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Comment Re:EU Governments need to ban Windows 10. (Score 2) 161

That's one point. There's quite some domains where it's illegal to send production data across a border, especially if the target country has lesser protections (think safe harbor). I can't see how that's magically not going to happen if Win10 is used with its spyware in place.

Let's not forget professionals with obligations of privacy, such as lawyers, attorneys, doctors etc. I don't know how e.g. hospitals can go down the Windows road, or how medical equipment can be run with this OS.

And let's not forget either that per EULA, MS Windows is not to be used in critical infrastructure - there's plenty of examples where it's used anyway, including US warships.

Comment This really is horrendous sexism (Score 1) 903

I was expecting to read one of the usual stories. The proportion of men to women wasn't 50/59 so they must be sexist; the guys don't ask look comfortable taking to me; or the guys are too familiar when talking to me. I have to say though this sounds like a good engineer facing real problems of discrimination.

Comment vanity project (Score 1) 162

Why this vanity project, whereas the same effort could probably save dozens of species from becoming extinct? If anything it will be used to argue against conservation; people with economic interests will say "we can always bring them back" just the same as they say "we can use technology to cool the climate" now.

Comment I take it he's campaigning for (Score 4, Interesting) 641

I take it he's campaigning for the reinstatement of the red flag law. Seriously how fast does he think cars should be allowed to travel of accelerate? If all were limited to 20mph then almost all accidents would be survivable (though daresay you'd get some drunk idiots driving into rivers or off cliffs even at that speed).

Comment Re:There are end-to-end messaging apps (Score 1) 216

Is there a good reason I should trust the authors of "WhatsApp"? And even if I did trust them, is there any measure of assurance that they couldn't be compelled to give up my data?

I think that there is a good deal of assurance. WhatsApp use the Signal Protocol which is open source and provides end-to-end encryption so that they never see your messages. They are using a closed-source version of this protocol, so you could worry that they have some modifications or back-doors. However because people have used third-party clients (which is against the terms and conditions) this seems unlikely, but still possible.

If you are really paranoid use the open-source Signal encryption software, verify the code, and compile yourself. You could even run your own server (the code to this is also open source), but having verified that the client gives end-to-end encryption this is not necessary.

Submission + - Wikipedia Comments Destroyed by a Few Highly Toxic Users (

An anonymous reader writes: A joint study carried out by researchers from Alphabet's Jigsaw and the Wikimedia Foundation has analyzed all user comments left on Wikipedia in 2015 in order to identify how and why users launch in personal attacks, one of the many faces of online abuse. A closer look at the data revealed that 34 "highly toxic users" were responsible for almost 9% of all personal attacks on the site.

"By comparing these figures, we see that almost 80% of attacks come from the over 9000 users who have made fewer than 5 attacking comments," the research team noted, something that's somewhat normal, as everybody tends to get mad at one point or another. "However, the 34 users with a toxicity level of more than 20 are responsible for almost 9% of attacks. Thus, while the majority of Wikipedia’s attacks are diffused infrequent attackers, significant progress could be made by moderating a relatively small number of frequent attackers," researchers concluded.

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