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Comment Fuck em (Score -1) 160

Besides my other sarcastic post I want it to die! Oracle is our enemy here. Thanks to Oracle it is illegal now to use wine or any API that resembles something else.

Also thanks to Oracle it is illegal to use POSIX utilities like awk, sed, grep, and even bash! Yes, if it takes the arguments and is source compatible it is copyright violation as Sco or the open group owns the syntax

Gee thanks a lot.

Even Microsoft is not that evil and is at least changing with porting PowerShell, SQL server, ms code editor, and Azure hosting. Oracle is going the other direction. Let's let Java die a horrible death and not look back as it is our new biggest enemy. They are not worthy of our time

Comment Station wagon full of DvDs (Score 1) 66

I think what they are saying is they are going to screw with your latency and data rate such that an HD movie will stutter and an SD will play.

Basically, they are going to give you unlimited bandwidth in the same sense that a station wagon full of dvds is unlimited bandwidth. Yes there's a very very long latency but when the wagon arrives the delta function is so large that if occupies the entire spectrum. Voila unlimited data with unlimited bandwidth, very high latentcy

Comment Corporatism and Facism (Score 1) 295

Where independent unions are banned.

Basically when China and Russia gave up on socialism, they created a version of capitalism in the image of what they imagined capitalism to be; not the kind of liberal society you find in advanced Western democracies with their regulated market economies and worker's rights guarantees.

Intriguingly it's almost the very definition of Fascism. Mussolini preferred the term corporatism. But either way it's a paternalistic monopoly on power run in collaboration with corporations for the benefit of the common good. The problem of course is that monopoly on power thing sometimes gets in the way of common good and pateralism. But in the short run it's always produced world beating results. Until he invaded Ethiopia, il Duce's italian miracle in the midst of the depression was the envy of the world. Even FDR sent him mash notes.

SO it's more than ironic that China diverts socialism with Communism then bypasses capitalism for fascism.

Comment Re:Is he going for irony, here? (Score 3, Insightful) 206


I think my Linux is more secure than my Windows, but honestly it only takes one exploit.

If the spooks or large organized crime want in, they're in. Small fry *may* be kept out by best practices, but I wouldn't bet on it.

Anything secret shouldn't be on a computer, let alone a computer on the internet. But then there's the eternal trade-off between security and convenience.

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