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Comment Re: But I don't want to ride with others (Score 1) 124

... on the off chance you can get one of the antiques to actually stop for you, and can get the driver to not pretend he doesn't know where your destination is or how to get there. I've had just plain miserable experience with NYC cabs, worse even than anywhere else. Would be happy to see the ossified, anachronistic monopoly die.

Comment Re:No. (Score 1) 449

When I was younger, computing wasn't ubiquitous like it is today, there was a certain mystique to it. Today it's become rather banal, I'm still dismayed by URL's on friggin billboards. Back then Silicon Valley was a place; today it's a crucible. And back then we had competing Unix implementations that innovated. Today we're stuck with the pathetic immaturity of Linux :-/

Comment Re:Chrome produces high battery life on Mac (Score 1) 212

Their computer articles for years have shown both a clear Microsoft bias, yet also the lack of a basic understanding of the technology. This is really nothing different from the past. In other arenas I've seen them downrate cars for having linear vs. rotary climate controls, publish reviews where 90% of their recommended models of something were either discontinued or only available in New Yuck, or ludicrous ideas like "get the car dealer to quote your trade-in up-front". I stopped subscribing years ago out of frustration.

Comment Re: I have a remote option but go in anyway (Score 1) 250

At home I don't have to stack up random boxes to block unfiltered sunlight streaming through the wall to wall windows, nor do I have to contend with jackasses in the office who don't understand that their phone transmits sound and thus they don't have to talk loud enough to be heard directly in the next state. I also don't lose an hour in the morning, when my colleagues to the east have already been working for three hours, making myself more or less presentable and doing the drive/park dance. When I've worked in an office, any gains from this mythic in-person impromptu collaboration were dwarfed by that lost by the auditory interruptions, or the dozen trips back and forth to someone's desk trying to actually find them there. One place actually had a policy against facing the cubicle entrance, with the lame-brained idea that would be more distracting. What was distracting was constantly turning around because I *felt* like someone was standing there, or seeing the reflections of passers-by in my CRT. I slide out my filing cabinet and used it as a monitor stand anyway, to mitigate those issues. WebEx FTW.

Comment Re:How strange (Score 2) 219

This is a country where science is repeatedly faked, and where Qigong practitioners are imprisoned and harvested for organs. I've talked to people in the US who have worked for Chinese companies: - Amazon-scale expectation of uncompensated overtime - Yelling and threatening is routine and accepted - Travel expenses are not reimbursed - Ridicule of religious, spiritual, and ethical practices is tolerated and encouraged. In short, it's almost as though Trump runs them. I'm sure there are exceptions, but the above has been the consistent narrative I've heard. I've also personally experienced 3 out of 4 above from a manager from the PRC at a US company. When I didn't even report to him.

Comment Re: great news (Score 1) 238

Until your WAP dies and you send it in to Ubiquiti, and it takes three months for them to send you a replacement because they say they don't have any stock. Mine was always flaky and official firmware updates seldom. One had to troll their forums looking for pointers to slightly less infrequent beta updates. I eventually ditched the thing and got an ASUS that has worked flawlessly.

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