest (a Constitutionally-protected activity) where there was a *possibility* of illegal conduct occurring. Who knows? Maybe if circumstances had been slightly different when the protesters arrived, nothing illegal may have occurred.

Wouldn't that "possibility" be a newsworthy item that an investigative journalist might want to show up to report on?

Gotta logic harder, bro!


Comment Re:Hmm... (Score 1) 356

i didnt know FDR was a republican

Didn't you get the memo?

They're Republicans or nebulous non-Party entities when they do stuff we disagree with and Democrats when they do stuff we agree with.

That extreme partisanship he exhibits is exactly the type of thing Washington was warning about in the portion of his farewell address I quoted earlier in a post up-thread.


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