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Comment Re: commonly used claim? (Score 3, Insightful) 227

Handguns are mostly worthless as a means of hunting either for food or sport. The simple fact is that handguns are made to kill.

Some thoughts on the above:

1. Apparently "hunting" is not "killing" in your lexicon?

2. Some handguns (though none I can think of made by Glock) are indeed used for hunting. This is what cartridges like .500S&W and .454Casull are for. I have friends who take deer or boar with them.

3. There are other shooting sports beside hunting. Glocks appear quite frequently in some of them.

4. Some handguns are made specifically for the purpose of punching holes in paper or knocking over steel plates, rather than for killing things. While they're capable of the latter, it would be akin to using a screwdriver as a hammer.

Just saying.

Comment what's wrong with this (Score 1) 70

Google is abusing that word "cool" to mean mean generically "stuff I like" whereas typically, and particularly with teenagers who as a class are are especially concerned with impressing their peers , "cool" means stuff with social cachet. Synonyms for "cool" (according to a Google search) are "fashionable, stylish, chic, up-to-the-minute, sophisticated." Google is liked because it is reliable, has utility and is free not because it is any of those things.

What Google has is a popular product. What they are falsely claiming is that they have a "cool" product; Teenagers do not display Google branding to impress other teenagers like they wore "Calvin Klein" on the ass of their bluejeans when I was that age.

Generally, branding is no longer cool. Jimmy DiResta paints over the branding of his tools with white paint (or he did until DeWalt paid him not to), Casey Neistat carves the Ray-Ban logo off of his Ray-Bans. Brandlessness has been central to the Muji identity since its founding in 1979.

Comment Situational Ethics (Score 1) 243

from the /. summary:

When you buy something physical -- a toaster, a book, or a printer, for example -- you expect to be free to use it as you see fit: to adapt it to suit your needs, fix it when it breaks, re-use it, lend it, sell it, or give it away when you're done with it. Your freedom to do those things is a necessary aspect of your ownership of those objects.

Yet, whenever AirbnB is discussed here, a significant contingent espouses precisely the opposite principle, that the owner should not be free to use as he sees fit.


Comment Re:Yeah... (Score 5, Interesting) 374

...garbage disposal and off-shore drilling too! Come on women, WTF!

Good point, much like one in a Camille Paglia interview published yesterday.

It is an absolute outrage how so many pampered, affluent, upper-middle-class professional women chronically spout snide anti-male feminist rhetoric, while they remain completely blind to the constant labor and sacrifices going on all around them as working-class men create and maintain the fabulous infrastructure that makes modern life possible in the Western world. Only a tiny number of women want to enter the trades where most of the nitty-gritty physical work is actually going on—plumbing, electricity, construction. Women have played virtually no role in the erection of those magnificent towers in every major city in the world. It's men who operate the cranes or set the foundations or wash windows on the 85th floor. It's men who troop out at 2:00 AM during an ice storm to restore power to neighborhoods where falling trees have brought down live wires. It's men who mix the stinking, toxic cauldrons to spread steaming hot tar on city roofs. Last year in a nearby town, I drove by a huge, chaotic scene where emergency workers in hazmat suits were struggling with a giant pipe break, as raw sewage was pouring into the street. Of course all those workers up to their knees in a torrent of thick brown water were men! I've seen figures indicating that 92 per cent of people killed on the job are men—and it's precisely because men are heroically doing most of the dangerous jobs in modern society...

Comment Re:Blame it on the distros (Score 1) 109

A good example of how this could be done is the evolution of the Google home page. Without Googling for screenshots, who can actually tell the difference between the Google home page now and then?

I don't need to view screenshots.. I just have to look at page rendering times and view the page source. Google's homepage used to be lightweight and simple, and now it's a bloated mess of javascript.

Comment Re:i have no problem (Score 1) 377

Or look at California. If you put a flash suppressor on your gun, it's now an assault weapon because it is 10 times more deadly.

Reducto ad absurdum. The gun isn't more deadly because of the flash suppressor. Adding a flash suppressor is useful only to people who want to kill and get away without being caught. This has an obvious legit military use, but no legitimate purposes for civilians. That's why it's classified an assault weapon, because only the military has a legitimate reason to use it.

A flash suppressor is designed to reduce the muzzle flash experienced by the shooter, not to make the muzzle flash less observable. Thus, your argument fails.

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