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Journal Journal: I'm engaged! 2

So here I am 26 and been dating the most amazing girl for almost two years, we got engaged two weeks ago and I couldn't be happier! :)


I should really update this journal more eh?

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Journal Journal: Mmmm..ranting

Well I'm working yet another weekend shift at work this week but thankfully I have a few days off in a week or two, Back in May I moved in with my girlfriend and things are going fine (I did'ent think she'd allow my server to be left on 24/7 ;) ) and a dsl router setup in the sitting room.

Got myself a 1024K/256K DSL line back in July, my very own DSL line FINALLY! Its far from cheap though as it costs 110 (euro) a month just for the DSL and that doesn't cover the 24 (euro) line rental I have to pay Eircom! (how I hate the company)

Since I have my own net access I have noticed a few things, I'm posting on /. more and various sites, I watch less tv as I have other things to do but funnily enough I watch RTÉ NEWS more then ever before ( as I can watch it streaming off of the net, although in saying that I watch it I still don't think its fair for me to pay 152 (euro) for a tv license just to own a tv that I barely even watch.
If I wasn't living with the girlfriend I'd properly sell my tv and get a projector just to piss off the tv license man.

argghh now I'm just ranting at this stage, anyway work in the morning so I'm off to bed early tonight....

on a side note why does /. not dislay the euro sign?

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Journal Journal: nothing much to report, or is there? 1

Well its been some time since my last update, I'm still in the same job and still with my girlfriend but things unfortuntaly have not been the best as of late which is very worrying.
We do have small arguments now and then and there on-going sometimes I feel I want to pack everything in and other-times I want to stay with it, sometimes I think one reason why I don't want to end things is I just don't want to be alone again as I've done it for years, but then when I think about that I just think thats me trying to make excuses because the real reason I don't want to loose her is because I love her.

To be honest I don't know what to do :-/

I'm still in the same job, infact the company has paid for me to travel to the UK for a month to do some work for them, its fine and all but I;m bored outa my mind here on my own.

All I brought with me was a modded x-box with x-box media center installed onto it (along with about 150+ films) I should brought my shuttle PC, but oh well.

On the plus side of things I've met some great people here and its been nice so far, even if I have only been here 1 week so far.

I had a great night out on Saturday with aload of people from the company here one of them was even nice enough to walk home with me to make sure I;d be ok (I drank I good bit)

Unfortuntaly I left my cell phone at home on Sat night and my girlfriend was trying to phone me (we talk everynight) and she was very worried and to be very honest I don't blame her one bit I would have been the same.
She worries about me, especially about how I feel over here (in UK) on my own, I wish she wouldn't :-(

Anyway to cut a long story short we had another argument about it (it was small) but we still had a argument and to be very honest yesterday was one of the worst days I've had in months, it brought back some memories about how I used to feel before I went to college a couple of years back and it scared the shit out of me.

Lets hope today is better, because I sure hope so...

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Journal Journal: Going to start posting again 2

The ranting starts again... :)

Well its been awhile but I think I should really start posting here again.

Things are going fine, still with my girlfriend almost 15 months now things are going ok but at times I feel something is a miss but then I've only got that feeling lately.
Maybe I'm just going though a phase at the moment??.

When I think back on how I was two years ago and then look at myself now, I think "your never happy" hmm well this subject is for another journal entry I think...

Works going fine, as always the customers wreak my head every second day or so, but atleast I got a pay raise as I've been working for the company for over a year.

Did overtime this week, working 12 hour shifts instead of the normal 8.5 hour shifts, I was half dead when it came to Friday and to make things worse I'm doing a parttime Novell/Linux network course in the local technical college so I had to be at the course on Saturday morning @ 10.00am...I was late.

Also at work I've put in a application for two new positions, I was truned down on one of them and I'm still waiting on a Interview for the new position.
Unfortunatly the new position has somewhat crazy hours and my girlfriends far from happy about it.

Hours work as follows:
6 months of 10pm - 8am for 4 days a week
6 months of day shift 5 days a week

There's around a 100 difference for each pay-cheque with the new job and another excellent point is I don't have to talk to the bloody customers anymore........well... don't get me wrong I don't hate all customers just the stuipid one's which there happens to be alot of.
Rarely do I talk to a customer who can install a DSL/Cable modem using device mgr.

On the other end of the scales we get the odd muppet who wants us to support Linux, all I can say to that is NO FECKEN WAY!
All we need to happen is some n00b to download Mandrake and want us to support our modems on it, I can just imagine the questions we have to ask.
"So do you have the latest Kernel?" and " do you have the latest version of KDE?"
It would be a support nightmare, don't these people have a brain in there skull?

On the subject of Linux I'm moving my server over to SuSE 9.0 Pro as I'm sick to death of windows I'm also working on changing my desktop over to SuSE as well once I find some more programs I need. :-)

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Journal Journal: test 123 5

test., this thing keeps deleteing my entries... :-(

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Journal Journal: Its christmas time....

Well its been awhile since my last journal entry and I hope you'll all forgive me :-)

Well I'm still dating the same girl, her name is Margaret, she's abit younger then me (by a couple of months) but things are going fine.

