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Comment Re:For them theoretically hacking a private org? (Score 1) 332

This sounds like a good time to start a new political party. I think Americans would really jump on that bandwagon.

A new party whose candidate swears to wear a body camera and live stream the whole time they are in office. The "Transparency Party."

Hey if its good enough for police its definitely good enough for politicians.

They could finance their whole campaign selling the advertising rights to bathroom breaks.

Comment Re:Facebook is not Twitter (Score 2) 313

The level of consumer data available is not comparable between the Twitter and Facebook platforms.

With Facebook you tell them everything: location, age, family size, education, background, employment, relationship, political leaning, posting style (mental state, personality type), browsing style (what links you like to click on, what bait do you take more often than not), what criteria causes you to like something, what you share with others, etc., etc., ad nauseum, ad infinitum. Most people even give them enough pictures to build a facial recognition profile of you and your closest family and friends.

With Twitter not so much. You just get echo chamber of masturbatory self-affirming re-tweets. There's not a ton of data and behavior that advertisers can sink their machine learning algorithm's teeth into. If you're a political science professor doing side research, maybe, but where's the money in that? Especially considering how the current owners have devalued their own brand but publicly suppressing certain speech, and more idiotically, certain speakers because of their political affiliation.

Apparently the answer is obvious to everyone except Twitter, as they continue to do Stupid Things with their platform.

Comment Re:Drake Equation == 1 (Score 1) 258

While we're at it lets add in:

4} We discover that consciousness is not bound to physical form and we can travel to any location, disembodied but conscious and aware.
5} We discover that all particles in the universe are subatomically entangled with each other and we can infer the position and velocity of every other particle in the universe from observing a single atom.
6} We discover that machine elves are actually aliens telling us not to leave the Earth because the rest of our galaxy is being used as an intergalactic waste dump. DMT now has a government required daily dosage.

Science fantasy is such fun! Keep it up!

Comment Obviously AI is superior to any human judgement (Score 1) 192

An AI can't make mistakes, and only ignorant Luddites with severe paranoia issues would retard process and a better world without human error and the terrible death tolls that follow when doctors are texting or drunk or ... Oh wait. That's self-driving cars. Only SDCs are perfect, I guess, though one would think SD AI doctors would be far better than humans, given the premise of SDCs. If you trust an AI to drive a car, you should trust it to diagnose your cancer. Mistakes on either's part will kill you.

Comment For me, never worked (Score 1) 291

I've tried pairing my phone to Ford cars, and it never works. It pairs, but then: zilch. It thinks it's a music player of some sort. Phone doesn't function through the car. I always carry - YES - a 3.5 audio cable and connect the phone through the headphone jack to hear music. Even THAT fails and I have to reboot the system to make it work. This among many other common failures of simple gadgets make me laugh to see self-driving cars - we are no where near ready for that level of complexity. In the real world, these toys crash constantly.

Comment Re:Microsoft... (Score 1) 291

Odd. The same comments they made could be applied to self-driving cars, which will certainly be far more buggy than the infotainment screen. Only the SDCs could actually kill you. Why people think the music player would naturally be a piece of useless crap code while the car will be an AI marvel far better than human drivers... explain this to me...

Now for the comments about paranoia, stupidity, Ludditism...

Comment Re: As it should be (Score 1) 230

This is going to be a bloody lesson in hubris. Not that believers will look. SD cars already have been in plenty of accidents; it's just our rules for finding fault were written with humans in mind. The car that hits another car is almost always at fault, per human rules, and the SDs are being hit, so therefore no "mistakes" are tallied. Further investigation would be made by the SD car company, which is biased to not find error. The problem is robots can drive so stupidly that a normal human will hit the SDC, and suck up the blame. The real stats are being fudged.

Comment Re:We're going to nuke Russia (Score 1) 396

You know who is qualified to make that call? A jury. As in "we the fucking people", you transparent shill, not some appointed bureaucrat sucking on the teat of his next employer, pre-coronation.

Your supposition about intent is a fabrication. If you don't know this you are woefully ignorant of the law and circumstances on this subject and should disqualify yourself from speaking. If you do know it, which I think you do, you're a shill as accused. Either way, you fail miserably to provide a convincing argument.

If you aren't already familiar with the non-trivial details about intent and why it is completely irrelevant to the handling of classified documents, please take a couple of minutes out of your day to enlighten yourself. It should help make sure you don't spout self-evident falsehoods in the future. Look up Naval Reservist Brian Nishimura. He was successfully prosecuted for mishandling classified documents. Intent was not an issue. Why? because the law that was broken has no regard for intent.

If the same standard applied to this Naval reservist was applied to Hillary Clinton she would be in the middle of a prosecution now. If we will hold a Naval reservist to this standard, how much more should we hold someone of a higher position?

Comment Re:At's all fun until.... (Score 4, Insightful) 404

If they are influencing our elections by providing that elusive and oft promised but ne're delivered Obamian transparency, undermining an entire administration's corrupt miscarriage of justice, and finally serving up the goods from a 10,000 unfulfilled FOIA requests, then GOOD. We need to be influenced. More influence please! Influence the shit out of me and everyone else! HARDER!!!

If exposing the truth is detrimental to one of the parties that might be something the electorate deserves to know, you know, before the election.

Besides, I ordered a shit ton of Jiffy Pop from Amazon in preparation for the culmination of this election cycle. /popcorn GO!

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