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Comment Re:laptops on the conveyor belt (Score 1) 168

However, if 70 people are leaving their laptops behind then I am sure many others are taking the wrong bags and/or gear by accident.

I did that once. Picked up the wrong Thinkpad. Didn't notice until I was at the gate.
Opened it up to do some work...Hey, this isn't mine.
Rush back to get mine, and "Where's the dude that belongs to this one?" Oh well. Not my problem anymore.

Comment Re:Ballmer still did everything wrong (Score 1) 114

Here's what it boils down to. Microsoft looked at Apple pulling in 30% of every app in their app store and got a raging hard-on for that kind of revenue and basically sacrificed everything good about Windows to try to achieve the same thing. Of course, they totally failed and we ended up with the ugliest version of Windows in 20+ years as a result.

Comment Re:Ballmer still did everything wrong (Score 1) 114

It's funny you should mention MIPS because Windows NT used to run on MIPS, back when it was more flexible. It seems every generation of Windows becomes less flexible in some way. Nowadays, Windows can't even render the "Windows classic" skin from Windows 2000 (the only Windows theme I ever liked), which was removed from Windows 8. I guess Windows isn't powerful or flexible enough to do that kind of thing any more.

Comment Speeding ticket (Score 1) 733

Have you ever been pulled over for speeding, and the cop lets you off with a warning? Doesn't mean you weren't speeding. You know you were, the cop knows you were, the person you just passed knows you were.
And if you're the mayor of the town or other bigshot, you are even more likely to be let off with a warning, rather than getting a ticket.

Clinton got let off. Doesn't mean she didn't do it.

Doesn't matter, though. This election was decided years ago.

Submission + - China surpasses U.S. in iOS App Store revenue (

Murpatrick writes: Gaming is a large contributor to iOS revenue in China, while other prominent categories include Entertainment and Social Networking. Video streaming apps are also having a major impact on China’s Entertainment category as a whole. App Annie expects non-games will also experience revenue growth due to in-app subscriptions.

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