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Comment Re: Scientists and doctors.. (Score 1) 296

No, the cheapest test for whether something is viral is telling patients to never go to a doctor until after they've been sick for 10-14 days.

Are you nucking futs, Anonymous coward? I'm currently on penicillin treating strep throat. I went to the doc after 2 days with a sore throat. Pus on my tonsils was a bit of a giveaway. If I'd waited 14 days the infection would be in my ears and I'd be battling rheumatic fever...

Comment Re:How much bandwidth per plane and how meany AP's (Score 5, Insightful) 71

The legacy carriers need to massively reform, particularly United.

The *are* reforming. The majority of the flying public have made it clear that the most important thing to them is low fares. They'd love blankets and pillows and hot meals and leg room but they're not willing to pay for it - They just sort by price in Expedia and book the cheapest option.

So United and Delta and everyone else are reforming to meet that need: They offer a rock-bottom product with no services, and then allow people to buy the services they want, a la carte. Want leg room? Buy up into Economy Plus. Want a hot meal? Buy it off the menu. Want to check a bag? Pay $X. Indexed to the cost of fuel + inflation, you're still paying less today even with all the a la carte items than you were 25 years ago.

Comment Re:How much bandwidth per plane and how meany AP's (Score 1) 71

Have you seen their latest effort in the race to the bottom (sub-economy seating like Spirit)??

You mean by copying what Delta rolled out three years ago?


The services are the same as Spirit - United's 'seating' is exactly the same as it's been for years.

Comment Insert Standard Slashdot Responses (Score 5, Funny) 52

- Insert obligatory Slashdot 'electric vehicle' responses here -

[Response 1: My commute is 300 miles! As a result this electric vehicle is useless for everyone!]

[Response 2: Some electricity is coal-generated! As a result, in all jurisdictions, this car is more polluting than a 1973 VW Microbus!]

Comment Re: Apple's recent performance: Let's review (Score 2) 214

If Microsoft would only introduce the Boot Country Club feature, which would allow a Surface to run OS X, then they would have a contender.

Microsoft will happily sell you a Windows license and lets you run it on any x86 hardware you want.

Same can't be said of Apple and macOS.

Comment Re:Which movie? (Score 3, Insightful) 63

Still cheaper to get the DVD from the library, though.

The problem with DVDs from the library is they're almost always scratched and unplayable.

Yesterday my daughter took "Minions" out from the library. She started to watch it this morning. Played 45 minutes then stalled out, frozen.

It's disappointing how much people mistreat library DVDs, but they do...

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