I'm amazed how much things have changed recently, every so often I have to take a step back and gasp in amazment, its strange....I think I'm just not used to such massive change even if it is quiet brilliant.
Rite I'm taking crap yet again so I'll shut up.

Well its coming upto christmas I'm woundering what to get Margaret, does anyone have any ideas?

Still hard at work, work over christmas kinda sucks but its better then being broke all the time.
Because of the shift work I'm doing now (anything between 08:00 and 00:00) I've lost track of the days of the week, which is ALOT of fun :-P

My standard of living is up by 300%, I want for nothing, have no depts and no loans and straight off buy anything I want rather then paying for it each week.
yes, yes I know, I should save money for a rainy day and I am. But still its good.

so generally life is good!!

I even felt /. deserves some of my nwe found money and signed up for a supscription for here (10 worth) since the site has been such a good source of news and interest.

On that note I still think a system in which a person can donate 1c (thats euro cent, not US cent :) ) to a site they'd like.
It would be cheap, you could have a budget of 5 a month or something and if a site gets like 5000 visits a day and every second visitor donates 1c the site would be doing well..

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Journal Journal: Dating a few months now 4

Well its been 3 months now and I still am with my girlfriend, I think I deserve a min-wave for myself :-)

This time last year I could never have imagined such events, well planning a nice romantic weekend away soon.
Hopefully things will go well

Woohooo!!! :-D

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Journal Journal: I'm working from Monday..

Well after two weeks of "training" at AOL I've got the job, and I start Monday.

It pays dam good money so I'm happy, I've almost all my debts paid off at the moment and two weeks from now I'll have them all paid off and I can relax abity more.

So that part of my life is going GOO0D!

The other part is also going good, I still have a girlfriend, though she's gone on Holidays this week to Spain.
She'll be back on Monday so that'll be nice.

This week I'm going about getting into a night course or two, one that I have in mind is Novell/Linux/Mac & Windows networks, it don't cost that much and it'll come in handy.

Well things are good for a change and I'm dam happy :D

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Journal Journal: Its about time I wrote in my journal again!! 1

Wow so many changes, WERE do I start?
I suppose I should start from the beginning, in my last entry I mentioned I had a new job.

Well my new job was nothing great, I was working in a shop and only got paid 6.39 per hour so it was pretty crap to be honest.
Anyway I worked there for just over a month untill I was fired.

There's a nice little story to the being fired part :-D

While I was working in the shop I kept on looking for a new job and I got one.
From tomorrow I'm working in Technical Support in AOL, its 1 more per hour (starting off) plus it'll look better on my CV :)
Anyway about two weeks ago I went to AOL and did the entry test and the interview few hours later they phoned me and told me I had the job YEAHHH!

So the next day I was at work in the shop and the boss starting telling me off about something she had ALREADY told me off for twice before, she just decided to pick on me yet again and well frankly I felt I didn'ent need to take it anymore.
So I told her off for treating her staff like CRAP! and told her she shouldn't do what she's doing.

Three days later I was let go because apparently "I wasn't able for the work"

Now I know alot of people will say "thats real life" but its not, I'm a honest employee, even if I do crap work I still don't steal from my employer. I always do the best I can, but when the boss is'ent nice, life is to short to put up with it every day.

Anyway onto the next part of whats happened since my last Journal entry.

I have a GIRLFRIEND, yes thats right!
You read it correctly.

I'm expecting the world to end any second now :-)

Met her about 3 and a half weeks ago and straight away we hit it off, which is VERY unusual for me.
None the less things are going well.

I've done ALOT of things in the past 3 and a half weeks that I've NEVER done before, that includes making love.

Its been a most interesting couple of weeks I must say.

Right, I better get back to work, will try write in my journal more often now :)

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Journal Journal: Finally Money!! 3

Its been a strange week, I've FINALLY got myself a second job so I can now afford to have more then the basics.
Uptill now I've been living on my one day of working per week, which *just* covered basic rent and food.
Although for the past few weeks I've been doing almost a full weeks work because staff were on Holidays.
Anyway its great now, I have money at last!!!

Now, time to buy the XDA O2 Phone thingy :D

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Journal Journal: Wow its been awhile 2

its been a long long time since I've posted in this journal of mine.
To be honest not much has happened, Hmm let me try remember where I left off.

Ah yes, last I left off I had just broken up with Trish, well we're still friends, even more so then before we got together, strange that...

I know at this stage It sounds like a broken record but I'm still friends with Linda, though recent events mean I may not see her for sometime, but thats a story for her journal not mine, besides it kind gets very personal and I don't want to write about her life in that kinda detail it is'ent my place.

Anyway, I've found the strangest things happened to me lately, Last week I lost out on a full time job in Galway and yeah I was pissed off about it, but the first thing I did that evening after I got off work was phone Linda to make sure she was ok, now I know that may not sound STRANGE.
But it is to me, you see, before if something like that happened to me I would have been pissed off for ages and I would have sat in self-pitty for a good number of days, I guess this means I've grownen up....just a shame it took till I was 21 for it to happen.

