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Comment Re:Small pox? (Score 2, Informative) 394

Unfortunately this does not parallel the smallpox eradication... smallpox was a very unique case as far as human diseases go. First, smallpox was eradicated through the use of vaccines (first produced over 200 years ago), which require only one exposure to prevent a person from getting infected. There were also numerous efforts to eradicate smallpox spanning almost 150 years, and culminating in the massive, coordinated effort from the WHO (World Health Organization, not the band) to eliminate smallpox from Africa and India in the 60s-70s.

To similarly eliminate HIV we would either need a similar vaccine, or to force every single HIV patient in the world (estimated 33-46 million) to adhere to a complicated anti-retroviral therapy for the remainder of their lives.

The situation for HIV better parallels tuberculosis, which can be effectively cured by common (and relatively inexpensive) antibiotics, but remains prevalent because the treatment regimen is quite long and requires strict patient compliance.

Also, since smallpox was eradicated by a very well studied vaccine, there was no patent holder to collect royalties...


Submission + - India's techies take to cycling

Brian Stretch writes: Even though they can easily afford new cars, techies in Bangalore find that biking is better. "Concerns over traffic conditions and the environment, combined with the sedentary lifestyles peculiar to the software sector, have all combined to promote cycling to work in Bangalore. 'After a few months, I began taking the bike to work, maybe a couple of days a week,' Mr Dasarathi says. 'Now it's an addiction... I prefer to cycle the 15km distance between home and office twice a day.'" Makes sense to me. I'd rather bike than drive, though being American I want to get a Sport Utility Bicycle. I still want an electric car too though. Hat tip: getDowntown.

Submission + - AMD Shows Innovative, Low Power Hybrid CrossFire (

MojoKid writes: "Just before its Financial Analyst Day in New York City yesterday, AMD showed off some new CrossFire-related technology which marries next-generation integrated graphics processors (IGP) and entry-level discreet graphics cards for increased performance and functionality in a Hybrid CrossFire mode. AMD's upcoming RS780 motherboard chipset will feature an integrated graphics core that is largely unchanged from current Radeon HD 2400 discrete cards, for up to four times the performance of current IGP offerings. Couple an RS780 with a single, next-gen Radeon HD 3400 series card in Hybrid CrossFire mode, however, and the performance increases even further. In addition, when the IGP is used to power the display, and a 3D application isn't running, the discreet graphics card can be almost totally shut down, which will reduce power consumption considerably. Finally, the chipset itself is said to consume a maximum of only 20W."

Submission + - Original KDE3 vs. KDE4 Memory Comparison Debunked (

An anonymous reader writes: The author of the original KDE 3.5 vs KDE 4.0 memory comparison, which indicated that KDE 4.0 used less memory than the KDE 3.5 series, has come out with a more accurate benchmark. In reality, KDE 4.0 uses 110 MB more memory than KDE 3.5.8. This was no surprise to many KDE developers, who saw many mistakes in the way the original results were obtained. However, given the new composite window manager, Plasma/Oxygen bling, and numerous new features, the extra memory consumption is probably well worth it!

Submission + - Dell: You cannot use MS Vol Lic. on Open Source PC ( 2

An anonymous reader writes: Dell says you can't use your existing Microsoft Volume Licensing on its line of Open Source notebook computers. They go on to say, "Customers interested in a Microsoft® Windows® solution should purchase a Dell notebook pre-loaded with Windows XP Professional."

What good is volume licensing if you have to buy a computer that already has a license?


Submission + - Captain Kidd's ship found

An anonymous reader writes: The wreckage of the Quedagh Merchant, abandoned by Captain Kidd in the 17th century, has been found by the underwater archaeology team from Indiana University. Charles Beeker of IU said his team has been licensed to study the wreckage and convert the site into an underwater preserve for the public. It is remarkable that the wreck has remained undiscovered all these years given its location, just 70 feet off the coast of Catalina Island in the Dominican Republic in less than 10 feet of seawater. "I've been on literally thousands of shipwrecks in my career," Beeker said. "This is one of the first sites I've been on where I haven't seen any looting. We've got a shipwreck in crystal clear, pristine water that's amazingly untouched. We want to keep it that way, so we made the announcement now to ensure the site's protection from looters." The find is valuable because of what it could reveal about William Kidd and piracy in the Caribbean, said John Foster, California's state underwater archaeologist, who is participating in the research. Historians differ on whether Kidd was actually a pirate or a privateer — someone who captured pirates. After his conviction of piracy and murder charges in a sensational London trial, he was left to hang over the River Thames for two years. Historians write that Kidd captured the Quedagh Merchant, loaded with valuable satins and silks, gold, silver and other East Indian merchandise, but left the ship in the Caribbean as he sailed to New York on a less conspicuous sloop to clear his name of the criminal charges. IU Anthropologist Geoffrey Conrad said the men Kidd entrusted with his ship reportedly looted it and then set it ablaze and adrift down the Rio Dulce. Conrad said the location of the wreckage and the formation and size of the canons, which had been used as ballast, are consistent with historical records of the ship. They also found pieces of several anchors under the cannons. "All the evidence that we find underwater is consistent with what we know from historical documentation, which is extensive," Conrad said. "Through rigorous archeological investigations, we will conclusively prove that this is the Capt. Kidd shipwreck."
PlayStation (Games)

