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Comment Re:Will never happens (Score 1) 270

The actual flight part of an airplane trip may be fast, but getting to and from the airport generally is not

Only because the USA refuses to build trains. In a city like Stockholm you board a high-speed train at the airport. 20 minutes later you're downtown. Missed the train? No problem, there's another one in 10 minutes.

Comment Canadians not travelling to USA.... (Score 4, Informative) 505

More and more of my (Canadian) friends and family have made the decision to cancel discretionary trips to and through the USA in recent months.

Most people I know who are are staying away aren't doing it because of Trump's EOs or new rules that are coming. The majority are caucasian Canadian citizens, so they'd breeze right in anyway.

It's more that many Canadians that I've talked to feel that discretionary travel to the US is tacit support for Trump and his Republicans. We realize it's a drop in the ocean, but it's the only tool we have.

My wife and her friends recently cancelled a 'girl's weekend' in Seattle. I have a cousin who recently made the decision to go to Cuba in May instead of the Hawaii trip she had planned. Other friends who cancelled a Disney trip. Still others who cancelled San Diego and went to Mexico.

I also know of several people here in Vancouver who booked trips to points south and east and specifically avoided (cheaper) US carriers so they could avoid transiting the USA. They instead transited YYZ, YUL and MEX.

None of these people are radical eco-hippie-lefties. Just average Canadians who have made the decision not the travel to or through the USA.

I know, I know, anecdotal, we don't need you socialist commie Canadians anyway, Trump rules, America's great, don't let the door hit us on the way out, blah blah blah, but nevertheless that's tens of thousands of dollars deflected away from the USA right there in my little sphere, within the last month or two.

Comment Re:#MAGA (Score 1) 310

I see little reason to give a damn that Indians can't be bothered to take a shot at a first rate society while they leech ours, driving down our standard of living.

Here's the thing: One of the reasons you enjoy a privileged life in the west today is your forefathers ran roughshod over places like India, Asia, South America and the Middle and Far East - Extracting resources, using cheap labour, installing corrupt governments - You name it. America, Canada, the UK - Your way of life was built on the backs of the people in those parts of the world.

Comment Well done USA... (Score 2) 109

Jordan is one of the few beacons of hope in the Middle East - An American ally that is peaceful and provides a real example of what a mideast success story could be (if you haven't visited Jordan I encourage it - Great country).

But sure America, go and screw with them, because FREEDOM.

Comment Re:No. (Score 1) 301

From my experience it seems that the reason for most phone searches on the Canadian side are to make sure that you aren't dodging taxes when you bring something in to the country.

Actually, no. It's generally for two other purposes -

1) People who claim they are not coming to Canada to work / move here, but who are entering the country with all of their worldly belongings. The CBSA will search a phone to find emailed job offers, texts from friends saying "Have a great new life in Canada!", photos from going-away parties and calendar appointments with entries like "first day at new job."

2) Child pornography. If you're typically a single, 40ish, dweebyish, white male travelling home alone from a vacation in a region in Asia know for child sex tourism you may get pulled aside and have your phone and computer searched for incriminating pictures.

Comment Re:If the *.AA think it's bad (Score 3, Informative) 134

But how is the poor, poor metallica going to survive then? I mean god, they have to do concerts now! Won't someone please think of the poor metallica!

Hey Anonymous Coward, my brother is an author.

When someone steals an e-book of his work, how does he put bread on the table?

Should he "do" book-reading concerts?

Comment Re:Trump derangement, you have it (Score 1) 626

How the fuck do you or anyone else know that the people in question are okay?

You look at them, you interview them, and you use common sense. You interview the family of these girls - If her dad is a dentist fleeing terror then you put a tick in the "not dangerous" box: .

For God's sake, where did all this American cowardice come from? You're the strongest nation in the world. Read your Statue of "Liberty" and prove it.

And frankly, all this talk of 'safety' when it comes to suffering people is infuriating. If Trump truly wanted to make Americans "safe" he'd be pushing deep and meaningful gun control. He'd be supporting initiatives to reduce pollution and improve workplace safety in places like coal mines. He'd be pushing for clean drinking water in places like Flint, and working to improve highway safety. He'd beef up the FDA and inspect the food chain. He'd provide support to battered women and children.

...and much more.

Those are the things that make you unsafe - Not bogey-man refugee terrorists.

He demonstrates leadership in none of these things - Which proves he's not interested in keeping Americans 'safe' - He's just interested in keeping people like you scared.

Comment Re:Trump derangement, you have it (Score 1) 626

If people from all these countries are so safe that these companies consider it worth risking American lives for them

The people are safe - The countries aren't.

Why do you think families are desperate to leave Syria? Because it isn't safe. Doesn't mean the people who want to leave are unsafe.

That's why you want to hire smart people from Syria, not open an office in Syria.

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