Well these days I'm almost pennyless because I only have a weekend job and I'm living away from home this summer, but considering the fact I have hardly any money I'm still not going to move back home even though I could at anytime.
Infact I'm in work right now, waiting.

Waiting for what you may ask, well I'm waiting for a girl to come in here, she's a regular and I've got talking to her a few times and all that.
And well today if she comes into work I'm gona ask her out, yep thats right, I'm gona ask her out.
ITS MADNESS I know but I've grown alot since Trish, you wouldn't believe how much.

When I went out to nightclubs before this year I used to hate them, I used to sit in the corner and want to be at home, yes I know what your saying "Your sad!!" but hay that was the old me.
The new me, is the person who now goes out and enjoys himself, I enjopy the night for what it is, I don't get pissed off because I'm not with some girl like I used to and I gota say its certainly a GREAT change.

I've dragged myself up from the technological Monk I was becoming and changed myself into someone who is better then most lads (guys) my age, why you may ask?.
Well because I have honor, something most lads (guys) around here don't have, I've seen what most lads around here do and well I've always thought to myself that I'll NEVER do what they do, this may sound strange but atleast I can try not to do what they do.

Ok I'll just shut up now because I'm just rambling on and on and its getting boring.
I guess I should post in my journal when I can remember something interesting I've done.

Oh here's something thats scary, no offense to any American who reads this but a American came into work last week and asked me a question, it went something like this:
"I know you have to drive on the left hand-side in Ireland, but when your passing someone on a footpath (pavement) do you pass them on the left or right hand-side?"
I explained to him that it does not matter but frankly I don't think he believe me, Judging by the look on his face.

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Journal Journal: Ah well, no more dates for me....

Well things didn't work out with Trish, we've decided to be just friends.

So its back to single town to me, kind of sucks, but I'll guess I'll live
I moved flat last Tuesday, new flat has no phoneline so no internet access unless I go to a internet cafe :(

The lease is only for 12 weeks (summer months only) then I'll have to find a new place.
I'm not going to complain, the rent is only 40 a week (cheaper then old flat) and its ALOT bigger/cleaner/nicer then my old flat. Although its a 35min walk to the center of town (used to have to walk 15min)
Bring my old bike down this week so I'll be able to make it into town in less then 10min :)

Job hunting at the moment, as I'm going to need a job for the whole of this year untill I can finish some things.
Might do a night course during the year because I won't be going back to college untill next year.

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Journal Journal: Me dating, who'd have thought it?, & a 4th Date... 4

Well the 3rd date went well, was a good night out and we stayed up till 4am talking.

Since I was kinda overly shy Thursday at times I want to make up for it, so here's my plan
I'd like to take her to dinner, but due to money problems this week I can't, soooooooooooooooooooo

I'm going to make her dinner, Not going to do starters as its to much work and I have alot of work to do before hand.
Going to make Spaghetti Bolognaise and then deserts and drinks after that and watch a film after the meal.

Some slight problems with the plan, I plan doing the meal on Tuesday night.
But first I have to get rid of my other two flatmates for the night, also have to do alot of cleaning up cause my flatmates are messy pigs!

Wish me luck, hopfully things will go to plan or atleast somewhat to plan.

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Journal Journal: Hmm, A Second Date and a third.... 2

Well things have changed abit since my last entry, I mentioned Trish a few journal entrys back.

Well we went on a date tonight (second date I suppose), to the cinema to see Starwars Ep 2 (she likes Sci Fi) anyway we didn't do much, just held hands for about half the film which was nice.
At the end before she went home I didn't kiss her (though I wanted to) just didn't feel like the right moment.

I'm taking things easy, one step at a time as I want to be sure of what I'm doing.
Going on anther date tomorrow night, though thats not 100% yet.
Have to txt her tomorrow about it.

On a side note, Starwars Ep 2 was bloody great, it beats Ep 1 by miles!
Best 7 I spent in awhile.

It's funny.  Laugh.

Journal Journal: New Bank Holiday: A-Team Extravaganza Day 2

For those that don't know its the general election in Ireland next Friday (17th) and my site of the week award goes to they currently have a on-line poll were people can suggest new bank holidays and the best by far goes to the A-Team Extravaganza Day

A-Team Extravaganza Day
23 January Join Sean O'Quigleys band wagon..Remember Mob Rules, Rules !

To commemerate the day the legendry television show The A Team first aired on T.V.

On this day every year, we would all either smoke cigars or wear gold jewlery and use phrases like "nice B.A." "I love it when a plan comes together" and " Hes on the jazz man."

It would also be illegal to "fly in no plane" on the A Team Extravaganza Day unless a colleauge of yours slipped sleeping pills into your milk.

Employers would be urged to treat their staff unfairly for 40 mins before locking them in a room fully equiped with all the neccessary tools for escape and revolt.

Crucial to the success of the day would be a parade of MP's randomly raiding houses around Dublin and flipping their jeeps over the walls of the canal.
I believe if our army shows the same skill and commitment as they did in Braveheart we can easily recreate these stunts.

I believe you should take this seriiously as I am very important as I have a vote.

Best of luck to all in the forthcoming election. And remember - "I aint no crazy fool"

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