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Comment Re:Pittsburgh is fine ... (Score 1) 126

Listing Seattle as affordable is also ludicrous, it's fast becoming San Francisco Norte. I suspect Redkirkland was included in those calculations, given MS's compensation everyone there can afford a McMansion. The housing price inflation covers the whole region and hits hard those who don't work for MSFT.

Comment Re: Rough edges visible miles away (Score 1) 92

Wince. Families traveling together might need divergence from optimal, but the successive waves of FFM tiers, active military who are rarely present, etc. are a bit much, especially when most travelers don't really have much of a choice what airline they fly. I've at times had gate agents hassle me about boarding with a special-needs child FFS, but salespeople who've never heard of webex? Please.

Comment Re:Only the one awful boss (Score 1) 299

A group I worked with but did not report through (think "embedded") had previously lacked a formal manager, there was an incompetent "architect" who was permitted by the director to de-facto act as one. Then they brought in a manager from a company that had previously been acquired -- a company who had lied to my employer to get them to buy them, then their shitty product was EOL'd. Guy was a QA manager, and was put in charge of an engineering / devops team that he wasn't vaguely qualified to understand. At one point this jackass remarked of a candidate from HP Helion: "Why hired from a failed company?" Shit you can't make up. So one day he had traveled to my regional office to commune with the aforementioned "architect". Did the requisite group dinner (which pre-empted my birthday), where he bragged that he had enough $ to be off work for a *year*. And how much he liked living in NJ. Those alone were red flags, plus the fact that the only thing he would eat was raw meat. Next day (Thursday) afternoon sent email asking me to do something by 8am Monday. I replied back, CCing my own boss, showing why what he asked for wasn't doable in that timeframe, and linked a couple of user stories. Dude stormed over and commanded me to follow him. Led me into a conference room and spent half an hour screaming at me: - "It thirty minutes work! You no need develop and test!" - Me working within the management-directed scrum framework was a waste of time and "running around in circles" - I was not to reply to his email, I was to go to him in person or use voice. Only. # Speculation: no paper trail that way - Slapped around a laptop, fuming about how an existing Grafana dashboard was useless. Months later he wasted a few weeks of engineer time having someone duplicate it - "You want report to me? You no report to me then you useless! I hire someone else teach them what you do and you out!" Fortunately I had just read "The No Assholes Rule" and handled the guy impeccably. Extricated myself from the room, and contacted my [awesome] boss, who ran it up the chain. Three levels of *my* management, up to VP, spoke to me directly to apologize on behalf of the company. They also talked to the perp's director, who eventually spoke to me directly. I knew the guy technically was in a difficult position and had limited expectations of the call, but even so he disappointed me. Refused to admit that the perp had done *anything* wrong. Not the screaming, not the violent actions, not the threats. Claimed the perp was the best of 15 candidates, which if true (it couldn't possibly have been) would REALLY say something about the others, they would have had to have been Trump-class unqualified. I suspect their faults were mostly ethnicity, and that picking the perp earned points for not having to pay severance. In the end the perp got only a slap on the wrist, and was force to "apologize". Which took the form only of apologizing for the first five minutes of raising his voice. Nothing else. My manager counseled me that I had done ZERO wrong and asked that I keep him informed how the perp acted, with the idea that a single instance wasn't actionable, if you get my drift, but that a repeat would demonstrate a pattern and then our director would have the ability to go nuclear and get the perp removed. Unfortunately the perp was craft and played passive-aggressive, taxing me professionally for the whole thing but never in a way that was actionable. Taking responsibility away from me, ignoring anything I said, went so far as to say that I was no good at engineering but good at ops, etc. Mind you in 3 years I'd received 36 recognition awards, and he'd received 0. Then about 9 months later the perp's whole org got riffed, and since I didn't report through them I was still around. Last I knew he had somehow landed a senior manager job in {shitty southern state} at a well-known but declining company that is known to be a hostile boys-club, and had to move.

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