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Comment Re:Why not go the whole nine yards? (Score 1) 162

"Intact" can mean a variety of very different things. In the linked article, was it really blood, or a mix of fluids including who knows what? Consider how animal tissues can freezer-burn at home in just a couple of months, then extrapolate that to thousands of years. Think of DNA as floppy from decades ago -- bits can degrade at random and it *looks* intact but when you try to use it there may be enough degradation that you just read out gibberish.

Comment Re:Go to the conference (Score 1) 197

Networking is hard, though. People tend to clique with people they already know and it can be tough to break in. In the past I went to a few Sun User Group and Usenix SAGE conferences. Riveting presentations on things like the switches to cat. The booth babe phenomenon wasn't much in evidence yet. More recently went to a few OpenStack Summits. Booth babe dress was regulated but they were still there at a fair number of booths. Blew me away that booths would / could actually serve booze. Did pick up some useful tidbits, but with presentation videos going up on the web eventually one could argue that attendance isn't strictly needed. What was valuable was getting away from home for a few days, keeping my FFM's from expiring, and meeting a few vendor/community folks in person who I'd only talked to voice / electronically before. Another dynamic is that within one's company, it can be seen as a negative if one doesn't want to attend conferences, almost like it's required to be seen as keeping fresh, regardless of the cost and inefficiency. Conferences also have a certain rep for job hunting, and that's another reason I went. Many booths would have "We're hiring!" signs, but when I'd inquire I was brushed off, or told to go to the corporate job site.

Comment Re:Never give a number (Score 1) 435

Loyalty used to mean something, these days perversely it's a decided handicap. "Why after N years at SomeCo do you want to leave now?" What do I say, the truth that my "libertarian" boss stabbed me in the back? "The hiring manager is concerned that you wouldn't be able to adapt to the change". Grr. I worked for >15 years though two acquisitions. I got the above over and over and over again until I broke that up on my resume into 2-3 separate entries.

Comment Re:Never give a number (Score 1) 435

Here's another dynamic: One's employer pays fairly well, with better bonus / benefits than many companies today still offer. Said employer shuts down one's entire division a few months after saying it would be growing. Local jobs don't pay well at all, and companies with HQ's in other places cling to the idea that one can drop everything and relocate so you can sit in a room with other people and still do all work / collaboration online. Say I make $100k/year now. What's better for me, to take a job @ 95k and get buy, or not get a job at all? This is why I don't like to lead with what I'm making now.

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