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Journal Chacham's Journal: Verbiage: Warm air puts me to sleep (2) 7

Warm air puts me to sleep, unless it's fresh air. Otherwise, i need 65 to 68 to be comfortable. So, why is it that i have the luck of working with people who seem to want 75-78?

They claim it's because i'm overweight. Nope, i've been wanting 65 since grade school. They say it's because i wear wool tzitzis. Nope, wanted it 10-20 years before that happened. They claim i'm abnormal and that under 70 is cold. Nope, "room temperature" is commonly defined as including those temperatures.

They say it's not the heat, it's the humidity. Humidity feels different, but it doesn't put me to sleep. I'd easily take a hot and humid day with fresh air over cold and not humid, but no fresh air. At some point, air conditioning just gives me a headache.

Personally, i think the warmer temperatures are wanted women who dress poorly or lazy people who like sleeping on the job.

Next time i look for job, i think air quality will be on my mind. It's commonly overlooked, but it affects us tremendously each and every day. I wonder how much sugar i drink during the day just to keep me awake in these environments.

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Verbiage: Warm air puts me to sleep (2)

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  • Every place I have worked (granted all of two large companies) has been far too cold. A thermometer says it is exactly 70 degrees but I am freezing no matter how much clothing I am wearing. Coworkers have always complained likewise.

    • by Chacham ( 981 )

      A thermometer says it is exactly 70 degrees

      Really? Perhaps i should go to you to find a good place to work. While 70 isn't perfect, it'd be much better than what i currently have.

      but I am freezing no matter how much clothing I am wearing.

      Why is that? Perhaps you need better clothes.

      • by Com2Kid ( 142006 )

        I am cold because the forced air vents are blowing cold air right down onto where I am working.

        The net temperature after the cool air from above and the warm air from all the computers mix may be 70 degrees, but before it has mixed together, the air is much colder!

        • by Chacham ( 981 )

          Can you put a redirector in front of the vent? That's what they are for. Or switch places with someone. Like me. :)

  • And people call me weird?
  • Try a mesh katan. They are cool, literally.
    • by Chacham ( 981 )


      The Mishnuh Brurah recommends wool because beged means tzemer or pishtim. Pishtim is out because we do not have tchayles and might have issues of sha'atnez. Mesh might have separate issue of there being more avir than beged. Though, i do not know if that is an issue.

      Regardless, i don't think that'd help anyway. As i said, i was like this well before i made the switch.

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