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Comment Re:It's not the FWD that are the real problem (Score 1) 132

CR also has over the years demonstrated all manner of bias and confounding variables. I remember when they had an obsession with rotary climate controls. I also remember shaking my head in disgust reading their laptop buying guides. More recently I had to buy a washer and dryer. The top-rated models were all huge, beyond the customary footprint; IIRC capacity factored into the ratings. Which doesn't help someone with constrained physical space.

Comment Re: Why does everyone use such small TTLs now? (Score 1) 56

There's also being able to update the records and have clients use the new values sooner vs later, e.g. when infrastructure fails or to dynamically load balance. I suspect also that in 2016 we still have broken client libraries and caches that violate policies to save a few bytes. Both used to be troublesome.

Comment Re:working to offset expansion of the money supply (Score 1) 403

End corporate welfare. Stop handouts to telecom carriers that have not resulted in improvements. Most of all decimate the USDA, which is a thinly-veiled front for factory agribusiness. They are responsible for the decline in food safety and quality as well as wiping out family farms, at the same time contributing to chronic disease with their bogus dietary programs.

Comment Re:What have they got to show for it? (Score 1) 403

And from what I'm told, for many it means living in shitty apartments vs real houses, even outside of expensive cities like London. If we work more than Europeans, it's in large part because we *have* to in order to survive. The pathetic situation in Greece notwithstanding, do other European countries enforce the growing income disparity that we have in the US? I suspect not, that their economic systems do not enable the 1% dynamic.

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