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Submission + - Is Access to Gadgets a good Measure of "Success?" ( 1

CohibaVancouver writes: "In a current article on, author Patrick Smith asks whether or not a measure of success in a poor nation is access to technology like laptops and mobile phones when people still don't have access to clean drinking water or healthcare, and sewage runs in the street. He calls out the fact that in a desperately poor nation like Guyana the government is planning to spend $30,000,000 on laptops for school children, while the people urinate in the gutters. Is it right for poor people to continue to suffer while companies like Motorola, Microsoft, Apple and Nokia make profits. Is this really an important step towards empowerment?"

Submission + - Indie Media locked out of 2010 Winter Olympics (

CohibaVancouver writes: "The Vancouver Olympic Organizing Committee ("Vanoc") is getting some flack this morning about its decision to largely exclude "Indie Media" from covering the Winter Olympics in February of 2010.

From the article here:

"None of the people who attended [the Vancouver 2010 Indie Social Media meeting] — with the exception of a Vancouver Sun reporter — will likely get official accreditation to the Vancouver Games. With only 200 accreditations to split among the country's thousands of journalists, the Canadian Olympic Committee, which is responsible for the passes, is having to ration who gets them. So far, alternative and social media outside the traditional form have been unsuccessful."

It is presumed that Vanoc in general and the International Olympic Committee ("IOC") in general is concerned about protecting its revenue streams by only accrediting "traditional" media such as broadcast television and broadsheet newspapers."


Submission + - Thieves use Social Engineering to Steal Millions (

CohibaVancouver writes: "Last month, rare-art jewelry valued at fifteen million dollars was stolen from the Museum of Anthropology in Vancouver, Canada. Today, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation is reporting that the thief or thieves likely used social engineering to pull off the heist. It seems the night of the theft, someone called the museum's security office, claimed they were from the alarm company and told the staff on duty to ignore any alarms, as they were simply 'technical malfunctions.' They then proceeded to raid the museum. Perhaps the thieves recently watched the movie 'Sneakers.'"

Submission + - The State vs Jehovah's Witnesses

CohibaVancouver writes: "There's an interesting legal battle brewing in British Columbia. In January, a woman in Vancouver gave premature birth to sextuplets. That's news in itself, but what's really interesting is that the parents are Jehovah's witnesses. Typically, in order to survive, 'preemies' need blood transfusions, and the parents have refused to allow them for religous reasons.

As a result, the state has been seizing the babies and giving them the transfusions so they have a better chance of survival. Once the transfusions are complete the babies are 'given back' to their parents.

The relationship between the parents and doctors are reported as 'strained' and now there's a court battle brewing to prevent the further seizing of the babies by the state.

Fascinating stuff. You can read more here: 07/02/01/sextuplet-transfusion-070201.html"

Submission + - Alleged Murderer Tracked via Online Dating Site

CohibaVancouver writes: "The "Vancouver Sun" newspaper is reporting an alleged murderer was tracked down and captured due in large part to his postings to the 'Plenty of Fish' online dating site.

On Saturday night he was featured on "America's Most Wanted" and a tipster reported having seen his face on the popular dating site. The site's admin was contacted and he was able to track the man down via his private messages to various women. Once his messages and a woman's messages starting originating from the same IP, the US Marshalls were able to move in. Full details are in the Vancouver Sun article here: ?id=666f9a75-6c52-4862-a746-00529b392eaa&k=83847

To quote the article:

[The sysadmin] was never served with a search warrant and voluntarily looked through Bennett and his girlfriend's message traffic. He said he wouldn't hesitate to look at a user's private messages again 'if a crime has been committed or someone is in danger.'"
Wireless Networking

Submission + - World's Longest RF Connection Up by November

CohibaVancouver writes: In British Columbia, Telus is about the deploy the world's longest over-water RF IP network, connecting the Queen Charlotte Islands with the mainland coast of BC. A series of high-capacity mountain-top data transmitters will beam Internet service 115 kilometres (nearly 72 miles) across Hecate Straight to a station at Masset on the Islands. Service will flow from the station to other points on the Islands via fibre.

More info here: er2006/20/c8229.html

Google map of Hecate Straight is here:,- 130.98999&spn=2.02426,4.493408&om=1

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