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Submission + - Google purges thousands of suspected malware sites ( 1

Stony Stevenson writes: "In response to a concerted effort by cyber criminals to infect the computers of Google users with malware and make them unwitting partners in crime, Google has apparently purged tens of thousands of malicious Web pages from its index. Alex Eckelberry, CEO of Sunbelt Software, noted that many search results on Google led to malicious Web pages that expose visitors to exploits that can compromise vulnerable systems. Sunbelt published a list of search terms that returned malicious pages, the result of search engine optimization (SEO) campaigns by cyber criminals to get their pages prominently ranked in Google — Sunbelt refers to this as "SEO poisoning."

Let's hope Google has done its research and hasn't purged legitimate sites."

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Google purges thousands of suspected malware sites

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  • I applaud this move on Google's part, and wonder what sort of technology was used to determine if a site was malicious. Did Google automate the process of downloading and analyzing executables hosted on these sites, or scan for code in the site's pages designed to exploit browser vulnerabilities? ...

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