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Comment Re:Now lets see. (Score 1) 1435

I decried this concentration of power in every presidency going back to Reagan. What I have learned is that nothing will dissuade the American public and their elected officials from charging headlong toward their own destruction. "Measured," "reasoned," "forethought," and "circumspect" have no application to the American political beast.

Comment Re: Not a single time traveler? (Score 1) 1435

EXACTLY! The fact that there are people that label themselves as "Democrats" and/or "Republicans" is the whole problem. I have never been able to understand the motivation of people to surrender their individuality and their identity as an American citizen to a party. Especially considering these parties obviously have a long list of people and institutions they are indebted and beholden to and who must be catered to before the problems and needs of the citizen are addressed.

Even worse, these people use their self determined position as a party member to make enemies of other Americans. All they need to hear is some inclination that someone is of a different party and they suddenly become sub-human.

In my carefully considered opinion, if you declare yourself as a democrat or republican, and you aren't one of the propagandist ring leaders that is elected to office on that ticket, you are the problem with America. Your mind is compromised and your partisanship completely obscures your rational judgement. You are a pre-emotional creature without access to the necessary logic and understanding that allows you to behave like a human should.

Comment Essentially Free (Score 1) 379

When you have a display that can handle the frame rate necessary to alternate the picture anyway... what's the cost?

By all means, stop packing 3D glasses in. Make them a separate purchase for those who want them.

But why not offer the feature for those who want it when the hardware already does everything you need and it costs essentially nothing more?

If anything, the moment for glasses is finally here. Yeah, they still suck to wear. But the next major complaint was that they darkened the picture. Yet Samsung's doubled picture brightness this year. You can have each eye blacked out half of the time and still have as bright a picture as last year's glassesless version.

So, sure, most people don't use it much. But when it's essentially free, why not check that box for the 1% who do want it?

Comment Absolutely. I never give it a second thought (Score 4, Insightful) 252

I pay for a lot of content through Dish, Netflix, iTunes, etc but if there's something I can't find there (and it happens more than I would have thought possible) then I don't even hesitate. It's 2017 and I want everything ever made and I want it at the click of a mouse or press of a button on my remote. I understand that it isn't something I'm in any way entitled to but that's how the world works a lot of the time now. Sorry.

Comment Re:liar (Score 1) 552

Just because lying to the American public and destroying government records without oversight is legal doesn't mean that doing it won't come with a shitload of consequences, not the least of which is you don't get to be the president.

It doesn't have to be criminal to be dishonest, immoral, deceitful, reprehensible, and unconscionable. This is the pitfall of lawyers practicing politics. They know exactly what they can get away with under the letter of the law. If they lack moral fiber they will push that line continually.

Comment Dear Apple (Score 2) 130

Dear Apple,

How about making products your customers actually want? Like a MacBook Pro that's actually a pro-level computer. Or, a "Cheesegrater" Mac Pro with Thunderbolt and USB 3/3.1?

See, here's the deal: no one wanted the trash-can Mac Pro. We wanted the existing model with the I/O capabilities you put in your home-user machines. But, it's too late. You've lost us. We're tired of paying premium prices for last-years already outdated technology.

And you guys are really missing the bus with your lack of VR-compatible hardware. Sure, VR might be a flash in the pan, but isn't the fact that you make NOTHING with the CPU/GPU power to support it worrying?

RatBastard, a former Mac customer.

Comment First, Ask Why (Score 1) 432

The question lists What they're doing but barely speculates as to Why, beyond "to look good."

Most people I've seen treated this way get it because they've either badly or repeatedly screwed over colleagues.

From the description, it's an environment where people don't have much trust in management/HR helping. In such a situation, where the gaslighter may well have a legitimate issue with the victim but, in the absence of legitimate channels, taking away their ability to succeed until they go away remains an apparent only choice.

So first step is to consider if you've screwed then over. Not by your definition but by theirs. If so, start by mending bridges.

Maybe it is nothing to do with the victim. Still ask why.

Maybe they're a very insecure person, despite the rockstar talents the victim perceives.

Maybe they're scared of someone less talented but younger and hotter.

Or maybe they're hurting from other bad workplace drama, a bad manager, another bullying colleague, and lashing out where they can.

Get to know them, understand them, empathize, build their trust, make yourself an ally they want to build up not tear down.

Is that fair? Should you have to work with an unfair bully?

No. Back when mommy could talk to the teacher, it wasn't fair.

But this is the real world. In a good company, management and HR will help but this apparently isn't one. That leaves leaving (hurts you), fighting (often hurts you more) or being the bigger person to ensure you succeed.

You're going to hit lots of unfair in your career. Working out how to win anyway is at least as important a skill as any technical one.

Comment Re:NIMBY in full effect (Score 0, Flamebait) 445

You disgusting ignorant pig.

You just asked "How many people were murdered for their organs?" and answered your question with "if its not a whole bunch I don't care and neither should anyone else."

Instead of blatantly declaring how uncaring and callous you are with other people's lives, why don't you just state plainly to this person you think he is a liar and that those stories are all false? If you are the totally self absorbed scumbag piece of shit you appear to be, it would be better cover. And if you're not a complete dickbag your directness won't have a chance to be taken as apologist propaganda for doctors who murder their patients for monetary gain.

Its really tough to confront how insanity and inanity look exactly alike in you humans.

Comment Re:NIMBY in full effect (Score 1) 445

There is a man on the runoff railway track and a family of 5 on the main track. A speeding train is heading toward the family of 5, which could be diverted if you pull a lever, though you will kill the man by himself on the runoff track.
What do you do?

There is a man in ICU. If you "declare him dead" his liver, heart, lungs, kidney(s), and other internal organs will save the lives of at least 5 people.
What do you do?

Comment Re:As if this is new (Score 1) 370

Rearrange the economy to one where ever increasing consumption of non-essentials is not the ultimate goal of every dollar earned and you have a good start.

Also, abolishing advertising. Also also, violently kill anyone that describes their tried and true product as New and Improved.

Comment Re:As if this is new (Score 1) 370

You would need to decouple the profit motive from automation for your idea to work, otherwise things won't get cheaper. You want to remove the profit motive from the means of production, sale, and distribution of goods and services? Introduce fascism. No, not the authoritarian idiocy that liberals throw around as a model of Nazi Germany. I mean the fascism of government and corporations amalgamating into a single entity. Only problem is that this is essentially what we have in the US now with an important distinction. The difference between fascism and corporatism is who is in control. So instead of a government controlling the corporations, like in fascism, we have the corporations controlling the government. This is corporatism.

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