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This is just so sick, twisted and demented. It is a shame to see this. It really upsets me. Who would do this? This looks like it took forever to write.

APK. He doesn't have a life. But he has invested a lot of time on Visual Basic and Windows XP - he's kind of proud of that.

Comment Re:Money, money, money (Score 1) 239

The shuttle programme cost about half a billion $$$ per launch, just for 1 vehicle to LEO.

Let's assume blah blah blah

So it's about what it costs for the US War on Drugs? Sounds like a useful diversion of funds, though I'm sure that many "police" departments, uninformed people, and private prisons will disagree.

Comment Re:What kind of drugs (Score 1) 239

This only works on submarines since the sailors all want to go home one day but ad it stands Mars is a one way, survival of the fittest voyage.

You're not a fan of history are you? Or basic research? Hint: much of this planet is populated by people who either moved there - or their ancestors did (some of whom were sailors who didn't want to go home - that's why they got on the ship). And if you had been able to read original source you'd know that: return trips should be possible; no one said it was going to be a prison colony (trade?).

Comment Re:1Million People (Score 1) 239

Either way, the larger problem is figuring out how to move enough equipment and supplies to keep the colonists alive; it's doubtful that even one million people is anywhere close to enough to produce a self-sustaining ultra-high-tech society in a super-hostile environment as Musk envisions.

I suspect there may be some trade elements to the plan. No one says there won't be other traffic to Mars (and beyond).

Having just finished reading about the early years of European voyages to Australia I can see similarities - except that the Europeans were more naive about the risks and less concerned about the worst case scenarios. Come to think of it - all the early "explorers", whalers, seal hunters etc endured harsh conditions and high loss rates - but their enterprises were not for naught. Mars and beyond has the possibility of greater rewards - go West (or any direction towards the Edge). Unless you're one of the many uninformed, semi-literate, untravelled, moronic, anonymous posters who can do crap failure math to support their low self esteem - but whose lifetime experience allows for no optimism or change. Which is in itself a good reason to leave them to their future of Idiocracy.

Sign me up on the third fleet.

Comment Re:No return trips? (Score 3, Insightful) 239

I respect his ambition and his vision.

Instead of the ambition to send people in giant ships to Mars, how about the ambition to fix the God damned space ships he's got now that regularly fail to get into LEO?

If he's half the genius you are, with even a tenth of the success rate - it's possible he's thought of that. He may even, what's that word? Planned it.

Real life - it'll get you every time. I guess that's why it's an anathema to you, that and ever checking your facts.

As an inventor, Edison made 1,000 unsuccessful attempts at inventing the light bulb. When a reporter asked, "How did it feel to fail 1,000 times?" Edison replied, "I didn’t fail 1,000 times. The light bulb was an invention with 1,000 steps."

Comment Re:I recommend a lithium drip. (Score 1) 239

Just send some niggers. Their DNA was long ago denatured so they'll be fine. If not, who cares? Niggers breed even faster than they kill each other, which is astounding in and of itself. So there are plenty more where those came from. Though there are no governments to pay for the replacement niglets with welfare, I'll grant you that, so Mars may well turn out to be a hostile environment for niggers. But once again, who cares? You can spin it as a great Equal Opportunity that such a pioneering mission would be given to an all-nigger crew and the libtards will celebrate it, which is convenient. Funny how only white nations need diversity, even though white people are a small minority worldwide.

APK that is you.

Still don't get out much?

Comment Re:pylon pusk (Score 1, Funny) 239

where do i go to waste my money on this dopey scheme

Winner of the 2016 Broken Logic Award! and runner up for Moron of the Century.

  • You'd have to leave the trailer - and your chain isn't long enough (it is for your protection too).
  • Save your nickel, even if it were disinfected no one wants it. That other stuff is monopoly money - and it can't be disinfected.
  • It isn't a "dopey scheme" i.e. it'll likely work, produce tangible side-benefits, and the passenger list will be quickly filled by people real money. It's understood that you are compelled to label anything that doesn't involve Spiderman, or zombie women who not run away from you, stoopid.

You can go back to cursing Discovery Channel, mailing your packets of man-love to Donnie Dumbf, cheering Fox News, and praying for opposing thumbs now.

Comment Re:1Million People (Score 3, Insightful) 239

Sending even 100 people is pointless unless it's been proven that a handful of people can survive there. .

Sending a handful of people, and 1 of them passes away due to whatever, you've lost 20% of your workforce, and significant skills, which is likely to destroy the sustainability of your colony.

Comment Re:not limitless (Score 2) 110

If I gave them the benefit of the doubt, perhaps it was strategic: price it high enough to limit the strain on their wireless network, but then similarly not so high that those who would actually use it and need it to be reliable are screwed over. Then sod off anyone who didn't like it. Not that I'd expect them to actually come out and say something like that.

Except it did go down. It completely collapsed under the load.

I understand the need and that if everyone brought their own hotspot that it would be completely useless. But that's not the way to do it. At $200, it sounds like gouging - especially when you consider they actually did active scans for unauthorized WiFi and escorted people out.

The problem is many - first, the price appeared to be gouging. Second, active WiFi scanning - granted, they didn't jam (which was what got the hotels in trouble) but escorted you off the premises so it was technically legal. Third, they could've offered suggestions that people use hard wire (USB) tethers or built-in WWAN modems to achieve connectivity instead of WiFI Most of the people there would be using tablets, laptops, etc, many models of which have WWAN capability either built-in through USB dongles. Or a USB cable to their phones (practically all smartphones allow USB tethering)

Because right now, it appears to be gouging. Which is why the FCC is irked. I'm sure if they simply suggested other methods, politely asked anyone using WiFi to turn it off and use non-WiFi methods, etc.

Yes, a lot of wifi causes problems - Apple has had problems during their keynotes because everyone had their hotspots on, but there are many ways it can be handled without it seeming like pure greed.

Comment Re:Only when it costs them money. (Score 1) 85

Have ISPs take them offline.

If your equipment is found to be part of a DDoS attack, taking you offline removes teh DDoS, and you get the necessary incentive to fix your security. Once word gets around that having brand X VoIP/Camera/IPTV/Printer device causes you to lose internet access, people stop buying them, and at this point the manufacturer is incentiviced to fix their shit.

Comment Re:So They think they have a license for that band (Score 1) 110

They were doing no such thing. They were flat out forbidding the use of the devices.

That's what "licensing a spectrum" is! Only approved devices are allowed to use this (part of the) spectrum. It doesn't get any clearer than that. Want to use this part of the spectrum? Pay a $200 license fee.

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