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Comment Been Green Before (Score 1) 142

Back before Windows 3.1 (Yes, I was running windows then, in fact I was on the 3.1 beta) there were no GPFs, they WERE UAEs (unrecoverable application errors). The screen was green

BTW, there was actually a joke on the Beta forums, when one of the Devs said "I promise you will NEVER get another UAE, but that is because we renamed them GPFs"

Comment Re:Here (Score 1) 303

Hate the Aeron, but I'm a big guy. I don't really like mesh chairs. I happen to like Bodybilt

Back when I used to get this asked all the time it was

1)Good chair
2)Good Monitor - back then, multi monitors was unknown, today I'd say monitors, and I'd say budget putting them on VESA arms
3)Good keyboard. I have a bunch of model Ms - the original IBM ones feel slightly better than the current Unicomps, even if made with the same molds/gear. Three of them are back at Unicomp right now getting cleaned/overhauled. How many companies will clean/restore a 25 year old keyboard (One has a Mfg date in 1992. another 1999, one early 2000s)
4)Good mouse, but these days, that is easy

Basically it comes down to ergonomics

Now as you are building a building, put that rack, and anything like it in it's own room/closet, and SOUNDPROOF it. You'll be shocked how much noise really effects things. It is part of the reason I build my own PCs, to put the quiet gear in, not necessarily the fastest. I don't need blazing video, a nice, relatively slow card that is silent is more important to me

I used to be an audiophile, so you would think I want super audio - nope, just background.

A quiet HVAC system if you are building your own building.

Good lighting. I've had bosses look at me strange when I show up with my own tracklight to setup what I like
Basically it is "Make your work space someplace you want to be"

Comment Re:Weddings? (Score 1) 552

Oh, and by the way, they ASK nicely for me to not take photos, I won't, and my cell phone is on mute anyway. Ask me to lock it up? That means you don't trust me enough to not use the phone when you asked me to. I really don't stay friends with people who don't trust me to honor their wishes. I'll look at whomever is saying I need to lock up the phone and say "no" - they insist, like I said, I walk out, and at this age, my gift, which is usually in the high 3 to low 4 figure check gets ripped up, and I go home. I will also tell them exactly what I felt in a nice letter, and like I said, tell their parent (who is probably the reason I'm being invited) exactly how I felt. Like I said, ask me not to take out the cell phone, no issue - tell me to lock it up means you don't trust me, fuck off

Really, as I said, it is more likely that I'll be ASKED to bring my camera, and if I know the bride/groom well enough I will. There is more than one bride out there who, in addition to the check, got my bill, and a "Paid in Full" written across it, and they have MY album displayed, not some other photographers

Comment Re:IT in schools? (Score 1) 103

I know very very few schools that even OFFER shop even as an elective (My son's school does - one section, and it is mostly an engineering design class - they spend a lot of time on FEA etc - more computer time than tool time). Offering Computers? Sure!! Mandating it? Nope.
Seriously, I also know of no school that offers Home Ec, Cheerleading, Marching Band as CLASSES - After school activities? Yes. Gym ? Yeah NYC requires it, but you'll find more than 50% of the kids don't take the required amount the law requires

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