Submission + - Harmonix: Activision Is Preventing Rock Band Patch ( 1

XueCast writes: "Many gamers have asked for guitar controller compatibility between Guitar Hero and Rock Band, because of that, Harmonix had developed a patch that can make that happen. The compatibility patch has allegedly been approved by Sony Computer Entertainment, and is ready to be released. But Activision, the publisher of the Guitar Hero series is not very happy with the patch at all, and the patch's release is currently being blocked by the Santa Monica based video game publisher company."

Submission + - Ice age beasts blasted from space (

ianare writes: Eight tusks and a bison skull all show signs of having being blasted with iron-nickel fragments, typical meteorite material. Raised, burnt surface rings trace the point of entry of high-velocity projectiles; and the punctures are on only one side, consistent with a blast coming from a single direction. But the team was astonished to find the animal remains were about 35,000 years old, rather than from the known impact of 13,000 years ago.

Was there more than one impact, or were these animals already dead when the meteorite hit?

The Almighty Buck

Submission + - UK to Pull Back Funding for Science Projects

explosivejared writes: "The government of the United Kingdom is pulling funding for a number of high profile science endeavors. Most notable among the list of projects cut are Isaac Newton Group of Telescopes and the International Linear Collider. The announcement was made by the Science and Technology Facilities Council who cited budget overruns as the reasoning for the cuts. The cuts have many in the community worried as some estimates have reported that a 25% cut to grant money issued could come into play."

Submission + - Piracy promotes HD downloads past format war (

The Scaler writes: The HD format war between Blu-Ray and HD-DVD is at a stalemate; consumers are frustrated and want resolution as to one final HD format to invest in. In all of the havoc is a format that will eventually surpass both HD formats in both cost-effectiveness and efficiency: direct digital downloads. The only community actively embracing the direct download system are pirates. Here's why the industry should embrace direct download services and HD media centers and put the HD disc format war in the history books:

Submission + - Microcontroller for the hobbyist? 5

TomTheGeek writes: "I'm a programmer that's done some assembly language before and would like to start programming microcontrollers. I've heard about the BASIC Stamps from Parallax, the PIC series from Microchip, the MAKE Controller Kit, and the AVR series from Atmel but they seem to be focused on a development board that is too expensive to dedicate to a single project. Having an expensive development board is fine but I want the microcontroller to be cheap (<$10) enough that I don't have to disassemble my previous project in order to start a new one. I'll be doing the programming in Ubuntu so compatible development tools and drivers are required."
The Media

Submission + - Congress Creates Copyright Cops (

I Don't Believe in Imaginary Property writes: "Not satisfied with pitiful potential penalties of $150,000 for infringing upon a $0.99 song, Congress is proposing new copyright cops in the "PRO IP" Act of 2007, specifically the creation of the Office of the United States Intellectual Property Enforcement Representative (USIPER). They also feel that the authorities need the authority to seize any computers used for infringement and to send copyright cops abroad to help other countries enforce US laws. MPAA boss Dan Glickman praised the bill saying that, "films left costs foreign and domestic distributors, retailers and others $18 billion a year," though Ars points out that it allegedly costs the studios only $6 billion. However, even with the support of most of the top members of the House Judiciary Committee, the bill may require more work before it passes: USIPER needs a cooler acronym that doesn't sound like a combination of usurper and Lucifer."

Submission + - Egyptian Blogger Silenced by YouTube

Frosty Piss writes: "A Egyptian human rights activist has been muzzled after YouTube and Yahoo! shut down accounts belonging to the award-winning blogger. Cairo-based Wael Abbas regularly writes and posts video about police brutality, torture and sexual harassment in Egypt. One of the videos — of an Egyptian bus driver being sodomized with a stick by a police officer — was used as evidence to convict two officers of brutality, a rare occurrence in a country where human-rights groups say torture is rampant. YouTube said the decision to remove Abbas' videos had nothing to do with the Egyptian government, but was rather an internal decision."

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